Stray Cat With A Crooked Ankle Wishes People Won’t Throw Stones At Him | Animal in Crisis EP123

Nabi whose front leg is broken A madam approaches to feed him But the cat runs away Dragging his left leg, walks away very uncomfortably.. Even when trying to check the wound, Nabi never lets people around him Runs away in the end.. Nabi disappears in an instant I think it’s a leg fracture It’s stiffened in such condition and the wound on that part has been getting worse It’s been long since the cat lived here But one day he started limping his leg PD : Do you know what happened to his leg? I’m not sure about that. It must have been a month since he got hurt Rescue and treatment are urgent But where has he gone? Wait, I found something here Found his traces in the entrance of a parking lot It leads to the inside of the parking lot The traces stops at a pile of pipes in the parking lot Above the traces.. Found Nabi Upon seeing people the cat hides.. Oh no.. Poor kitty.. Look here.. He needs to be treated as soon as possible.. He releases himself in here This is the cat’s hiding spot Oh no, what’s that? Oh my god.. In between the pipes A terrible wound is seen.. How could he live in such a terrible place like this.. Oh my god, what’s that? What’s found in the corner of the basement is.. a dead kitten It’s only a kitten What happened to them? Dangerous surroundings are not the only cause that put stray cats in danger Cats were watching people outside in there Watching them always But some kids threw stones at them.. People who mistreat lives on the streets Because of those people Stray cats have been suffered from abuse Perhaps he also was wounded because of them.. Rescue is urgent now By the safest method, which is a trap cage proceed the rescue Hope the cat goes into it.. The crew is waiting anxiously Will he come out? The cat’s out! In five hours of hiding, the cat appears Must be starving.. The cat can’t let the guard for a while And The cat slowly goes into the cage We got him Fortunately, without defying the cat is rescued Upon a closer look, the wound is severe than expected Anyway, succeeded in the rescue Hurriedly transferred to the hospital Check his condition His front leg is completely crooked at a 90-degree angle It must have been so hurtful.. The result came out Vet : If he’s a human, all his wrists are broken The bones are gathered together on the fine leg but the bones on the broken leg are all scattered It’s completely broken Vet : Seeing his X-rays, the bones are smashed into pieces that it looks they’re spread Such fracture is caused by a car wheel running right on the leg It must have been so painful Life on the streets is a war every day Even though his bones on the front leg were all broken the cat had to hide in a dark space where he can avoid people and their cruel stereotype Vet : He couldn’t have survived if he wasn’t rescued because if he roamed around with his bones exposed he was highly likely to develop a heavy infection on the bone marrow It’s very lucky for him to survive without getting an infection until now If it was a bit late he wouldn’t have survived The surgery begins right away Vet : If he were a human, the infection had developed up to his arms So up to his arm before shoulder has to be amputated The infection developed up to his arms His arm has to be amputated After hours of worrisome Hope the cat endures throughout the whole surgery process A hour later The surgery is over The surgery went well Now he only has three legs but he will be able to walk well after a week From now Nabi~ all he has to do is recover health A few months later The madam came to visit Nabi Nabi has improved a lot.. It’s fortunate that he’s become healthier than I expected Nabi, recently learns how to walk with three legs Nabi~ and the madam decided to be her new family As much as he had suffered, I’m going to give him lots of love And won’t let him live in despair and raise him so he can be happy by taking him as a new family It won’t take long for Nabi to retrieve happiness Wish he forgets about painful past history and cheer up to start a new life..!


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