Tara Brach Leads a Guided Meditation: The RAIN of Self Compassion

The following meditation is led by Tara
Brach. To access more of my meditations or join my email list, please visit Tarabrach.com. [flute] As you come into stillness, take a few
full breaths nice deep in breath and a slow out-breath and again a nice deep
full in-breath filling the chest filling the lungs and then a slow out-breath
feeling the sensations of the breath as you exhale. Letting the breath resume its
natural rhythm… just feel this body breathing and take some moments to scan
in your life. You might notice where your relationships with others or in
your own behavior, you feel like you’ve turned on yourself in some way. It might be
in a situation where you’re in conflict with another person but feeling bad
about yourself. Maybe you’ve turned on yourself… you’re
at war with yourself for a way that you’re behaving as a parent, a partner, a
friend. You might be judging yourself or down on yourself for something to do
with work… or maybe it’s for an addictive behavior. Where do you get into the trance of
unworthiness? – the trance of not okay? And let your attention go to that place
where you know you get into the trance… And for now, just let yourself kind of
get close into it so you can feel the sense of how it is to be living
inside that mind-state of the belief that in some way you’re falling short you should be different perhaps there’s a sense of not lovable
not okay, not respectable – something’s wrong We begin the RAIN of self-compassion by
recognizing this is trance – at war with myself. Recognizing the thoughts and feelings of
the trance… just allowing that all to be here right now… making room for what’s
here. The “A” of RAIN is just to allow this is how it is right now. We begin to investigate with curiosity –
with gentleness… So what’s it like when I’m in this
trance? You might sense what you’re believing about yourself and other
people. If that comes quickly, just you know, what’s the belief right there I should be different…? I’m bad because I’m hurting others…? no one could love me… I’ll always fail?
Sense what might be built in there What kind of core belief…? and most important – feel your body and
sense when you’re in the trance of unworthiness, what is it like in your
body? What’s your throat feel like? – your chest? your belly? when you’re really
feeling bad about yourself? The most important part of investigating is
connecting with the embodied experience, Sense the most vulnerable part of you
where you feel the worst, sense what that part most needs the part that feels deficient, not okay
What does it need? Does it need to be seen in a different way and loved
understood? held? Just sense that and as you’re listening into that, as you’re
feeling into that place in you that is feeling not okay, you might experiment with putting your
hand on your heart just lightly… a very tender touch… this is the beginning of
turning towards loving – towards the “N” of RAIN – the nourishing – and sense the
possibility of offering what’s most needed inwardly… perhaps there’s words
that you might offer? Sometimes “it’s okay sweetheart” or “I’m
sorry and I love you,” Thich Nhat Hanh says “Darling I care about this suffering.”
is a powerful phrase or it might be as the minister that you sense the love of
God or the Divine flowing through you or for me that kiss on the brow of pure
care. Sense the possibility of calling on love and offering it inward. Nourish with
self compassion. Each time you nourish self-compassion…
let it be a fresh creative exploration of what really allows you to feel love
flowing into your own being. You might imagine light warmth pouring in
and just the intention to offer care inwardly, begins to decondition that
tendency to be at war. The meditation becomes full when after
the steps of RAIN, we simply notice who am I if I’m not any longer believing
anything’s wrong? Sensing that tenderness – the openness – the
spaciousness of being when we’re not at war. From the teachings of Bapuji – Indian
master – he says, “My beloved child, break your heart no longer. Each time you judge
yourself, you break your own heart. You stop feeding on the love which is the
wellspring of your vitality. The time has come – your time to live, to celebrate, and
see the goodness that you are. Let no one, no thing, no idea, or ideal obstruct
you. If one comes, even the name of truth, forgive it for its unknowing. Do not fight –
let go and breathe into the goodness that you are [bell] [flute]


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