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Speak the word only! God’s words is words
that you need to learn to speak. Your whole ministry and your whole life and
your whole makeup is formed by words that you speak. When you speak words, if
you speak the words of God, God begins to work for you. If you speak words of doubt
God does not do anything, never will do anything, He won’t even start doing
anything and he’ll let you and the devil have it, and you’ll wind up not being
successful and you’ll wonder why you’re not. Many good Christians that live on
the earth they will never be successful to speak of, of anything. They’ll never accomplish anything
because it’s the way they talk and the way they act. They don’t talk God talk.
They just talk the way they want to talk. They think they have a right to do
anything that want to do and just talk the way they want to talk but you
don’t have that right if you want to receive God’s blessings. Now you do have
her freedom in a right to do anything you want to do and you can talk the way
you want to but you keep you can’t get God working on your side by doing that
if you want to get God working on your side if you want to find favor in the
eyes of God you’ve got to speak God’s words people that’s not Bible readers
they never will amount to anything because they’ll be too ignorant to ever
mount anything say well what do you mean we’ll never mount anything I’m the
president of the bank well I’m not talking about earthly possessions that
don’t mean anything anyway you just have to learn that it’s the contact you have
with God that means something not earthly possessions
however earthly blessings are far you you can speak those into existence also
you’re gonna have to learn how to talk you can’t just go around and send your
own thing and doing your own thing all right now notice the 12th chapter of the
book of Matthew Jesus is talking to us he starts off in the 34th verse by say o
generation of vipers I bet you thought it’s going to be real nice how can you
being evil speak good things far out of the abundance of the heart the mouth
speaketh now let’s stop there let me go over that just a minute or two T
everything that’s in your heart will come out your mouth if I stay around you
for long I can go have lunch with you one day and hold a conversation with you
and I can tell you approximately I couldn’t tell you everything in one day
but I can tell you approximately you know what kind of shape you’re in
because if I stare at you very long your mouth will spit it out see it hasit your
mouth has to spit it out because Jesus said out of the abundance of your heart
your mouth will speak well the heart of a man that’s the real you that’s who you
are and when the Bible speaks to the heart of a man he’s not talking about
the pumping station in your chest that’s not the heart the heart is right down
here on the inside of you where the real you lives where you hear this voice of
me coming out that’s who I am that’s how I think that’s how I talk that
foundation is already built on the inside of me it’s right down here I put
no effort forth through whatsoever I just don’t put my mouth and the words
automatically come out and if you stay around me very long whatever is in there
will come out I don’t never have any sad days I got rid of sad days they’re not
in there sad days are not in there I don’t let them in there I know I’m
having a beaten-down days blue Mondays one day up one day down I never have one
day up one day down don’t you have some days and things just don’t go right no I
don’t you say well I do well la-dee-da
big deal you gotta get the strength of God’s Word on the inside of you and you
stop that junk I tell you God don’t believe in junky days well you don’t
have any God don’t have any Jesus don’t have any and the Holy Ghost don’t have
any he said what do you mean the Holy Ghost don’t have any
he’s inside of me but he don’t have any if you have me don’t pay attention to
you the only reason you haven’t because you haven’t you don’t you don’t still in
your rights that you’ve inherited from God if it hurt it treasures from heaven
from God you know when you get born again by the Spirit of God you become a
child of God that means you ain’t heard hit heaven I mean you get born by the
Spirit of God the kingdom of heaven is within you well I’ll get to heaven
someday and when I get to heaven you know things will be good then there
things are good right now if you make it that way
what do you mean things would be good then things are good now
and faith is right now God likes action okay God don’t like people it’s always
gonna do something you know I go I talk to some of my business friends around
you know that’s not really Christians you know or go to an old church all the
time in that witness to him you know especially people get some money you
know a guy becomes a millionaire you know he thinks he’s got the bull by the
horns yeah but he public you don’t know what to do with the bull he’s fixing to get buddies and don’t
know his well I don’t know for what you doing is good and everything like that
you know you know I’ve always stuff and I get old I’ll do that you know I’m
