Street of Shame 1956 Kenji Mizoguch 1080p BluRay

Daiei Productions PresentsAKASEN CHITAIProduced by Masaichi NAGATA Screenplay by Masashige NARUSAWA
Based on a story by Yoshiko SHIBAKI Cinematography by Kazuo MIYAGAWA Art Direction by Hiroshi MIZUTANI
Music by Toshiro MAYUZUMI Cast Mickey – Machiko KYO
Yasumi – Ayako WAKAO
Hanae – Michiyo KOGURE Yumeko – Aiko MIMASU
Eiko – Kenji SUGAWARA Shizuko – Yasuko KAWAKAMI
Kurazo Taya – Eitaro SHINDO Tatsuko Taya – Sadako SAWAMURA
Night watchman – Bontaro MIYAKE Policeman – Daisuke KATO
Yumeko’s client – Jun TATARA Yorie – Hiroko MACHIDA
PROPRIETORS’ ASSOCIATION PLEASE COME IN – I’ll leave the suspect’s photograph here.
– Very good. – Drink this, it’s cold out.
– I shouldn’t, but… thanks. Things are very uncertain
in our line of business. Caught you in a bad mood, have I? The government says go right, we go right,
they say go left, we go left. We pay our taxes promptly
and what do we get? No protection! Take this place, for instance. When the Americans arrived
after the war, they told us we had to provide
protection for innocent women. So we raised the money
to build this place and now they’re talking about
introducing anti-prostitution laws. We haven’t even paid off our debts yet! – They can’t do this to us.
– You’re right, of course. But this government can’t simply
ignore public opinion. Listen, Officer Miyazaki, my family has been here
for four generations. And the Yoshiwara District
is over 300 years old. If prostitution is so unpopular,
how come it’s lasted 300 years? Madam… Oh… hello, officer. Hey, Eiko, any good tips for me? Come off it, officer. I’m going straight now. It’s true! I’m acting as a guide exclusively now. Oh, yeah? You don’t have to keep tabs
on me anymore. – Madam, can I have a word?
– All right. Good morning, sir. So, what do you girls think
of this anti-prostitution legislation? I’m all for it! You can afford to quit,
you’ve got a man. But what happens to the likes of us
if they close this place down? Well, the government said
they’ll house you all in… What are they called? Dormitories. And they’ll give you jobs, too. Yeah? And will they give me
one of those concrete apartments? – I don’t know!
– Then I can live with my son. That’d be wonderful. Then I’ll find a young husband. That’s because you’re still young,
Yumeko. In the olden days, though, we were seen as courtesans,
trained in the arts of poetry, tea ceremony, flower arranging
and calligraphy, and we were treated
just like noble women. Sounds a bit daft to me. Morning, sir. Are you off out? – I’ve lots of things to sort out.
– Oh, I see. I’m really busy. I’m off to the Guild to meet a woman
Diet member on a fact-finding mission. – I’ll leave with you.
– All right. – See you later.
– See you later! – Oh, good morning.
– What are you doing here, Shiomi? – Are they all done?
– Yes. Why are you having
to deliver them yourself? I can’t get the staff.
It’ll be the death of me! – At least you’re popular with the girls.
– You’re kidding! Tell the girls to go easy
on their clients today. Very well. See you later. Thanks. What do I owe you? – Pay me another time if you wish.
– Sure? All right. – Madam?
– What is it? – Oh, good day.
– Good day, Yasumi. Madam, maybe I will take
the money now. Let me see, for fixing the covers
that’s six thousand yen exactly. Oh, thank you, thank you. – Here’s another bill.
– For Mr Aoki, right? To think that he used to have a thriving
business employing five staff. He’s taken a fast fall
because he leads such a fast life! – Yasumi…
– Eh? – You’re practically bleeding him dry.
– No way. Yasumi! Thanks for taking me out to eat
the other night. It was my pleasure. Here… – A little spending money for you.
– Wonderful! Are you free tonight? Sorry, there’s no way I can do tonight. My brother’s not well, so I have
to go to Ogikubo and see him. Oh, really? Well, get him something nourishing
with this. – I couldn’t take that.
– Go on, please! Really? I’ll take it then. Thanks. – Hey, Yasumi!
– See you later. Listen, Yasumi,
don’t be like that with me. – Just give me an answer.
– Eh? – You mean moving in together?
– You don’t sound keen. Well, I can’t decide yet. I can understand why. You’re the number one girl
here at Dreamland, while I’m just a lowly
knitwear salesman. What are you talking about?
It just sounds too good to be true. Yasumi, I’ve gone and bought
all the household goods. All I’m waiting for
is for you to move in. Do you not want to? Listen… I’ll be straight with you. A woman like me,
working in a place like this, – I’m up to my neck in debt.
