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viewers welcome back to David coming
from the great city of Austin Texas we’re going to discuss some good
interesting topics two day I’m glad you joined me today hope you enjoyed the
episode today this will be episode number six and I hope you stay with me
today adding get a lot of sleep last night and was up with a bunch of crazy
rethinking people last night talk until too late I had to get up early this
morning so if I doze off gorgeous do this or you can pray for me there you go
christians maybe to wake me up a little bit so he wouldn’t talk about the
difference of supernatural -ism versus natural is something I’d love to discuss
with magical believers for so many years so again my objective here hoping to
educate you Christians and how many of us have found fulfillment meaning
purpose in life love and joy and peace without any belief in the supernatural
show first thing when he was given a basic legal definition of what
supernatural is and how and why the human species so entry with the cosmic
dualism which we were discussed today believe in the supernatural but so far
so supernatural according to the Webster’s Dictionary is relating to or
attributed to a divinity which is a God a ghost or a devil that’s a basic
definition of supernatural -ism she believe in the supernatural world now
this is just not pertaining to Christians who are normally and trying
to reach out to but also to anybody else that believes in transcendentalism which
means you believe in ghosts spirits deities and gods whether you’re
christian whether you’re new wager even a Hindu anything or anyone else that
believes in the supernatural world so we will discuss the difference today I like to define it as a cosmic curtain
you as supernatural believers believe in a cosmic curtain that separates the
natural world which I call reality we live in reality people the natural world
and above this cosmic curtain exists as you believe I don’t believe what you
believe my dear Christian friends that above this cosmic curtain there abides
and lived spirits angels and demons or for whatever religion you have chosen
whatever God you choose to commit survey lity to these aware these spirits rail
that’s where the spiritual realm is set for they abide and they live with you
believe in heaven or just spiritual Jesus clearly said in the Gospel jet
chapter 45 John first 24 when explaining about his Heavenly Father he said God my
father is spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in
truth you Christians believe that your dog your deity is a spirit I believe
it’s been created in the mind of man as I enter poem or seek deity and truth for
more fake simply means to those of you don’t do not know I Tribune Juman
attributes to a nonhuman species characteristics to a nonhuman species so
God was invented to explain mystery God has always been invention to explain two
things that we do not understand but when we find discover how things work we
don’t need these gods anymore that’s where we’re at now so above and beyond
the cosmic curtain is a supernatural world right so let’s talk about that
Jesus clearly said that God is spirit now I’m gonna use Galatians chapter five
balls writing to the Church of Galatia this is probably one of the best
scriptures imma go for over very quickly and we don’t talk about what you preach
to believe that you are literally walking in living the life of the Holy
Spirit when you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior what happen Christ in you the hope of glory Jesus
has come through the person of the Holy Spirit living in your heart to produce
his characteristics his kindness to lead you through this hard arduous life and
there’s a Holy Spirit or what I like to say you have a ghost limit inside you
like caspar the village of you that old alike I am at least 50 erupted late
fifties you remember casper the friendly ghost show you believe that there’s a
ghost a spear residing within your heart Christians say Jesus lives in my heart
well I have news for you people have a natural explanation for the heart does
not contain spirits the heart is a vital internal organ that pumps a vital fluid
called blood every cell of your body transferring nutrients and oxygen and
waste removal and deoxygenated blood back to the lungs to receive more oxygen
that’s basically the naturalistic term what’s going up so let’s go ahead and go
to Galatians chapter 5 I’m in a range from the Holy Bible New International
Version make a little more comprehensible and again I used the
Bible to help educate you Christians to know why I like to use the Bible most of
you don’t know it most of you don’t know this book my
encouragement to you my dear Christian friends is if you would actually read
the Bible you would come to understand these logical fallacies that you have of
the supernatural world all you have to do is actually read this book i think is
it really doesn’t make sense those of us in the Bible that kind of figure this
