The Consciousness Shift of Humanity | AWAKENING PEOPLE

your awakening message begins now so open your soul maybe that is for you a brief glimpse at the Hitler’s that
there has been an excellent shift within the consciousness of humanity supported
all of the revelation coming to the surface paired with all of the natural
events occurring across the world it’s an unequivocal testament to the
statement that there’s no going back nothing will withstand the change that’s
currently occurring over the planet’s surface and inside the heart of its
people and yet we want not worry although the images of destruction and
mayhem are frightening to the human ego and temperament they’re nothing to the
eternal soul it’s apparent that humanity continues to be and have to be compelled
to overcome its fear of dying of the loss of its physical vehicle the body
yes you wish a body so as to be here however we tend to didn’t come back here
simply to eat chocolate speak on cell phones and text one another we came here
to remodel a world and our physical bodies in conjunction with it we came
here we came here chosen for this terribly specific task to master our
fears to release them to integrate the dark inside with the light that’s
incoming from the heavenly realms so that we would be ready to raise the
frequency of each our bodies and the planet first the sunshine workers and
people star seeds walk-ins and different beings who came from different worlds
dimensions and universes are leading the way not for our own amusement except for
the indigenous population that lives here and has been stuck here within the
lower frequencies of the dimension time is quickening and collapsing into the
eternal currently the pace of amendment also quickens each day there will be
more change get accustomed it and learn to adapt there’s no longer any waiting
amount for your faith to catch up to you it’s currently instantaneous in its
manifestation what you think what you permit yourself to believe are complete
out for you and living method and in brutal detail if you act living
resistance to the necessity to purge yourself of all that is still of a
previous serious energies whether belief or habits or each energy cannot be
destroyed your energy your a singular frequency one instrument being played by
the symphony of creation you’re here for a purpose to master your emotions to
come to a place wherever you’re focused and gone with yourself and all that you
simply aren’t art during your lifetime spent upon this planet you as you stand
here these days are the end result of lifetime’s of expertise and preparation
for this very moment within the eternal currently you’re a master and grasp want
to do for you carry inside the flexibility to attach with the entirety
of your being move through your limitations through your fears and
embrace the changes that the process of Ascension can demand of you you can do
it for you have undergone ascension on different worlds
however this point is different this time you may retain your body and go
forth into the higher dimensions one increment of frequency one step at a
time the process can have its trigger points where more humans are given the
chance to start moving into self acceptance and compassion for others
this storm in the harm left in its wake is just such a chance embrace the change
and get in a state of releasing all that is still of the previous paradigm for
it’s not you and never has been your eternal beings acknowledge this
knowledge and let it fill you up with the creativity and need to demonstrate
what you can do for yourself and for your world for your one nice being
created from precious very little beans every a jewel of frequency and light the
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