Hahahah, I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun You also can’t remember how you got home last night Or took off your clothes and showered you off I’ll bet you also didn’t thank
this person I’m saying is it’s been a while since Megalopolisville really needed us to do anything It does actually. The computer is listing three attempted homicides 27 thefts and two more bank
robberies in this exact second We could be doing much more than just sitting here drinking and laughing Okay, it’s been a while since megalopolisville really needed us to do anything that demanded more than two hours of our time, but ends up being all over the news worldwide and will reverberate throughout the years in world culture. That’s what you wanted to hear? You got it Hm, an army of remote-controlled mannequins is invading city hall …which is full of cameras and reporters Now this looks like a job for us! All right, I’ll just get my wheel… What are you doing? Holding your wheel for you You’re not worthy of taking… Well, it looks like you are, but you shouldn’t! Only the one who’s truly worthy, would be able to What? Okay, sorry I thought you
didn’t want an Eyesight to hold the wheel What? I wasn’t supposed to either,
is that it? No you weren’t! Didn’t you hear the worthy part? Yeah, yeah, but maybe the wheel standards are a little low What are you insinuating? m My
own father had that magic wheel made He told me it was made by a ten-foot tall
dwarf in the middle of an enchanted furnace in outer Right, sure, he did… and what exactly did your father say this person needs to have to be worthy
of this magic wheel exactly? Well, I had to go through several tests of course, first I had to learn how to wash my own clothes and underwear and make my own
food, then I had to get a job at Starbucks, so I stopped getting an
allowance! Later I needed to rent an apartment and leave the house so my father could rent my room on Airbnb and after that I was worthy to raise the magic wheel that my father made for me Oh sure right, why not? I mean. there really must be something special about this magic wheel made by a giant dwarf in space What wheel? This one? Oh for Gods sake!

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