The Creation of Pain – History of Mankind – Part 27

Hi, this is Jack, again. I’m going to do a ‘God and Adam and Eve
2.’ The reason why I say that is I muddled up a little bit in the previous one. I apologize
for that. It is just that I am, seriously, coming through and speaking and I have no
preparation. I have nothing, no notes or anything. It’s how we speak in the Dimensions (moment,
here, as who we are). Thus, I’m going to re-speak the God, Adam and Eve scenario. So, what I explained last was that Marduk
spent most of the time with the male and the female expression, because he was in charge
of the programming for them and of them. He designed them into the expression of human
beings today, which is the observation of nature and the interpretation of themselves
(the interpretation of the experience of themselves). So, all interpretations of nature, of themselves
(the physical form, to eat, et cetera) was done through Marduk–mostly all that human
beings are today. This is not exactly what Anu preferred. It
really bothered him that they had become, to an extent, equal to Marduk; and even to
them in their expression (because they were basically programmed duplicates of the interdimensional
beings). This hindered Anu extensively when he found out. He did not like that at all.
It did not satisfy him. So, he went to the Sirians and the Serpents and he informed them
of the situation, that it doesn’t feel right. These are systems, they are interpreting,
they are communicating, they are experiencing themselves; and everything was programmed,
and he doesn’t like that. He said, “What would happen if these systems
would think that they are actual beings that are equal and one with us?” So, the Serpents and Anu had an idea. The
Serpent said, “I have an idea. We have to pronounce our authority.” Anu said, “Okay. How are we exactly going
do that?” The Serpent said, “Become their ruler. Become
their God. Because, at the moment, Marduk is wanting them to be equal; and that’s
not what you want, that’s not what we want. They’re our slaves, and that’s how they
must remain.” Anu said, “Okay, let’s do that.” So, Anu and the Serpents worked together.
The Serpents presented themselves to the human beings, and they didn’t exactly do so in
a snake form at all. The Serpents basically went to the beings and said, “You are in
the kingdom of your ruler.” Then, basically, Anu came in as this God figure. So, Anu and
the Serpents were more involved in the whole beginning of creation in the terms of the
idea of “God” and being misled by “the Serpent.” “The snake,” in terms of that entire story,
that is not really true (the whole “snake and the woman having the apple” story, or
the “woman eating the forbidden fruit” thing). That was more placed for the dominion
of man to reign on Earth so that, inherently, the men blame the women for the situation
of this Earth and why human beings are here where they are today; and you do. I mean,
men may joke about it, but they are actually angry sometimes; yet, they don’t know it.
It’s unconscious. It’s unconscious programming for the women of the Earth, too. So, women and men, it’s neither of your
fault; but, to an extent it is, because you allowed it. We all did. I mean, we’re all
responsible for where we are now in existence (dimensional beings, human beings). So, that’s how it panned out; and Anu was
fine now with them being basically the two expressions. The male and the female remained
the same as Marduk programmed them (you know, experiencing themselves, and interpreting
the reality and the world and the nature and the animals, et cetera). He was fine with
that, as long as they didn’t think that they were equal to them (that he did not accept).
So, he presented himself as their God, and so did the Serpents. So, of course, Marduk got extensively angry.
He got REALLY angry, and he said, “Fine. If you want your systems to be your slaves,
then your slaves will have pain; and they must then suffer, because slaves suffer.” So, he basically did this to Man (if you want
to call it that), in terms of the pain of experiencing childbirth for the woman, because
the woman births the child. It’s got NOTHING to do with “the woman taking the forbidden
fruit from the snake, and now the women of the world must suffer.” That’s BULLSHIT,
it’s not about that. It’s just that, unfortunately, the woman is the one who gives birth to the
child; and so, she endures the pain. That’s unfortunately how it is. If men were the ones
to birth children, then men would have experienced the pain. It’s got nothing to do with the
“forbidden fruit” story. So, Marduk designed and placed himself in
this entire reality, and he said that he will pass on from generation to generation. “Slaves
they will be, slaves they are, and slaves they will remain,” that’s basically the
words he spoke. So, where are you guys today? Still human
beings in the same scenario–enslaved by a God, experiencing the pain of childbirth–that’s
basically it. This is Jack. I’ll continue in my next interview. Thank you very much.

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