out Galatians chapter 5 for 16 we’re talking
about the spiritual realm Paul says but I say walk in the spirit live a life in
the spirit and you will not carry out the desires of the flesh or seeing for the flesh itself against the spirit
and the spirit against the flesh for there are they are in opposition to one
another so that you may not do the things that you please but if you are
led by the Spirit member there’s a spirit allegedly that live in a society
like Casper the Friendly Ghost Jesus the Friendly Ghost live inside your heart alright so you’re led by the Spirit you
are not under the law now the deeds of the flesh or evidence they are
immorality impurity sensuality idolatry sorcery enmity strife jealousy outburst
of anger disputes dissensions factions and the drunken carousing things like
these which I forewarn you just as I have for warned you that those who
practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God you know I can
explain something here before we go on to the next few verses so when you talk
about living a life of the flesh I know you young men out there I was a young
guy and I’m still a guy when you look at it attractive female I remember as a
young preacher we would have in the Christian circles we would have close
friends that we work our prayer buddies and when we were tempted to commit
fornication when we were tempted to lust in your heart sexually after a beautiful curvy young
female which is perfectly normal we would cry out to God for help we thought
this was the flesh the natural part of us fighting against a spiritual part of
us with inside of us the net R explanation for this people you’re not
committee last year not committing a sin you’re a homo sapien species what’s
going on in here is that evil diabolical horrible call testosterone produced by
the endocrine glands organs and cells in your body that produce chemicals called
hormones young man you’ve got a high level of whore testosterone blood you’re going to look at females in
that particular way you going to want to sow your seed that what you gotta learn
to do being rational is to control it that
you’re not lusting you not shining in defending the Christian God is perfectly
normal we need to learn to control it and not to the friendship that’s a
natural explanation for what’s going on with you this is not temptation this is
not a push or pull towards in this is genetics its biology we didn’t have this
hormone called testosterone man we would not want to procreate with females of
our species and if we did not procreate and proliferate and have sex we would
cease to exist as a species do you get that the simple natural explanation for
you walking around looking at hot chicks and having these impure thoughts like
that Christians these are not impure thoughts you’re perfectly normal here a
guy and you have hormones called testosterone all right now verse 22 is my my my
favorite I talked to Chris about but the fruit of the Spirit spiritual identity
living inside you the Holy Spirit but the fruit of the
Spirit is love joy peace fulfillment meaning that she would to New
International Version says love joy peace patience kindness goodness
faithfulness gentleness self-control such things as there is no law now those
who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with his passions
and desires if we’d live by the Spirit let us also walk by the Spirit so that’s
an idea of the biblical New Testament principle of those of you that believe
that you are living by in the spirit walking in a spiritual you are not to
fill the last of the / so it’s perfectly normal to have these thoughts that you
would call so forth therein a human beings is perfectly healthy to have these thoughts it’s all
biological alright so let me move on to something else here good question and I like to have with a
dialogue with other freethinkers other aqueous is the human mind precondition
for magical and supernatural beliefs why is it so easy was just so easy for the majority of
human beings not just here in the United States of America worldwide where 92 94
percent of human beings believe in the supernatural whether she Christman got
christine God 33% of human beings a planet Earth believe in the Christian
God 24 percent believe in a God of Islam same God different profits up fourteen
14 percent believe in the gods of Hinduism and all the way down widest so many to so many human beings
believe in the supernatural realm I believe I do not have any overwhelming
evidence tradition postulating its my assertion we may never know humans but I
think that human minds of the precondition through natural selection
the preservation a favorable individual differences and variations I have called
natural selections natural selection was darwin’s quote from his book The Origin
of Species yes I think natural structure to evolutions chosen magical
supernatural beliefs for primitive man for many reasons so it’s very easy to
fall into this infantile credulity again we have grown up as a species we are