– With loans, you mean? Yes… to the tune of 150,000 yen. I just couldn’t tell you before
because I thought you’d reject me. 150,000 yen? I’ll get it from somewhere. Listen… why don’t you spend
the day with me? – No way, I’ve got to buy some stock.
– Come on, come on. – No, I can’t…
– Come on. I’m so lonely without you! Yasumi? What is it? Sorry, but… I’m sorry to have to ask,
but could you lend me 200 yen again? I’ve run out of money for make-up. Thanks ever so much. I’ll give it back to you
with 10% next payday. Come on in,
come and enjoy yourself. – Come on.
– You’re too old for me! What did you say? You lout! What do you think, madam? She’s a real find.
She’d be perfect for this place. She’ll be a gold mine! Hey, wait here. Just call me Venus. Hey! Come on in! I’m new in town, come on! Let go of me! I work here! – Who the hell is this?
– She’s having a laugh! She scares me. Mickey! Mickey! This is her, madam. – I like her look.
– She’s a real find. – Give us a drink, will you?
– No way. – What kind of a girl is she?
– Come on! She’s a good girl. Mickey’s old man has
a trading company in Kobe. But he’s a bit of a playboy
so she ran away from home. Then it was all downhill for her
from there. She got used and abused
by some American, and within a year,
she became hardboiled as hell. – And then I…
– I’ve heard enough. – Stand up for me.
– Hey! – What do you think?
– Very good. Beautifully proportioned. That’s my girl! Good evening. It’s cold today, isn’t it? – How’s your husband?
– Same as usual. They say there’s flu going around.
You have to take care. Thanks for the advice. It’s tough being married, isn’t it? Your lover makesgetafor a living,
right, Yorie? But business has been bad lately
and he can’t afford to visit. I miss him. He’d be off like a shot if he knew
that you had debts of 120,000 yen! I envy you, Yumeko. Your son’s almost grown up,
only another year or so to go. I hope he’ll look after me,
but it might take longer than that. You with the glasses! Come on in! All takings are split 60-40.
Are you all right with that? – It’s not much, but here you go.
– Thanks. – Sorry I’m late.
– Don’t worry, I’m used to it. But watch it, Hanae. You’re not exactly
a member of the idle rich! Sorry. – That’s why I prefer my girls to live here.
– I see what you mean. – Come on in, boys.
– We’ll be back later. Hello, gentlemen,
won’t you come inside? The gentleman in the raincoat!
Come on inside! THE DREAMLAND SALON Hey, want to come in for some fun?
Come on! Hey, come on, sir!
Won’t you come in for just one drink? Hey, sir! Won’t you come inside, sir?
Come on in! Come on, I’ll offer you a special service.
Come on! Come in for some fun, laddie! What a cutie you are! – This is Dreamland, isn’t it?
– Yes, this is Dreamland. Let’s go! Can I just ask you,
does Kayo Kadowaki work here? Kadowaki? Who’s that? She’s my mother. Don’t be such an idiot! Kadowaki?
You mean you’re Yumeko’s kid? – What?
– You’re a good-looking lad, aren’t you? Hanae! – Come again.
– This is Yumeko’s son. Really? Wait here. I’ll go and call her for you. Yumeko? Your son’s here. I can’t see him dressed like this!
Just send him away. – But he came especially.
– I beg you. Really? Oh, how charming… – What did you say?
– Ow! I’ve been missing you all day.
Come and stay with me. Yumeko, what’s up with you? Sorry about that. You should’ve gone out to see him. Why do you feel so uncomfortable
in front of him? It’s for his sake
that you have to work here, isn’t it? You’ve got yourself in debt
trying to bring him up. He ought to realise how hard
you have to work to make ends meet. What’s he doing away from home,
anyway? Maybe he was after
some pocket money. – He looks like a good kid.
– You think so? He looks more like
my late husband every day. I’d like to make him a suit
for New Year. I’ll just have to work harder. Hey, you in the hat! Are you coming in? Hey, bov! – Come and have some fun!
– No, leave me alone. Come on, it’ll be fun. Get off me! Get lost, then. You, the student!
Come in and have some fun! – No way!
– Come in. You give me the creeps! Oh, long time no see! It’s good to see you. You can stop the flattery! Dreamland is my private hotel,
just you remember that. I’ll see you over there.
Take this for me. Hey, are you from Osaka? Hey… I never expected to hear
a western accent in the Yoshiwara. – You from Osaka?
– No, Kobe. Kobe? It must be because Kobe’s
a port town that your accent’s like that. I stay in Kobe
at least ten days a month. – Been here long?
– I arrived today. No way? Let’s have a drink. Hey, a glass! – Here’s to me and you.
– “Me and you”? – Come see me some time.
– We’ll have to see, won’t we? What’s your name? – Mickey.
– Sounds like a cartoon character. Hey! Come on,
let’s go up to my room. It’s too early. You go up.
I’m not in the mood yet. Better luck next time.
Come on, you, let’s go up. – Let me finish this.
