Surprising Health Facts You Should Know About Human Body!

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desk can increase death risk by almost 50% office workers beware as research
from the University of Sydney founded the office workers who sit for longer
than 10 hours a day at their desk had a 48 percent increase in risk of death in
comparison to people who sat for less than 4 hours a day to counteract this
health risk try to introduce five minutes of activity every hour and make
sure you take regular breaks away from your workstation simple changes like
taking the stairs instead of lifts will also make a positive difference to your
health 2 drinking coffee can prevent depression
we hear a lot about the negative effect of caffeine on our health but it turns
out that caffeine has it’s good points to research found that women who drank a
minimum of four cups of coffee per day could lower their risk of depression by
20% earlier research also found that females who drank 2 or more cups per day
were less likely to commit suicide 3 sit ups won’t give you a flat stomach many
people fall into the trap of thinking that they can achieve a flat stomach by
doing crunches but the truth is endless amounts of crunches won’t give you the
stomach of your dreams as the exercise only works your abs not your core
muscles researchers found carrying out six weeks
of abdominal exercises alone was not enough to reduce abdominal fats for
chewing gum makes you more alert if you’re suffering from a mid-afternoon
slump or can’t seem to concentrate in the morning then try chewing some gum to
make you feel awake researchers found that cheering mint flavored gum
dramatically reduced feeling of tiredness another study on the subject
found that chewing gum can improve overall test scores at a memory by 30%
relieve stress and reduce and anxiety levels 5 ATM machines and public toilets
are equally dirty withdrawing money from a cash machine is something many of us
do regularly but how many of us give our hands a wash after using them
cleanliness tests carried out in Britain found that ATM machines were as dirty as
the toilets specialists investigated swaps taking from the cash machine
keyboards and from the public toilets nearby and found that both samples had
the same bacteria known to lead to sickness 6 to cool down drink something
hot it might sound counterproductive but if you want to cool down then drink
something hot according to a study from the University of Ottawa School of Human
Kinetics as the drink is hotter than your body temperature it triggers a
sweat response in the body that more than compensates for the increase so
although it might initially make you feel hotter a hot drink will cause you
to sweat more and therefore the body effectively cools itself quicker thanks
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