maturing as a species we have learned the natural world we don’t need the
supernatural world too little wonderful life and progressivism as human beings
so yeah magical thinking comes very easy for people now to discuss this with a
psychologist and listen to me closely christians neurology and psychology
talks about type 1 areas and cognition and type 2 airs in cognition type 1 daring cognition is believing
something to be true when it’s really false type 2 air incarnations believe in
something false ones really true so let’s draw little scenario let’s say
we’re about fifteen twenty thousand years ago some more primitive primitives
Homo sapiens or even up two hundred thousand years ago whenever you’re out
as a hundred gather you here Russell in the bushes behind you immediately we have fighter flight give
a choice to make you either fight or flight to sleep for survival we don’t know what’s going on that bush
could it be a little field mouse could it be a field Sparrow could have been
the rustle of wind in the leaves or the the bushes so immediately were thinkin
there must be something there it’s an agency so we flee we believe something
is true but really false 99% chance was just a little field mouse it wasn’t a
Sabertooth cat wasn’t a cave bear that would prey upon us and our US I believe
that evolution by natural selection is chosen these mythologies the
supernatural beliefs deepened tratar con are our consciousness deep inside our
psyche as human beings to easily fall into this credulity one of the major
credulity he’s out there is of course Christianity it’s very easy to believe
in the supernatural tattooer in cognition same scenario here hunter
gatherer hundred thousand years ago here Russell and bush you think it’s probably just a mouse and
so forth instead of fleeing it’s tough thinking of some agency or something
supernatural it’s a cave bear Sabertooth cat and your dad your lunch
and you’re gone so yes for many reasons it’s easy for human beings to fall in
this I mean 92 to 94 percent of people believe in the supernatural world now
member might does not make right it doesn’t matter if ninety-two percent of
Americans believe in the supernatural it doesn’t make it
right ok just because 8% of a six to eight
percent which do not believe in supernatural world myself included as a
over humanistic atheist naturalist I don’t believe the supernatural world
there’s no reason to ok there’s no evidence for members wrong always
everyone for anybody to believe anything upon insufficient evidence all right let’s move along the mind and
the brain or 1 I’d like this we talk about the difference of naturalism and
super naturalism most Christians most people that are transferred didn’t
listed believers in america about 92% of him when his Christianity Hinduism New
Age Islam or whatever your choice of supernatural beliefs are mostly believe
that the mind and the soul live outside the brain the mind and the body or one
there’s no such thing as mine outside of brain activity the mind is neural
activity of the brain you know he’ll earnest alert for smart guys and girls
who are neurologist and psychologists people who devoted their life men and
women who have devoted their lives to understanding brain science and its all
new to human beings we have not as a species been studying the brain for very
long we’re learning more and more and more so we have learned that
dissociation the end of life of human life depends upon the cessation of the
end of life is defined by the cessation of brain activity so I get much sleep
last night I need more caffeine so what defines the end of life do we
continue to live in a supernatural realm and so forth do we go on live into
immortality there’s no evidence for that the end of life as defined by the Shell
station a brain activity so when you feel like you have a spiritual
experience outside your body my dear Christian friends just feel like the
Lord is talking to you back when I was a Holy Ghost filled bible thumping young
full-time preacher of Angeles I would talk to God I thought I was hearing him
I would walk and talk with Jesus I would pray to Him hours a day I would pray in
tongues I would read the Bible and memorize Scripture I would prepare for
the sermon coming up for sunday morning or Wednesday night I would prepare for
this in my mind was walking in the spirit chapter 5 we just read that because God
is so I know what you’re thinking christians I’m a step ahead of you I’ve
been there and done that you do not need to believe in the supernatural to
succeed in this life in reality you do not need to believe in the supernatural
for direction in life you do not need to believe in a supernatural go sleep
inside you and being led by the Spirit to live a life of meaning and purpose in
life a brain and we can use it and we’ve got
each other so this is what super naturalism especially Christianity
depends upon this now I want to talk about cosmic dualism which is probably
very new to those of you Christians or even W other transit then listed
