Telepathy – History of Mankind – Part 87

Hi, this is Jack. I’m speaking about telepathy. Telepathy is a bullshit manifestation of communication
between mind consciousness systems – and I wouldn’t suggest human beings practice
it, because you’re supporting your mind consciousness systems, and actually saying:
“I am a mind consciousness system. My mind consciousness system is to stay here as who
I am. I am ‘special’. I am ‘unique’, because I can ‘telepathically communicate’
with another being’s mind consciousness system as my mind consciousness system, and
we’re communicating through thoughts.” That’s what telepathy is. Telepathy is the
magnetic-electrical-frequency that (okay, now this is freaky shit) – okay, so what
happens is the following: Remember, I told you about that design of
the ‘alien race’ that manifested the electrical magnetic embodiment within the human physical
bodies where information is being transferred? Now from there, is also how ‘telepathy’
is communicated through. What beings do, is: they’ll for instance
‘connect with each other’ in the center point of their mind consciousness system.
From that center point they create an electrical magnetic beam, light beam. That light beam
then, once that connection is made between the two, infiltrates into the center of their
mind consciousness system – meaning: it stretches down to the center, to way down
there; to the center of their beam. Then, from there it opens up and it spreads out
and manifests in both human beings who are now ‘connecting to communicate.’ So, then they open up an ‘alternate thought-communication-dimension’
inside them – and that’s how they’re able to hear each other’s thoughts – because,
what is that connection? They are one in that mind consciousness system connection, because
the moment they connect that light beam connection that’s made – the manifestation of that
light beam in the center of their being and then the spreading out of that light beam
within both human beings – and from that perspective they are ‘one’
now. And in that ‘oneness’ of mind consciousness system manifestation, they communication telepathically
with information based on thoughts. It’s thought-form communication. So, that’s what happens. It is perceived
‘oneness and equality’. What’s that stuff, that ‘two or more in my name’ thing?
Yeah. That’s the principle of ‘two of more in my name’ in consciousness existence.
In other words: if that statement of ‘two or more in my name’ is believed, in terms
of prayer and shit like that, that’s where things start manifesting – and, actually,
what happens when many beings pray for the exact same thing, what actually manifests
is not what they’re praying for, but the point [that] they’re praying from – [it’s]
fascinating. When human beings say: “Let’s get together
and pray for ‘world hunger’.” What will they manifest? They’ll fucking manifest
world hunger. Why? Because their starting point in the collective of the reason why
they are all coming together is the exact same thing: ‘Two or more in my name, I am
there.’ Two or more in my name pray for world hunger, manifest world hunger – because:
‘I am there.’ You are saying you’re world hunger – interesting. So, the same thing with telepathy. Telepathy
is the manifestation of thought-form communication. Simple. I wouldn’t suggest doing it, because you’re
supporting your mind consciousness system in this world and if you are supporting your
mind consciousness system, you are supporting the mind consciousness system of world and
this existence. From what perspective? From the perspective of: if you allow your
mind consciousness system, you will allow another’s mind consciousness system and
then the world just continues fucking themselves – and it’s just another point of ‘unexplained
phenomena’ to a certain extent, which keeps human beings’ attention diverted and busy
with bullshit entertainment. For what? How is telepathy going to assist the world,
may I ask you? Just that one simple question: how is telepathy going to assist the world? Thank you very much. This is Jack.

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