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so you’re looking into the high-end Luxe
Collection by Shea Homes at The Canyons at Castle Pines? let’s take our tour
starting right! now hey everyone welcome back to my channel. I’m Alyson Wahl with
Live South Denver. I am a real estate strategist and realtor helping people
make their move in South Denver. today we are talking about the Luxe Collection by
Shea Homes at The Canyons at Castle Pines. so we’re gonna start our tour and
I’m gonna show you all that I can throughout the home and I’m really
excited. but before we do I want to go quickly through six essential things I
want you to hear from me about new construction. I’m gonna do it really
quickly because I went through these in detail in a previous video so you can
take a peek at that one and check it out. point number one – there are loads of
reasons to love new construction. I have done it with my family multiple times so
I am a believer in it and I can help you if it’s something you’re really serious
about. number two – expect the build time particularly for this larger Luxe
Collection to probably be around a year. number three – know that the Builder
contract is builder friendly, not buyer friendly…you want to know more about
that let’s chat. number four – you are not going to be able to be a contingent
buyer for very long. number five the builders have strong partnerships with
those “ibuyers” – a popular name for Zillow/ open door. when you come in, if you have a home to sell you’re gonna probably hear about an opportunity to list your home
with one of those ibuyers. and you’re gonna hear a lot about the advantage, not
much about the disadvantage. go check out that previous video to hear a little bit
more about what it means to you if you were to choose to go with an ibuyer.
and number six – when you go to visit model homes and builders, it is to your
advantage to have an agent with you. preferably the agent you’re gonna work
with, that you know, like, and trust. what happens if you don’t have an agent right
now? or they’re busy? agents work a lot on the weekends…your second best bet is to
have your agent’s business card. as I mentioned builder contracts are
builder friendly so you want someone who can advocate for you, represent you, and
if necessary fight for you. alright that was the short version let’s go take a
tour of these models. they are beautiful! these are the elevation options or front
facade choices for your Stonehaven model with the Luxe Collection that Shea Homes.
as we come right in the front door there’s a view that goes straight out to
the back. it’s lovely here with this one, there’s no home out the back so you
have a view of all of the terrain here at the canyons.
this home is a main floor master model so we go right into this well-appointed
master suite. again it’s got quite a lot of space, it’s not overly sized though
either. his & hers vanities, a free-standing tub
that sets opposite of the large shower with euroglass, a linen closet, and then
the very large master closet as well. this one has been upgraded with custom
finishes in the closet. you’ll see this unique floor here and I just want to
point out that when you’re building your own home, even with a builder like Shea
or KB or Tripointe -which are all in this community_ you have so many options at the Design Center to make the home feel just as you wish. not everything is
always in the budget if you want to upgrade every point, that’s something you
always have to watch when you’re building is your budget. but you do have
a lot of choices. here you have the double ovens that smaller one up above
actually functions as your microwave as well. your pantry here and you’ll notice
here just how long your countertop surfaces are. this is your dining space
just right off the island in the kitchen. and then your outdoor patio area which
is included_ the patio and the covered space is included in the cost of the
home. again we’re back in the living room with the fireplace, and then we head
upstairs. this is a loft area, great for lounging, watching TV, media / game space. there are three bedrooms upstairs. as we go down this catwalk here there’s a
bedroom there. that bedroom shares this bathroom in the hall – with a single sink,
stand-up shower – and they share it with this bedroom right there. you’ll see that
we overlook the downstairs entry. the whole home is very open. this is the
upstairs bedroom that has an ensuite bathroom. great for guests that need some privacy or someone that is
gonna be living upstairs. when we come back out of this bedroom with the
ensuite bath we’re overlooking the living room downstairs because again it’s fully
open all the way to the second story the ceilings. as we make our way back
downstairs we’re headed into the mudroom area
and the laundry room. you can see just how much space there is in this laundry
room. we have coat closet off of the garage
entry as well as the half powder bath down here in this entry off of the
garage. over here in the front of the home is another bedroom here it is staged as an office, but you can see an ensuite bathroom here as well, so there is a
second bedroom on the main floor. we come out and we’re back to the front entry,
and we just take a look back up so you see the vaulted ceilings, entry, the
catwalk, and just the open feel of this home and the Stonehaven model with the
Luxe Collection. here we are at the end of another
beautiful tour, thanks so much for going with me and looking around. what can I do for you? how can I serve you? my information to reach me is in the
description box down below. I would love to hear from you, email, call, or text.
thank you so much, I appreciate every time you watch. and if you want to be
notified of the video that comes out next Thursday just hit the subscribe
button and the bell icon and then you will get a little ringl-a-lng when the
video comes out. I look forward to seeing you next week!


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