– Come on, let’s go. You’re such a ball-buster! – You still here?
– It’s been so bad for business. You should call it a day.
There’s always tomorrow. I guess so. I might try my luck
a little longer, though. – Take care of yourself.
– See you tomorrow. Hi, darling. He’s been crying a lot. I don’t want
the neighbours to start complaining. Really? Listen, sweetie, you mustn’t cry
and make your dad fret. – Have you had supper?
– Not yet. There’s still some leftovers from lunch
so I didn’t bother cooking. Let’s go in there
and get something to eat. Welcome. – Two bowls of soba, please.
– Two soba! All right! Your cheeks are really flushed. You’ve got a fever again. No wonder. You haven’t taken
your medicine for ages. I think the germs might have
built up resistance, so taking any medicine
may be a waste of time. I’ll get you some tomorrow, anyway. It costs about 1300 yen, doesn’t it? Don’t worry about me, I can do without. But that’s about all we can afford to do. There’s no way I can afford
to send you to hospital. We’ll just have to do what we can. Sorry to keep you waiting. – You remember Mr Yamada’s wife?
– Mr Yamada…? He also lost his job with me
during the restructuring at work. Oh, the one with the beautiful wife? It turns out, after she was admitted
to the infirmary for TB… they told her
she’s not got long to live. You know Yumeko from work? Well, her son came by
to see her today. She really flew into a panic. He seems like a really nice lad. He’ll grow up to be like that. He’s so cute… How could we
contemplate suicide now? He’s even saying “mama”. I’m glad now we decided
not to commit suicide. For sure. God, it tastes good, this soba.The Anti-Prostitution Bill,
which has been defeated in recent years
is expected to be presented
to parliament once more.
The Lower House Judiciary Committee
summoned numerous people
from a variety of backgrounds
to canvas their opinions.
Proponents of the bill
are enthusiastic,
but equally vocal are those
in the trade who oppose the legislation.
Difficulties are expected ahead.Mrs Takehisa MP, in describing
the proposal, commented…
Welcome back, master.”Prostitution is an unforgivable evil,
forcing women to sell their bodies.
” Business has been so bad
this New Year. Even our number one, Yasumi,
earned little. Mickey owes us. She works hard, that one,
but she fritters all her money away. Oh, welcome home. – How did it go at the Diet?
– That’s the last time I ever go there. I was in the visitors’ gallery, and one speaker
from the opposition had the nerve to call us in the trade “inhuman”! They couldn’t careless
if we starved to death. Politics is absurd! Did Mr Awai do anything? He’s just a spineless bastard. We voted him in
to take care of matters like this. – Now he’s forgotten all his promises.
– Typical. Madam, what do you think
of this material? Isn’t it lovely? How much? 6000 yen over five months,
and 1000 yen down payment today. Hey, call all the girls in, will you? – Thanks.
– I’ll keep it till you pay me 1000 yen. – That’s unfair.
– What about you? – Can you sub me some? I’m flat broke.
– Again? – I lent you some money only yesterday.
– It’s gone. A thousand will do. You’ve only been here a month
yet you owe more than all the others! You can pay it back first. I could always quit
and make plenty on my own. Here… Now that’s more like it! – Do you think that’s wise?
– And one more! It’s our responsibility
to take care of our girls. Is everyone here? I have something important
to tell you all. The Anti-Prostitution Bill
is going through parliament right now. You probably heard about it
on the radio. They say it’s a law that will protect you,
but that’s rubbish. You will be the ones that’ll suffer. How will you survive
if you have to go to jail for soliciting? Hanae, how will you support
your sick husband and child? And Yumeko, are you going
to be able to retire? Yasumi, how are you
going to save any money? Are you willing to work
as a labourer, Yorie? Mickey, what will you do
for spending money? Do you understand what I’m saying? The only people who really protect you
are us, the brothel keepers. We run these establishments to provide
you with work so you won’t starve. You don’t have to resort to suicide,
any of you. We make up for this government’s
insufficient welfare policies. We act more like social workers! They talk of human rights and welfare, but these politicians don’t understand
what you have to endure. We’re the only friends you really have. The politicians don’t know
what they’re talking about. Why can’t we sell our bodies
if we so choose? If the business collapses,
we can walk the streets. We can choose our own clients.
No griping madams hassling us. – Hey!
– Shut up, you silly girl. So, what I’m saying is,
don’t get taken in by all their rhetoric. Just consider what’ll happen to you
if they suppress our business. Don’t let them make fools of you.
Understand? Right, back to work!
Go and get yourselves ready. Mickey, there’s a client to see you. I wonder who that is. A daytime client?
There are some weird guys out there! What a body! You’re like some pedigree race horse! I’m off to Osaka tomorrow.
Fancy coming to Atami with me? Haven’t you got an appointment
with Yorie? I don’t care about that old slag! What? You still around? The madam told me
you’d gone home sick. You’re a real man about town!