believers where did this concept of good spirit vs bad spirit originated when did
this all began now keep in mind the Christian religion was founded Jesus
allegedly lived two thousand years ago now cosmic dualism is where there is a good
spirit and a bad spirit for many years before in prior to Christianity my dear
Christian friends this concept was being taught by previous religions previous
men of their God and previous profits from different religions and different
deities I will discuss Zoroastrianism most Christians have never heard of this
and all you have to do is study world history primitive religions of man it’s
all in the library but you cannot open up your mind sorrel Astor was a Persian
man who thought he heard a voice like many prophets obscure profits here just
like Moses and Abraham and all the other prophets of different religions they
always out the wilderness and discount speaks to them Zoroaster about five four to six hundred
years prior to Christianity which dates in about 400 to 600 BCE 24 common air or
as you my dear Christian friends called before Christ allegedly linked and wink
alright the god’s name of George ostracism and there are still about a
hundred and fifty thousand people that worship in this religion most of them
are now in a dub bombay or calcutta area in India it originated in Persia the god
the deity was called Mazda he was the God of truth and the god of light
version to you my dear Christian friends truth and light five hundred years prior
to Christianity now this was the God of truth in light Mazda there’s always an
opposing spirit much spiritualism vs naturalism every religion has a deity
and then they have an opposing spirit much like Zeus opposing spirit of course
was hades in hell I guess his little brother with the lord of the underworld
right there’s always this good spirit vs bad call cosmic dualism I know this is
new to you Christians but I have to do is read to figure this
out my objective here again on every episode I do is just to barely scratched
the surface of these topics I’m not a scientist I’m not a professor in fact
I’m a college dropout average IQ man who is irrational who likes to think who is
obsessed with what is true and real I read reality that I had a passion to
share this with you my dear Christian friends are you collect those beliefs
and progresses human being into the light of reality it’s far surpasses
supernatural believes their mind and I hope I’m turn out in this crap Arab on
was the opposing spirit was the symbol of darkness and lies the first
personification of the devil now members christians you believe in Satan the fall
in lucifer the fallen angel right there is a war share like you feat chapter 16
a new test that says for Wii my dear Christian friends Paul the Apostle wrote
inspired by the Holy Spirit we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against
naturalism not against natural people but we wrestle against principalities
and powers in high places against evil forces that rulers of darkness so you
believe in a spiritual world that there’s constant combat cosmic combat
tsetse the acronym Cece cosmic combat between the forces of light and darkness this is not new people christians
pre-date christianity all the other Legion said the same thing you go back
to primitive dynasties of Egypt thousands of years before prior to the
Old and New Testament there was set sunset and the Sun of righteousness with
healing his wings when the Sun came up they worship the Sun and there was a son
god Horus sunset was darkness and evil this is called cosmic dualism so karema was asorio Astron isms devil this
is where it originated from and probably even earlier than this thousands of years prior to the Bible
the Egyptians have this as well now I want to read something very interesting
to you this is called the book my dear friend just had a bible it’s written by
very intelligent guy he’s a historian he’s a professor so its major religions
of the world and this is how I educate myself I dropped out of college gosh what thirty-something thirty five
forty years ago but I am a reader not you learn from smart people that do this
for a living it’s called the division of labor we all
have our specialty like I is a personal trainer I would hope someone would come
to me and ask me how to be fit and healthy ok this is because I spent time
learning this now do it if I had time to give seminars and fitness and health
which they and their lifts up my shirt is so he’s an old pretty seven-year-old
six pack abs 6 Patrick the East Bay but they’re still there not like when I was younger so we all
have our place so we learned from reading from professionals we don’t have
to pray and learn this rate it so this particular author talking about
the sorrel Astron -ism I want to you to listen very closely I’m gonna read about
four short repair that’s this is much better than I could explain much more
comprehensible for you Christians listen to the similarities of this spiritual
god of Mazda versus your spiritual Jesus and the writings in the New Testament
