After the surprise attack from Dr. Fate,
our group of superheroes are in a complicated situation, where apparently only Stuff can save them Stuff! You need to hold the jet! Stuff is trying, but it’s too heavy! Stuff is starting to get sleepy No Stuff! No sleep now! You have to keep being the Stuff! We have to piss him off and fast! The angrier he gets, the stronger he gets! Okay, Stuff, remember that yogurt! You didn’t know who ate it and I said I
didn’t know either. It was me! What?! Stuff gets angry for not
eating the yogurt, but also Stuff his saddened by your betrayal Oh shit No! Wait Stuff, I never told you this but it’s my fault you turned into this There was this time that I took the superpower box and I could have asked for anything
in the world but instead of saving you from this curse I wish that the History Channel would replay this great World War 2 tank documentary and they did it! They did it! It was great! Stuff is very very angry at lieutenant selfishness and lack of consideration But he’s glad you were sincere and truthful Shit! He has to get angry and soon! Oh Stuff! I haven’t told you but, but I had sex with your wife! More than once in fact! I just stop fucking her when she said she was pregnant because the baby isn’t yours! It’s mine! But I told her that you were
stupid enough not to notice that that’s what happened but even after she left you, I didn’t keep fucking her because I was already having sex with your new girlfriend Rebecca! and that’s why she dumped you! I never told you anything but I thought maybe this was the right time to tell you, since we need to get you angry, you know? It looks like it’s working, guys! He seems
much more irritated than before ! Now we are really…saved


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