What the hell are you doing here? Don’t get angry!
Get undressed and get in with me. You bastard! – Bastard!
– What…? I swallowed a load of water, you whore! – If I’m a whore, what’s that make you?
– I’m the client! You bastard! Bastard! All right, I’m going to my room! Hey, Mickey! You’ve humiliated me! – You know what our rule is here!
– Rule? What rule would that be? It’s all right to steal money here,
but you never touch another’s client! – Don’t forget that!
– All clients are idiots anyway. If he’s that important to you,
put a leash on him. Yeah… Mickey’s right. I’m ready to face anything. You can suit yourself. It’s like when you buy fish, right? It’s only natural
that you’d choose the freshest fish. And it’s the customer’s right to choose. You should look at yourself in the mirror. What happened, Yorie? Listen, come and have
some tea and cakes with us. Want some? Madam’s angry
because business is so sluggish. Yorie, you shouldn’t be mad at Mickey. She’s not to blame. Come on. It’s not that. I’m fed up with this work. I’m just a country girl
with nothing but mounting debts. My life’s just wretched. Oh, I hate it. How I wish I could just walk out
and go and marry my lover. Take a look at these. What’s all that? Are you thinking of opening a shop? I console myself by buying this stuff, dreaming of the day
we can get married. Yorie, do you want
to get married that much? Yeah… Then go and get married. Look at this in yesterday’s paper. The courts have decided
that our debts are null and void. That means you can quit here
and your debts are cancelled. However much you owe,
the owners can’t collect. – Is that true?
– Of course it is. So tonight, you should
pack all your things. Then you can take them to my place. Yes, let’s do that. That’ll teach that stingy madam a lesson! But won’t it create problems
for us later? We’ll deal with that when it comes. We really have something to celebrate.
I can party like this any time! What’s so good about marriage
anyway? Nothing. The only difference is that
it’s a long-term contract. She’s off again! I’m really happy
you’ve made your decision. Don’t let things get you down,
hang on in there. Anyway, I’ve never felt happier. The women who work at Dreamland
are the scum of the earth. Just be a good wife and take good care of your husband. However hard it gets, don’t ever think
about going back to that place. You must never go back!
Understand? Of course she can go back
if things don’t work out. No, you mustn’t say that! You must never go back there… ever. Yorie… Here… a wedding present from me. What is it? It’s a travel coupon. If it all goes wrong,
you can use that to come back. – What?
– Yorie, don’t listen to her. What a bitch. Here… – This is from me.
– What’s that? A set of rice bowls for newlyweds. What? How old fashioned! This is from me. Oh, look! It’s so you don’t oversleep
when you get a normal job. Yorie, here’s my present. It’s a savings account
with 500 yen to start you off. And a seal for your account book. Great! Now you can save
all your pennies just like Yasumi! That’s the idea. I feel bad accepting
all of these presents from you. They’re really beautiful rice bowls,
Yumeko. These rice bowls have always
reminded me of my late husband. It must be 20 years ago when we were married
at the Manchurian Railways Club. I was overjoyed when I received
them as a wedding present. Thank you. I was so young in those days.I am a maiden of sixteen years
born in Manchuria
Next March as the spring snow
begins to thaw
And the flowers burst into bloom…Welcoming the spring…I will leave for the next village
to wed my fiance…
I’m so happy, the happiest
I’ve ever felt in my whole life. But I really hate having to leave you all! I really envy you. I remember they were good times. I’d really like to see my son. Oh, the car’s arrived.
Get ready, get ready. Come on. Driver! Good luck. Give our best to your husband.
And send us some photographs. No more servicing customers
back home, you’ll soon get caught! Good luck! God, I thought that would never end! Welcome, madam. I hate the countryside. You have
to wait an hour for the next bus! It’s so inconvenient. Well… I’ll have a bowl
of noodles, please. All right. I’m just borrowing your mirror. Which village are you heading to? No village in particular.
I come around these parts sometimes. You can wipe off your rouge, but you can’t disguise your trade
as a working girl. – Good evening.
– You’ve come! Sorry I haven’t been in touch recently. How’s father’s sickness? He’s still bed-ridden as usual. Poor thing. You’re only my daughter-in-law,
yet you take such good care of us. Oh, it’s a pleasure. Come on in. You’re always in such good health,
you’re very lucky. Tell me, is Shuichi getting along
all right in Tokyo? It’s good for him that he works in Tokyo
rather than hanging around here. I hear that the toy factory
pays him quite well. You mean, he isn’t here? Didn’t he go to see you, then? When was that? It must be almost a month now. He said he had something
to discuss with you in Tokyo. He sent us a postcard
only the other day, as well. I wonder why he hasn’t seen you. – Do you still have the postcard?
