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Dr. Binocs.. Dr. Binocs! Oh, hello friends! The best part of a pizza is its crust! Hmm…
yummy… Just like this pizza, the earth too has
a crust, but with no cheese in it. Hahaha… So let’s learn something about the
structure of the earth today. It consists of the Crust, Mantle and Core! Zooooom in! This is the Earth’s Crust. It consists of all kinds of rocks, soil and
everything you see above the earth’s surface! You will be surprised to know that the crust,
that is the land on which we walk is almost three times thicker than
the crust under the oceans. And it extends to about 25 miles. The earth’s crust floats on this layer
which is called the Mantle. It is made of thick, solid, rocky substance and amounts to about 85%
of the total mass of earth. The first 50 miles of the mantle
consist of very hard, rigid rocks. The next 150 miles are made up of
super-hot solid rocks. Below that for the next several hundred miles, the earth’s mantle is believed to be made up
of very solid and sturdy rock materials. The mantle is about 1800 miles thick
and by far the largest layer of earth. The earth’s outer core is made up of super-hot
liquid molten substance called Lava. This lava is believed to be
made of iron and nickel. It extends to a depth of 3000 miles
beneath the earth’s surface. And finally, we have reached earth’s inner core. The inner core extends another 900 miles
towards the center of the earth. It is believed that this inner core is a
solid ball made of iron and nickel. The crust occupies less than
1% of earth’s volume. The inner core is the hottest
part of the earth and it is as hot as the surface of the sun. Surprising, isn’t it? Looks like it’s time for me to
Zoooom out! Before I get baked in this heat. Tune in next time for more fun facts!

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