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[MUSIC PLAYING] Why we call ourselves the
Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants– I guess it was March. We went down to the Gold
Cup Race in Virginia. Voon brings these bright orange
pants, and he loves them. He’s excited about them. So, Raven and I had a bit
of an argument over a girl. I thought she could be my girl, and
I walked away and she was his girl. I came in, so it was a little
bit of tension, I suppose. I just went downstairs,
and he stole Voon’s pants. Suddenly, I started getting all
these text messages and pictures of these guys wearing my
pants, running around the lawn, taking pictures around town. And I was like, what is this, the
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? Oh, wow. I thought it was the Brotherhood
of the Traveling Pants. It’s kind of funny. Anyway, you know, and
certain about that. Lofty took an awesome shot,
barefoot water skiing. We realized we could maybe
do something with this. We sent an e-mail to
Vineyard Vines, and said, if you guys could send us one
pair of pants for the summer. Immediately, Vineyard Vines wrote back. And they’re like, this is great. We just think you all need
to think a lot bigger. Once she said that, we
were all freaking out. We were like, what does
that mean, you know? We got the phones on mute. We’re going nuts. We’re celebrating. Finally, we unmute the phones. We’re like, yeah, that
sounds like a good idea. We’ll look into it. We said, we don’t want to be paid. We don’t want any money. That said, a few of
us have been involved in a scholarship for one of
our friends that passed away. We were best friends with John Frankel,
who passed away tragically in a car accident our senior year at Davidson. The fraternity brothers,
John’s family, we all put together a scholarship in his name. And we asked Vineyard
Vines to create ties. And all the proceeds from those ties
will go directly to the scholarship. Sophomore year, at one
point, we were talking. The kind of things that you
talk about once you run out of everything else to talk about. It was like, so what animal would
you be if you had to be an animal? And then John’s like,
doesn’t miss a beat. I’d be a dog with its head out
the window, tongue hanging down, no worries in the world. I mean that’s incredible. And who doesn’t enjoy life like that? It’s sort of one of those images
that everybody knows and appreciates. The thing about John was, he was
all about fun, all about activities. It’s almost like this Brotherhood of
the Traveling Pants is just like that. We try to capture that in our
photos and bring that fun back. We haven’t been all together
since the original weekend. The six of us, we’re all in different
cities, scattered throughout the East Coast. It’s being together, doing
something exciting and challenging. I could tell you for sure, I’m
never going to want it to end. Let’s make every day feel this good. Everything we’re doing
on Instagram, we were going to do anyway with [INAUDIBLE]. These are the days that we want
to have over and over again. These are the memories
that we want to make.

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