– Yes. It should be over there,
in his desk drawer. Hello? Eh? You’re the owner of the factory? Hello… I am Shuichi Kadowaki’s mother. He’s an employee at your factory. I hear that you’re treating him very well,
sir, thank you very much. Well, he’s such an inexperienced kid. A mere country lad… Thank you so much, sir. Yes. Thank you, sir. Do come again, sir. Government offices are
always busy after New Year. I can’t believe that. I think you’re just being hen-pecked. Don’t joke about that.
I lost my wife and child in an air-raid. I’m a widower. It’s a sad life being a widower. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. I’ll be sure to give you
the special “wife service” next time! – I’ll hold you to that!
– Drop by again soon. What are you doing? You fool! Why can’t you understand? Can’t you see the misery I go through
having to sell my body? You ought to understand by now! I’m no good. I’m not good enough to accept
the sacrifices you make. So why do we keep struggling along? Listen to me,
we haven’t stolen anything, we’ve committed no crime. But we couldn’t survive
if I didn’t sell my body. How can we call Japan
a civilised country when I cannot buy
even the baby’s milk? I’ll live to see how the country fares. And I will live to witness,
with my very own eyes, the eventual downfall of prostitution! With my own eyes, I’ll see it! Oh, this whole thing’s
really starting to vex me! All you hear is the Diet and the press
constantly denouncing us. No customers are dropping by,
and no girls want to risk working. How can we afford to work
to an 11:00pm curfew? You girls have got to sell
yourselves more! Yasumi, you’re the top earner. Not much to choose between the others. Yumeko, why don’t you work harder
if you’ve a son to support? Nothing for you, Mickey. You’re in even more debt. Another sub, please! – Hello. When did you get here?
– Sorry I’m so late. – Anything wrong?
– No, nothing. Here, five days’ pay for you,
which comes to 1200 yen. But you still can’t pay back
the installments, can you? Listen, do something about
your scruffy appearance, too. You’re supposed to be for sale. I shall, madam. Mickey! You owe me 1500 yen, remember? I’m flat broke. – I’ll take this ring, then.
– You will, will you? It only cost me 1000 yen.
Oh, well, I’ve made 500 yen! Bitch! And for your trip to the country,
you owe me 2000 yen. Look, I’m sorry,
but can you wait for the rest? I’ve only got 200 yen left. Please. I’m fed up of hearing your excuses. Before you have to ask,
here’s what I owe you for medicine. Thank you. Any time. And your interest… 50 yen, right? – Where is he?
– Welcome. Master, it’s Mr Nomura
from the union for you! I refuse to talk to any more
politicians and reporters… I’m here to tell you
the quilt-maker has left town. – The quilt-maker?
– Yes. And he’s in debt to many people. – Does he owe you?
– I lent him 30,000 yen for new stock. Little cheating bastard! It’s happening all over the place! Welcome! Oh! – Good day.
– Good day. Who was that? Her? She’s in the typing pool
at the office. She looks after me. She’s dressed pretty smartly. Her father owns a restaurant. What’s her name? Why do you need to know her name? Miss…? Miss Yasuhara. I’ll go and say hello to her. So you’re Miss Yasuhara… I am Mr Kaneda’s wife. I wanted to thank you for all the kind
assistance you give to my husband. Not at all. I’m indebted to Mr Kaneda
for his generosity. Welcome! I hope he’s always
well-mannered towards you. Of course. Please excuse me. Mr Aoki… Here’s the 150,000 yen I promised you. Oh! You’ve made me so happy! I won’t forget this. You don’t know
how much you’ve helped me out. I am so lucky
to have a man like you in my life. Listen, when can you quit Dreamland?
You can come round to mine tonight. Well, you see, it’s difficult to explain. What is it? Not more debts, I hope. I only got out of hospital two days ago. I’d been brought in
with kidney trouble. – In hospital?
– Yes. And now you have more debts? Sorry. Yasumi, 150,000 yen is a lot of money
for a man on my wage. I have no more to give you. I only started back at Dreamland today,
so come tonight. You’re angry with me. All right, from now on
I won’t trouble you ever again. I couldn’t possibly ask you
for any more. How much do you need? 100,000 yen. 100,000, eh? – Good evening.
– Welcome. Powdered baby milk, please. – This vitamin-enriched one is 270 yen.
– That should cover it. I always have to buy the stock in
with cash, though… – Welcome.
– Thanks. I’d like some of your cold cream. – This one?
– Yeah. And this… I’ll take this as well. Put it on my tab. Let me see, Mickey… – Look, you still owe me 1600 yen.
– I know! Come over and see me after
closing time. I’ll do you for special. Hey… Is that you, Yorie? What happened to you? Quickly, come inside. Welcome. You look so thin. It’s been awful. It didn’t work out
with your new husband? You’re back so soon? That was quick. It was just a wild dream. I only realised afterwards. He didn’t want me,
he just wanted someone to help him. He couldn’t afford to hire anyone
but I was free. I ended up working till midnight
every night. I was exhausted with all the cooking
and cleaning as well. – He treated me like a slave.
