‘The best of humanity’: London mayor praises bystanders who stopped London Bridge attacker

One of the great things about London
is our diversity; it’s a strength, not a weakness. And I’m not surprised at all when I talk about
the best of us, that includes EU citizens who are non UK citizens. And one of the things that I’m so proud
about today is we saw yesterday one example of the worst of humanity
in the actions of this terrorist. But many, many examples of the
best of humanity. And when I say the best of us, I include
EU citizens and I’m really proud of the response of people inside
Fishmongers Hall but also on London Bridge. And what I say is there are many reasons
to be depressed and to be gloomy and to think the worst of people. We’ve got to remember that every day
there are miracles that occur where people act in extraordinary ways. Those ordinary citizens who acted
in extraordinary manner; those police officers who responded
so swiftly had no idea whether the device this man had on him was a real device
or was a hoax. But also they had no idea what kind of
weapons this man had on him but what they did know is this man had
one extremely large knife and another knife and they improvised in relation to trying
to take the weapons off him and stop him harming others, whether it’s
using a fire extinguisher, whether it’s using a
whale’s tusk or whether it’s using other devices. And I think what we should do is reflect
on the fact these people ignored all the advice that they’re given,
which is to run away from danger, to the look to your own safety and instead
ran towards danger to make sure others were safe. And I’m just so incredibly proud as the mayor
that all of us should be proud of what our fellow citizens here just today,
including the police. Thank you very much.


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