Support Group Meeting – Society of Virtue

I’m the White Flautist and when I use my
powers the world practically stops around me almost like I have super speed
and because of that my brain also starts to work five times faster than that of
any other ordinary human and then I can use my power which is as if I could focus on my inner energy on something Bob? Yeah? And how is it that you get these powers? With the magic powder Go on That a scientist A scientist? That a dirty dealer gives me He gives it to you? Well, he provides it to me in exchange
for some favors…transactions Favors? Transactions? Services Services? Two blow jobs, okay? I blow him, is that what you want to hear Guys, I don’t think you’re getting the point of our meetings You live in two different worlds, in one
of them you are superheroes you go on great adventures you’re all very happy
and loved, but that only happens when you’re on drugs Like Bob, a rhythmic gymnastics teacher who left his wife Doesn’t have a job, lives in the back room of an old coffee place and performs oral sex to maintain
his addiction and also in exchange for new clothes and also in exchange for food and also I think everybody understands doctor, thank you I hope so, because that’s what happens when you close your eyes to reality You end up having to do sexual favors in exchange for drugs like Bob who offers oral sex to
other men to get a taxi or even performs oral sex on other men in exchange for
being able to perform oral sex another man Okay doctor, thank you, thank you very
much I’m sorry but what you want is for us to abandon our identities as superheroes and live only our secret identities where we’re just useless losers Isn’t there something wrong with that? No way, quite the contrary, what I want is for you to leave behind this wonderful and incredible fantasy of heroism where you spend 90 percent of your time
and come back to the real world where you will be normal people who need to pay bills and have responsibilities like any other citizen Do you think Bob liked spending half his day with a penis in his mouth Long lines of men, naked men,
days and days in endless sauna orgies where the only purpose was to please
dozens and dozens of guys just to get some cocaine that he often didn’t even use You know what I think? You’re right, there is something wrong indeed Hey, is it just me or do you also think this sounds like something a supervillain would say? what

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