gonna do something like that you know for that and when I get old I’m gonna do
things like that you know well I’ll see that’s the life of the devil because
you’d never work at old anybody that stupid the devil will kill you before
you ever get old if you’re gonna do anything for God God want you to do it
now when you get sick when you get the god’s word on the inside of your spirit
you don’t have to wait four or five years to do anything do it now people
comes around meeting with the devil I catch them you cast the devil out now
you don’t wait you do it right now you don’t have to wait and think about it
instead of about it and pray for four or five days just do it now God likes doers
of the word and not hearers only the churches are full of hears they don’t
have had many doers but they’re full of here’s God don’t want you to be led by me
anywhere false doctrines God want you to be led by His Word they want you to
understand that the word did you speak that’s what you have to live in everyday
you have to live in your words because your words create swirls for you that’s
where your world is at today what you said yesterday the financial status that
you said in today write down that seat that’s what you said yesterday about
your finances if you say well I didn’t say anything yesterday about my finances
that’s the reason you’re to stand still the shape your body is in health-wise
sitting out there today is exactly what you said yesterday concerning healing
scriptures for your body say well I didn’t I didn’t quote no healing
scriptures yesterday brother Norville that’s the reason you feel bad today
well I didn’t put in last month that’s reason you’re sick I am good in eating
scriptures concerning my body in the last 12 months
that’s me you’ve got four different kind of pills I see he been sick for years
you could have stopped all sickness if you hunt and dig in the Bible and get
out healing scriptures and start pulling them get them on the inside of you first
of all and then let them come out of you and start quoting them and they start
working for you see when you call scripture it works for you and the Holy
Spirit takes the scripture he takes the Word of God that you know and you called
and you say the holy spitting you takes that word and manifests it to you to you
my brother and sister not to somebody else to you scriptures are quote and it
can only teach you and don’t help you a lot they help me that’s reason I’ve got
eleven businesses and all of them successful and I’m never there I’ve been teaching the Bible for years
and years and years and teach the Bible you know for twenty twenty-five nights a
month I teach the Bible teach the Bible teach the Bible he said what are you go
across the country to the Bible for so much well I made a lot of dumb people I
just wanted to get them smart the body of Christ you meet them there beating
down beating into the ground and they’re broke and sick and beaten down and they
don’t have a joyful heart see the joy of the Lord is your strength that’s
something else the joy of the Lord if you ever lose your jaw you get weak some
people haven’t been blessed of God and song they’ve lost all their joy but you
can be blessed of God I get best I’ve got all the time in fact
if you don’t know the truth about it I feel one coming on right now and I said
that the way that God thank you Jesus blessed be God forever I’m gonna take a
run in Fitness anytime Lori – God thank you Jesus you need to get blessed of the Lord
those that don’t even seek God they shall find those that hunger but see I’m
hungry the reason that gets fed from heaven because I’m hungry for heaven you
have to be hungry I’m thirsty my brother and sister I’m thirsty those that hunger
and thirst after righteousness they shall be filled I stay hungry I stay
thirsty all the time I so he’s not getting best all the time because I stay
hungry and thirsty the gospel don’t ever get to the point at the gospel the
gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is some all a hard countless thing to you that’s
not the way it is the gospel is full of power there’s full of love and full of
tenderness it’s full of every good thing that you could ever possibly want our
need or have to have or ever even want your desires the gospel of the Lord
Jesus Christ is full of it full of power and full of love glory be
to God thank you Jesus you create your own world by the words that you speak
learn how to talk God talk and God will start working for you and he’ll do many
things for you and he does everything for you that you say or do let’s listen
you can have what you say maybe you don’t know that you can have what you
say maybe you don’t know that that you can have what you say but you
ought to know it because that’s what you’ve got anyway it’s what you’ve got
and how what you say you’ve got today what you’ve been saying
in the past that’s what you’ve got I tell you God locks for people to speak
words it just it pleases him so much when you call his word God says when you
pray remind me of the scripture you’re standing on some people praised I just
think well I’ll just pray and do this and do that you know God meant sometimes
people pray and doubt and pray and God don’t hear it here doubtful prayers God