– But you married him. You have to expect a little hard work. You should’ve realised that beforehand! I know, I was such a fool! But he was so poor. No matter how much he worked,
he couldn’t even afford a kimono. Then I started thinking
about returning here where at least
I could earn my own money. Once you get into the habit,
it’s very difficult to turn down. Please forgive me. At first I tried to get a decent job. I really tried hard, but I couldn’t
get anything that would pay. Nothing over 5000 yen, right? I even went down
to the Employment Offices, but they said
there was no legal business in which a woman
could earn 15,000 yen. That’s true! All I can do is to have a word
with the madam for you. Yasumi, here’s this month’s interest
that theyakitorirestaurant owes you. It was like getting blood out of a stone. Really? Thank you.
There’s your tip. That’s a lot of money. Don’t touch it. That’s not a very safe place. Listen, it’d be better in here. It’ll be fine in here until you go
to the bank tomorrow morning. Good idea. Is all this money yours? I’ve struggled with poverty all my life… Listen, do you know they call you
“Miss Moneybags” around here? They can say what they want. It’s amazing that a girl your age
can be so organised like this. There’s nothing amazing about it. The reason I came here was to make bail for my father who
got mixed up in a corruption scandal. I had to make the 200,000-yen bail. My life was ruined for just 200,000 yen! Just for money! I hate poverty! Mickey! Mickey! What?
I’ll have something to eat later. It’s not food. Eiko’s brought a client along for you. Is it busy already today? Two idiot clients
before I even have lunch? Hey, grey-haired romancer… Papa? Have you come for me? You’re such a disrespectful daughter! Rumours about you
have been spreading like wildfire. Everyone at home knows
you’re here in the Yoshiwara. Pack your things at once. You don’t want to? Your mother was worried sick about you. Is mother still mad at me? She’s dead. What? What did you say? Your mother died last spring. You drove her to an early grave. She’s dead? – And that’s her father?
– Yeah. Add up all her debts
and stick 10% on top. It’s not like I’ve done anything wrong. Mickey isn’t a juvenile, and I didn’t kidnap her! Father or no father, he can’t just turn up
suddenly and snatch a girl back! He doesn’t settle the matter
simply by paying off her debts. 70,200 yen in all. Hey, Tasuko… Listen, Michiko… I came for you because
your sister Takako is getting married. One of my customers is
a good match for your sister. He might overlook the fact
that you’re a delinquent, but if he hears
you’re in the Yoshiwara then the marriage would be off. Your elder brother graduated
from college with honours, yet he can’t get a government post
because of you! Really? So that means
I’ve got to come home? Exactly. We’re an old, established family in Kobe. My trading company’s doing really well. But people have started talking. If you were to come home,
everything would be all right again. Also, I got remarried recently… What? You got remarried? And less than a year after mother’s death? Who is she, then?
Not that geisha from Kyoto? Is it that slut from Osaka? Any mistress would do you! Something you wouldn’t understand is that the wife is the axis
of the household. The public just won’t trust
a family-run business with no wife. Axis of the household, you say? Your business won’t prosper
without a wife? So why didn’t you treat mother better? She was always in tears over you
and your hedonistic lifestyle. Why didn’t you change your ways
while she was alive? Remember how I begged you, in tears? Why are you putting on
such airs of respectability now? You know what?
I’m only following your example. I’ve been having a good time
just like you, Papa. You have no right to stop me
from doing anything. I don’t give a damn
if Takako remains a spinster. You’re the one to blame! Now it’s your turn to suffer, Papa. You can suffer and cry out
all you want. Then maybe you’ll understand
how mother felt. And you can stop
this pathetic father-figure act. And don’t try telling me you’ve never
visited the Yoshiwara before, Papa. Don’t look at me like that! Do you fancy trying it again? Only 1500 yen for you! It’d be the last word in debauchery. You won’t forget it
for the rest of your life! Come on! What do you think you’re doing? Not up for it? In that case, you can get out!
Get out! I’m staying here! If you force me,
then I’ll go and join mother! Sir,just one thing… Bastard! What a melodrama! I’m going to have a bath
and watch a Marilyn Monroe film! Yes? This is Dreamland. One moment please. Yumeko, it’s for you. – For me?
– Some young man. Chance would be a fine thing! Hello? This is Yumeko… Sorry, but I’m booked up this evening… Shuichi? Is that you, Shuichi? Why do you keep phoning me here?
What do you want? I can’t stand it any more.
Stop calling me. Don’t be like that. Why didn’t you tell me
that you were coming to Tokyo? You idiot. Listen, Shuichi, I’d really like to meet up.
Where are you? There’s something
I need to discuss with you. Where are you? I can’t discuss it over the phone. Please can we meet? Stop going on!
