The Cast of ‘Glee’ Plays Cards Against Humanity

– Since you’re all here, we
thought it would be fun to play one of our new favorite games. It’s called
Cards Against Humanity. Here’s how it works:
I’ve picked a category, you have to pick the card
that’s in your hand that best completes the thought. I’ll pick the answer
that I think is best. If I pick your card,
you get a point, and the person with the most
points wins… nothing, but you’ll win.
[laughter] There’s absolutely no gift.
Um, all right. Let’s see what the first one is. “I get by with a little help
from…” [suspenseful music] And then you put them up
on there. – Okay.
– And you can mix them up, so I don’t know whose is who. – Oh, God! [all chatting indistinctly]
– Ready? Okay?
All right. “I get by with a little help
from…” First one is: “My sex life.” [laughter] “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” [laughter]
[cheers] “The Chinese gymnastics team.” [laughter] “Batman.”
[cheers] And “tasteful sideboob.” [laughter and applause] [laughter] Uh… This is a tough one.
I’m gonna– I’m gonna pick the
“Bill Nye the Science Guy.” [cheers and applause] [bell dings] It’s hard to say who’s who.
I was gonna guess, but… – That’s a game in itself.
– All right. The next one is… “I got 99 problems but blank
ain’t one.” [laughter] [suspenseful music] – [giggles] [squeals] – Good? All right.
“Got 99 problems but”… “A tiny horse” ain’t one. [laughter] Already I think that’s
the winner. “Judge Judy” ain’t one. [laughter] “Balls” ain’t one. [laughter and applause]
– Who did that? You did that, Chord. [laughter] “Inappropriate yodeling”
ain’t one. “Her Majesty,
Queen Elizabeth II.” – No, I wish that was mine.
– Oh. I’m gonna say–
oh, “balls” is gonna win. [cheers and applause]
– “Balls.” – “Balls” is gonna win!
[bell dings] – Oh, my God! [applause] – Although I really like
the tiny horse! – Who did “a tiny horse”?
– That was mine. – Oh…
– It’s okay. – Let’s see the next one. “What’s my secret power?” [suspenseful music] [laughter] [louder laughter] [indistinct chatting] – All right. “What’s my secret power?” “Powerful thighs.” – Ooh!
[laughter] – Always good. “Seeing Grandma naked.” [laughter] “Pretending to care.” [loud laughter] – I’ve heard that’s–
I’ve heard that’s a good one. “Licking things to claim them
as your own.” [laughter] “Waiting till marriage.” [laughter] I think “pretending to care”!
– Yeah! You won!
– Oh, good job, Lea. – Thank you.
– Good job, good job. [applause] – Aw, they’re all good.
That was good, though. All right, the next one is: “What are my parents hiding
from me?” [laughter]
[suspenseful music] [suspenseful music] [indistinct chatting] – Oh, are you thinking placing
is what’s getting you the right answers,
is that your trick? – No, I just wanted the…
– Proper placement? – [indistinct] space. – “What are my parents hiding
from me?” “The milkman.” [laughter] – “Women in yogurt commercials.” [laughter] “The Amish.” [laughter] “Children on leashes.” [loud laughter] “Full frontal nudity.”
[laughter and reaction] And the winner is
“full frontal nudity.” – Yes! [cheers and applause]
[bell dings] I am back in this game! – It’s rigged.
– I am coming for you, Chord. – That’s how you play that game, and we’ll be right back,


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