don’t answer nervous prayers God hears and answers prayers that’s full of faith
and full of his word and full of love and full of patience that keep me
wavered God don’t you to be wavered and pushed around by every wind and doctrine
or your friends and their version of God you don’t have to go to this church in
that church in this church in that church and find out what they think
about God starting Matthew read Matthew Mark Luke and John find out what they
think about him find out what Jesus said all right 35th first a good man out of
the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things and an evil man out of
the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things jesus said but I say unto you
that every idle word that men shall speak they shall give an account thereof
and the day of judgment far jesus said now he’s talking to you you believe
Jesus don’t you if you don’t you might as well go home far by thy words thou
shalt be justified and by thy words thou shalt be condemned by thy words not
somebody else’s words by our words now turn please please over with me to
the eighth chapter of the book of Matthew now you might say well I sure we
said I wish you wish my face would please God so I could get whatever I
need oh there’s the way you can please God I can tell you that in his way your
faith can please God let’s start with the first verse now when he was come
down from the mountain great multitudes followed him and behold there came a
leper and worshipped him now yesterday morning I pointed out to him you
do two things and your life to ever please God
stay tender before the Lord be successful be strong and God not weak
you have to get rid of all your church entity and false doctrines yourself you
know you will not learn more about God what you know now get around somebody
that knows God better than you do and hang around them buy their lunch carry
their luggage I don’t care what you have to do I don’t care what you have to do
hang around them and don’t say anything keep your mouth shut and watch watch
ever move don’t miss a word watch every move and if you will you’ll learn
something it takes time you can’t learn something
real quick this takes time for that kind of a spirit to get in you you know but
if you want to find favor with God you got to do what this more here did and
the second verse I’m gonna have to come to a place that your worship gods like
this and you’ll say the right words he’s a good businessman to me and gives me
information because I say he is now if you don’t think that Jesus is a good
businessman you’ll just have to go ahead and do things on your own and you’ll be
successful probably some things and some things you won’t because you’re too dumb
to be successful in everything I was I was still a moan too dumb to be
successful in everything but I’m tell you right now when the Spirit of God
comes upon you and shows you what to do you talk about you talk about being
successful I was right not the country one time the Spirit of God fell on me
and showed me what to do in the business and made me a quarter of a million
dollars I made it too sure it was not you said what you’ve been doing well
I’ve been on the trip for the Lord I’ve been making a radio broadcast for people
you know and passing out tracts from the beach and working with young people and
stuff and on the way back home spear to God telephony now what on that trip
because the Lord wanted me to go in that trip see if you’ll bake you have to obey
God first my brother and sister obey God first notice the second verse right here
and behold there came a leper and worshipped him saying lord if that will
thou canst make me clean notice he worshiped God first of all
which most Christians don’t I can show you and I can show you in the New
Testament that in several different scriptures where people got healed from
God they come and bow down before him if you pick those now listen to me pastors
all of you based all you ministers visiting if you have picked those
scriptures out I’ve already tried it several times it works every time if
you’ll pick those scriptures out of the New Testament where people come and bow
down before it to be healed and Pizan that are preached on that from your
pulpit invite the people then to come down and bow down before God to be
healed then they won’t how to get on their knees until it heal them all over
everywhere you won’t have to touch it one of them now if you preach on the
laying on of hands of course laying on of hands is a doctrine of the church now
that works all the time leg out of hands in Jesus name to be healed but there’s
so many different ways I mean say your faith I’ve got it tapes to cellular
faith I’ve had people that stick like that just to come up front start saying
their faith saying their faith and save me and then just stand there for a few
hundred times and say you’re healed in Jesus name and I mean he’s gonna be
standing there right now front of the pulpit and saying Jesus name I’m healed
and in a few minutes after they said a few dozen times the Spirit of God starts
working with them and falling on them and that it’s not them in the floor and