All right, all right, I’ll see you. I’ll wait for you outside the factory
tomorrow afternoon, around 3:00. Listen, just now I got a call from my son.
He wants to see me tomorrow. He probably wants me
to move in with him. Isn’t it wonderful having a son? You’re so lucky. Mama! Mama, over here! What are you doing? Oh, Shuichi! I’m so glad to see you, so glad. I’ve been really worried about you,
I just wanted to see you again. You’ve no idea how worried I was
not to see you at Grandpa’s. It’s great to see
that you’ve found work. I have to work or I’d starve! Well, of course you have to. My, how you’ve grown. It feels a bit strange
walking alongside you like this. Is work interesting? How much are you earning a month? The pay is low when you start. But that’s fine with me.
I’ll make my own living. I’m studying at night school
to be an electrician. Really? Is that true? You want to become an electrician? An electrician, eh? That’s wonderful. You’ll be able to live with me, then,
won’t you? Business isn’t going too well for me. The future looks bleak. And I’m getting on. I’ll get into trouble
if you keep phoning the factory. Why? Surely you’re allowed
a phone call from your mother? They’re ever so polite to me
on the phone. Everyone at home knows
what you do for a living! I was too ashamed to stay there,
that’s why I left. What are you on about now? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You know what you are? How dare you speak
to your mother like that! I have to do what I do at my age,
because I wanted to raise you! – Don’t you criticise me!
– Isn’t it your duty to raise me? What? Listen, Shuichi, I won’t be allowed
to work much longer. There’ll be laws to stop me working. What will become of me then?
You’re the only one I can turn to. I’ve been waiting a long time
to be able to live together. Listen, I’m begging you,
don’t be angry with me. This is the last time you’ll ever see me. I never want to see you again. I’m no longer your child! Shuichi! How can you be
so cruel to your mother? I hate you! – Shuichi!
– Dirty whore! Hey, you! Come in for some fun! – Sorry to keep you waiting.
– Oh, it’s here! Come on, it’s my treat. Really? Thank you. Yumeko, Mickey’s treating us.
Come and eat. Thank you so much. I think Yumeko’s gone a bit strange
since her son disowned her. What a terrible son. They’re all so selfish. They only acknowledge their parents
when it’s convenient for them. Untrustworthy fools, the lot of them. Hey, go ahead and eat that,
it’s for you. Go on, it’s for you. Go on, eat it. Thank you. Tastes good! Best food I’ve ever had! – Funny girl!
– Where are you from? I’m from Kyushu. Iizuka City. Eh, Kyushu? What are you doing
in a place like this? My dad had a terrible accident
down a coal mine and now can’t work. You poor thing. She’ll fall into
the clutches of clients soon enough. Wasn’t it the same for all of us?
I was sold as a teenager for 2000 yen. Hey, Yorie! Oh! – Good evening, gents!
– Where’s Yumeko? She’s over there. Yumeko? Yumeko, I’ve missed you. What’s wrong?
Had the hysterics again? I’ll cheer you up, come on. I’ve been bored to death,
stuck in the mountains lately. I need the full service tonight.
Your master’s back! Don’t look so down.
I’ve plenty of money… Iam the wife of Mr Osamu Kadowaki.
Yes, I am…I am a maiden of sixteen years
born in Manchuria
Next March as the spring snow
begins to thaw
And the flowers burst into bloom…Welcoming the spring…Yumeko?
Master! Master! Master! Madam! Yumeko! Yumeko!He’ll be waiting for me there…Shuichi… Shuichi. – Come here, it’s dangerous.
– Yumeko! Yumeko! She’s completely gone. Call the doctor, quickly!
And get Officer Miyazaki.They’ll welcome me with
crashing gongs and beating drums…
When I arrive in my carriage
festooned with flowers…
– What’s all that about?
– It’s nothing. Really? – Yasumi, did you pay off your debts?
– Yes. All of them. That’s good. Let’s pack and go on honeymoon then. That’s a bit sudden. Look, I’ve already bought
the tickets to Beppu. Tomorrow, we’ll be relaxing
in the sand baths. – Mr Aoki…
– What is it? I would never make a good wife for you. Why not? I’m a woman who has sold her body. You’d regret it later, I know you would. Don’t be so silly,
I’m not that kind of guy. I won’t do it, I won’t go. Yasumi, have you deceived me
all along? I scraped together 300,000 yen
to buy somewhere to live with you. Listen, honey, I asked you for money
to help me get out of this business. You can’t give money to girls like me
and grumble about it afterwards. So, you never had any intention
of marrying me? – You deceitful bitch!
– If you want to hit me, then hit me. You’re a businessman, right? Well, I sell my body
just like you sell your wares. It’s just a business transaction, isn’t it? So stop whinging
over a little lost money. All that money I gave you
was from my business! I wanted to marry you so much
that I embezzled it all! And I chose Beppu far away
so I could escape the authorities. Please, run away with me! Please! I wouldn’t have accepted the money
if I’d known that. What? Give it back! That 300,000 yen
is worth more than my life! That money’s important to me, too. If you really loved me,
you’d let me keep it. At least give me my money!
