Stephen Hawking Had A Final Message For Humanity – And We Need To Heed His Warning Of Impending Doom

Stephen Hawking had a final message for Humanity, and we need to heed his warning of impending doom Stephen Hawking’s death was met with a public outpouring of grief and a tsunami of tributes for this brave and brilliant, man Throughout his adult life Hawking had turned his mind to some of the most intractable scientific problems of the age But in his last months. He also had an ominous warning for the human race Stephen William Hawking was born on January 8 1942 in Oxford England as World War two raged around the planet His parents were Frank and Isobel with his mother hailing from Glasgow Scotland and his father from Yorkshire, England both were graduates of Oxford the University Stephen was to win a scholarship to in 1950 the hockey family moved to historic st. Albans a town that dates to Roman times Filipa and Mary were his two little sisters, and there was also an adopted brother Edward his family was far from run-of-the-mill They took their annual holidays in a gypsy caravan and the family car was an old London taxi cab At school at st. Albans Hawking earned himself the nickname of Einstein although He wasn’t outstandingly successful academically However with the guidance of a teacher talking and friends build a rudimentary computer from various clocks and phone components Surely a sign of things to come for the young Harney and indeed he began to show particular promise in science subjects When it came time for the young Hawking to think about University one of his teachers dick Ron Tata would help them build the computer Encourage talking to consider math as his subject, but Hawking’s father concerned that jobs for mathematicians were few and far between Wanted him to study medicine However, Hawking’s father also wanted him to go to University College at Oxford But since math was not offered there. Honking finally opted to read physics and chemistry So aged just 17 in having won a scholarship Hawking started at Oxford in October of 1975 It’s been said that Hawking found the work ridiculously easy During his first year too at University and was terminally bored However it seems that Hawking now began to get more involved in the life of his venerable seat of learning one major factor in his newfound relish for university was his joining of the University College Boat Club an institution at the centre of Oxford strong tradition of rowing Hawking himself lacked the physical prowess to be a really successful rower instead taking on the role of Cox Apparently as Cox and could at times be hair-raising if not downright dangerous Hawking got a first class honours degree at Oxford But not without a little anxiety on the way He subsequently said that he figured he’d spent about a thousand hours Studying during his course a paltry amount for a top class degree from Oxford, and he did indeed have to undergo an oral examination Because he was on the borderline between a first and second class degree However he got through the oral with flying colors and in 1962 he went on to his postgraduate degree in cosmology at Cambridge University Things were looking good for Hawking he was on the brink of a long and potentially distinguished academic career and In 1963 he met Jane Wilde the woman who was to become his wife then late in 1963 Hawking was hit by a bombshell He’d actually had some prior indications that all was not right with his health towards the end of his time at Oxford He had a series of minor accidents including a fall down some stairs and his speech had become occasionally indistinct Doctors told him that he had motor neuron disease a degenerative condition with no cure the medics thought He probably had two years at most to live Hawking was only 21 when the shattering diagnosis emerged despite everything he and Jane went ahead and married in July of 1965 of course as we now know Hawking’s condition did not kill him within two years in fact He and Jane went on to have three children together with their youngest Timothy born in 1979 but Hawking’s condition did deteriorate and he was confined to a wheelchair as The 1960s rolled by he was gradually losing his ability to write Hawking himself rejected any special treatment because of his disability in their 2002 book Stephen Hawking a life and science Michael White and John Griffin quoted Hawking’s wish to be seen as a scientist first popular science writer second and in all the ways that matter a normal human being with these same desires Drives dreams and ambitions as the next person in The 1970s Hawking also began to lose the power of speech and only family and friends who knew him well could understand him Then about of pneumonia came in 1985 and he needed a tracheotomy This ended his ability to speak altogether It was after this that Hawking began to use a voice synthesizer and his robotic tones became familiar around the world There were even cameo appearances in the Simpsons it experienced Hawking is said to have thoroughly enjoyed But it was as an author of popular science books that Hawking really entered the public arena his academic work on black holes and Relativity is probably beyond the scientific understanding of most of us, and he had an immense talent for describing complicated concepts about cosmology in layman’s terms over a 20-year period Hawking’s 1998 book a brief history of time sold in excess of 10 million copies as Early as 2006 talking had been asking questions about the future of Earth and the human race in An Internet post Hawking wrote in a world. That’s in chaos politically socially and environmentally honking the human race sustained another 100 years Hawking later added I don’t know the answer That’s why I asked the question to get people to think about it and to be aware of the dangers we now face and In july 2017 less than a year before his death Hawking had some stark warnings Speaking at the Science Museum in London. He said our physical resources are being drained at an alarming rate We’ve given our planet the disastrous gift of climate change rising temperatures reduction of the polar icecaps Deforestation and decimation of animal species we can be an ignorant unthinking lot Elaborating on his fears about climate change Hadji said that if we didn’t find a way to cut the levels of greenhouse gasses We were emitting earth would end up similar to Venus there the ambient temperature is 860 degrees Fahrenheit with his trademark dry humor Hawking added next time you meet a climate change denier tell them to take a trip to Venus. I’ll pay the fare Speaking to the BBC again in July of 2017 Hawking seemed pessimistic I fear evolution has inbuilt greed and aggression to the human genome There is no sign of conflict lessening and the development of militarized technology and weapons of mass destruction could make that disastrous Hawking went on to tell the BBC that the best hope for the survival of the human race might be independent colonies in space He pointed out that even if climate change doesn’t prove to be our nemesis an asteroid strike might be this is not science fiction It’s guaranteed by the laws of physics and probability hawking said Since he was without doubt one of the most brilliant minds of his or any generation we would do well You You


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