keep in mind this is all prior to Christianity by hundreds even thousands
of years stated in these oral Astron mystic texts or they have scriptures to
just like other religions in your book The Bible it is stated that the world
was created in go features six days sound familiar and then a man named can’t pronounce
them marcia and a woman named Michelle aisle were placed in a garden go from
here called Paradise and then driven out
because they disobey God just get pissed off that people don’t they all the time thing about these deities created in the
mind of man they seemed so preferred if they only had sex with females humans
anyway let me move up the ancient writings rigid recorded on 12,000 calf
skins and down with rings of gold also talk that there is an abode call heaven
and a place called hell and that God is a spirit who people should worship in
spirit and in truth goalie walkers their preacher both I just wreckage on jet
before but Jesus said that this guy double sorry do this is hundred years
card Christianity this was christianity was strongly influenced more than by any
other religion by extremism similarities between saint of Zoroaster in the words
of Jesus we even more startling long centuries before the Galilean began his
ministry Jesus Zoroaster was already proclaimed in the golden rule that said
that one is good only one wonders will not to do another whatever is not good
for himself before Jesus teachings concerning the goodness of the Father
sound familiar Zoroaster describe God is the giver of
all good perfect things perfect more closures Asian or hijacking strongly
influenced by previous religions to buy this hundreds of years before Jesus
crucifixion Zoroaster spoke about the resurrection from the dead but that’s
happened before Jesus the immortality of the soul to spiritualism and even went
so far as to say that people believed in him Zoroaster would not perish but have
everlasting life what we heard that before most popular scripted the bubble John
3:16 for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that
whosoever believeth in him should not perish but that should it come on Jesus
did authentic innovator the wise men from the East to
follow the store and bought their gifts to bethlehem from Persia there’s
ostracism Simon stop there I’m really only got five minutes to go
some behind schedule can unite god of fertility they’ll opposing spirit from
the Canaanites prior to Christianity deep ocean spirit there Satan was called
him up the ruler of the underworld to have a good spirit that spirit
naturalism here’s the alternative dear Christian France there is an alternative
to supernatural beliefs you don’t need it this is education for you hope you stay
tuned to this if or you could just be laughing and making fun of me that’s ok naturalism is a philosophy that nature
in compass is all that exists and only natural elements my dear Christian
France what else exists other than space time energy and matter
how can you prove there is a supernatural world of God ghosts spirits
immortality outside the mind behind outside the
brain you can’t do you know why you can’t it’s not because it’s it’s tough
because we just can’t figure out because it’s not real and that’s my whole point
we live in a naturalistic world you can live a wonderful life by using the
strength of human beings got so many stories I could tell you let
me quickly give you one little I’ve gotta stop in about three minutes little example I’ve got so many examples
the last twenty twenty-five years and even way passing when I was a preacher
man eight years now for twenty to twenty-five years about 34 years ago you
remember a football player by the name of Tim Tebow and you fundamental
Christian just gone praise Jesus so Tim Tebow was a pretty good athlete young
man in his prime play professional football very strong Christian so he was
playing quarterback for the injured quarterback was anyways for Denver
Broncos 34 years ago before Peyton Manning went to Denver the great Peyton
Manning so they had these young men in Tim Tebow
profess born-again evangelical Christian children Christians are rooting for him
right he’s got the Holy Spirit living God can do great things through this man
to prove to you all these humanistic there that Jesus is real so I’m watching
a playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers three four five years ago in
Heb for those of you that are not from Texas
that’s a grocery store here a local grocery store so there’s a big screen TV
in the store by the checkout stand Tim Tebow’s driving his team down the field
to score touchdown to win this game coming from behind it’s a miracle supernatural their
natural explanations for supernatural claims by decreasing threats so there
must have been thirty people gather around his big-screen TV I was on the
far left side and after four runs out there is a young man probably my kids
aged late twenties early thirties and all the 17 Tebow did a not supernatural