I can’t lose both you and the money! Stop it!
I can’t bear weak men like you! And don’t visit me again. Madam, help! Master! Master! Help me! He’s killed her. Yasumi! Quick, get a doctor! Hold on, Yasumi. Yasumi! Yasumi! Just popping out. Come and see me sometime. Goodbye. A murderer and a lunatic in one night?
It’s enough to drive you mad. Let’s call it a night.The Anti-Prostitution Bill
has been defeated once again.
Review of the controversial bill
came to its final phase…
And she’s registered in… Thank you for your help. – Shimane Prefecture?
– Yes. Thank you, doctor. Sorry for the trouble, doctor.
How is she? Let her rest tonight.
She’ll be back at work tomorrow. – Really? Thank you.
– Thank you so much. – Hey, has Yumeko gone?
– Yes, finally. Yumeko will have her very own
concrete apartment now, won’t she? – Right, we’ll get after this guy.
– Thank you, officer. – Otane, I’m going up to bed.
– Very well.Thus the Anti-Prostitution Bill
has been killed off
much to the consternation
of its proponents
who see it as nothing less than
a betrayal of Japanese women…
See? It’s failed again. – The public would never have it.
– Course not.This issue will have far-reaching
political ramifications
and any further developments
on the bill will be closely scrutinised.
– Tasuko, crack open a bottle.
– All right. – And get some sushi for the girls.
– Let’s celebrate. – Bring some sake!
– See, girls? Didn’t I tell you? Hanae, now you can look
after your sick husband and your baby. Yorie doesn’t have
to work as a labourer. And Mickey, you can have
whatever spending money you need. We make up for the inadequate policies
of this government! We’re more like social workers! The politicians are all talk. They have
no idea of the hardships you endure. We are the only ones
who look out for you! Understand? Right, from tomorrow you’ll have
to get cracking, girls. All right? – Yes.
– Yes. – Hanae, there’s someone for you.
– Me? – What about the sushi?
– Oh, yes. Phone for a five-person set, will you? – Have a drink yourself.
– For me? Listen, I told you never
to come here, didn’t I? The landlord has evicted us. And we can’t sleep rough
because the baby will catch cold. Please, I don’t need to hear this. Sorry… We’ll be in the kids’ playground. Listen… I’ll come home with you. I’ll ask the master to lend us
some money for the rent. Really? FURNITURE, FUTONS, BEDDING Oh, hello, master. Welcome. Many thanks for the wonderful flowers
that you sent. – You’ve got plenty of stock.
– Please have a seat. – It’s very impressive.
– Thanks to you. You’re a great success,
you deserve the praise. – I wish the women MPs could see this.
– Not at all. – Mistress…
– Are the kimono packed? Yes, madam. Pack these covers, too. Please, make yourself comfortable. I want something more colourful
to suit a young girl. Well, how about this? It doesn’t appeal to me. She’s got to look really pretty
on her debut. Afternoon, madam. – Thank you so much for the flowers.
– Not at all. – How’s business?
– I’m doing my best, thank you. And thanks for placing
your orders with us. How much are the cushion covers? – Do we get a discount?
– Of course. Let’s call it 7000 yen.
And you can pay later. This is a present for you
on our first day of business. Oh, thank you. – Give them the winter covers, too.
– Thank you, madam. – See to that.
– Yes, madam. – Thank you for the business, madam.
– Good luck. Thank you. Here. Mickey. Excuse me! I hope you will patronise
my new business, ladies. We can also arrange loans,
should you require the service. How does she do it? She ruins that guy that owns the quilt shop
and then buys his business. And Aoki, as well. Well, she won’t sleep well at night
having deceived so many men. Deceive or be deceived. The only way to quit this life
is to do what Yasumi has done. She’s smart. – Thank you.
– That’s Yumeko’s futon. It’s cursed, that’s why
they’re getting it recovered. – I wonder how Yumeko is doing.
– Having sweet dreams, I hope. Young girls look so attractive
in make-up, don’t you agree? The prettier the clothes,
the more money you’ll make. Listen, Shizuko, you’re no longer a child
so I know that you understand. It’s not me that’s forcing you
into this business. You know, don’t you?
Your mother wants this. She needs you to start
sending money to her as soon as you can. It’s against our wishes, mind you,
but that’s what she wants. We’ll just have to see how you get on. To be honest, we don’t make
a habit of hiring virgins. What a lovely girl. Hungry? Fate can’t be helped, can it? There’s no way out now. Listen, you’ve got to lose
your virginity some time, so you may as well charge
some idiot for the privilege. Copy what I do and look lively! You, sir, in the beard!
Come in and have some fun! Come on in… Idiot! Please… come in…

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