but a physical feat naturalistic feat that young males and females in their
prime to as athletes they do amazing things in their prime something I can’t
do like he used to it so he made a touchdown pass for an introduction as
soon as he did that oh my gosh crowd jumping pork check
clapping Tebow others really don’t care like
myself and all these young man at the top 40 50
feet through a crowd of thirty forty people said praise the Lord supernatural
gully intervention this is God help I could believe it showed me as a big
cloud over his former Christian preacher said to just say excuse me some talking
over the crowd and the more people the better cuz I’m used to preach in front
of crowds and they all looked at me and it reminds me that movie way back in the day some of you may not
remember crocodile dundee one that was the best the best solved some of the
older people remember this movie crocodile dundee down in the subway at
this closing scene his love interest member name that really attractive
hottie was on the other side the crowd he was yelling through the crowd trying
to get her attention and so forth so it reminded me that and I said are you
kidding me as a yes and here we are talking to each other not yelling in
anger and Christians a nice just trying to do little Socratic Method asking
questions to prove it and I are you kidding I said houses got his issues
supernatural divine intervention God is using a place in his hand and using Tim
Tebow to prove his existence we went back and forth and got various so again
people are natural explanations from was 99% of your supernatural claims it takes
hours to go over the secretaries story after story after story basically a
perfectly natural explanation for the team deep Tebow thing the other football
teams coaches figured his methodology out he was playing like a college
quarterback it was different he wanted two games got hot and guess what that
the fences in the professional and the NFL figured out they shutting down the
next year he was gone he’s out in FL now he’s a has been what happened to jesus
what happened to the Holy Ghost what happened is supernatural divine
intervention this is just one of the many silly stories I hear from you
people that want to hold onto supernatural beliefs this is a natural world people the
choice I closure of gone over you my big mouth memorized to preach for
like an hour and a half thirty 30 minutes and that’s probably nothing but
for most people to longtime the choice you have made my dear Christian friends
for those of you that have not been brainwashed train up a child in the way
he should go and then when he is old he will not depart from it most Christians brainwash their children
will talk about the upcoming up so those of you that have turned to ship
naturalism for the quest for meaning and purpose in life for you or anything else
that you need you think in EDT for that well you’ve made a choice you have made
a choice between super naturalism and naturalism you chose magic over reason
you chose superstition over reality you have chosen magic myself and others
choose reality and there’s a big difference my friends we choose to live
a life of reason and that’s where I’m offering you people there is a way out
there is a way out of other than believing in ghosts spirits and angels
and against human beings are captivated by this probably through natural
selection evolution precondition to believe a magical thinking we don’t need
this anymore again God was all as always better than
two to explain the things that we do not understand mysteries alone we finally
discover how things work thankyou science last few hundred years we find
discover and we can explain the natural world we can discover and explain what’s
going on with gravity newtonian gravity and the earth’s atmosphere and so forth
and agencies in detections and so forth through signs we don’t need to believe
in the supernatural world and I’m asking you questions think about this think about it how can you prove the
supernatural exists you really can’t it’s ok to not book to let it go its ok
to not believe in supernatural its ok to look young man upon curvy shemale you’re
not offending anybody don’t need to ask Jesus retentive like I should do it’s
perfectly normal to be a human just need to control things are not to be
offensive to other people and to be kind and to be loving other people know God
is required for this so at the end of every episode is leaving altar call
should play my piano location do and have you come to reason that goal
shooter natural beliefs so this is it thank you for listening to super
naturalism vs naturalism episode 6 remember that no God is required for
life of love joy peace fulfillment meaning purpose in life the good life is
one guided by reason and motivated by love thank you for watching deep
reaching him honest with David Oliverio tell your friends about it and I wish
you next week have a wonderful week I would say god bless you all just say
have a wonderful day

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