they’ll just stand there themselves and get healed by their own confession that
they you need instead of the Bible people the Bible is just full of good
treasures from heaven and this it’s very simple and you can do it
easy anybody in this building right now that wants to be healed you could come
to this you could come to the altar you can just stand and said in Jesus name I
accept my healing in Jesus name I am healed
and keep standing here and say in Jesus name I am healed in Jesus name I am
healed and you know what happened to you the healing power of God would follow
you that’s what she called faith in God’s Word now the Lord found favor in
him and notice the third verse and Jesus put forth his hand and touched him
saying I will be thou clean and immediately his leprosy was cleansed and
jesus said unto Him see thou tell no man but go thy way and show thyself to the
priest and offer the gift that Moses commanded for a testimony unto them now
you want to find favor with God watch your word to speak to rotten words and
you’ll find favor with God your faith can find favor with God notice the fifth
verse and when Jesus was entered into Capernaum there came unto him a
Centurion beseeching him and say Lord my servant lieth at home sick of the palsy
grievously tormented and jesus saith unto him just because he came and told
him about it I will come and heal him when you obey scripture the whole
dispersed after work or not then whether you feel about dinner don’t feel about
them don’t judge God my feelings when you obey scripture I said the Holy
Spirit starts working right then if I can talk you into speaking words of
faith for your finances the Holy Spirit will start today making you successful
if I can talk to you in today to start speaking words of faith for health in
your body the Holy Spirit will start today restoring every member of your
body to perfect health and sometimes it take him a while to do it because he
manifests himself and works according to your confession according to your words
he does it all the time and he does it for everybody not only one person he
just does it for everybody when you stop confessing instead in God’s Word the
Holy Spirit stops then you’ll have to get your healing through some man’s the
dawning of God on some man’s hands and you get it that way which if you get it
that way you listen to many pastors if you get it that way it don’t use their
life long you see
unless you start building your own faith and doing your own confession then doing
your own believing and turning your life over to God yourself and start to
worshipping yourself you overcome that the blood of the Lamb and by the word of
your testimony you can’t let some I lay hands on you under no knee and get
healed and go out and do your own thing and don’t win no souls for God you don’t
give you money to God you don’t wash up God and you don’t bring it about in the
sinners to church and you just do your own thing
because it sure as you live your life that way I’m warning you and telling you
even though you may be a decent church member but you’re a lazy church member
you’re a stingy church member and you don’t wash up God any and you don’t save
God’s words out of your mouth that same affliction will come back upon you and
it’ll hang on to you and it’ll hang on to you it’ll hang on to you and if it’s
a deadly disease it’ll kill you that will cost you your life and it’ll
come back every time just get that straight it’ll come back every time like
this one woman said she said you know I went to Kathryn Kuhlman service I used
to work with Kathryn I knew Katherine some industry I guess as well as anybody
knew it well you should work with Kathryn Kuhlman had a good minister for
me she had more of God’s power not to be honest with you she had more of God’s
power in her services I’m talking about God’s power now in manifestation than
any five ministries I’ve ever seen and her a Methodist girl just as simple and
can’t even speak she couldn’t even teach the Bible you know what she didn’t know
her faith was she’d say from the pulpit she’s you know I don’t think I even know
what faith is and I used to say oh my god I wish you’d stop saying that the
devil is gonna kill her any day she’d actually say with her mouth she’d
say I don’t think I even know how faith is because some cripples get healed and
some don’t and says I don’t know what faith is I don’t think I’m just not sure
I even know what it is but God had given her called her and an auditor she paid
the price back when she’s a young girl sleeping chicken coops and stuff to
preach the gospel and a woman preacher wasn’t very popular at all she paid the
price made some mistakes in her life but don’t worry about your mistakes always
remember when you make mistakes Jesus gives forgives mistakes shocks a lot of
people that Kathryn Kuhlman could make some mistakes in her life
well she’s just like you you know living in a body just like yours and then the
Lord come along and forgive her all of her mistakes and then an order stronger
than she’d ever been that’s that’s enough to shake Pentecostals Minds up
she had more of God’s power in her life at 85 ministers or evangelists or
profits or apostles that I have ever seen in my lifetime now I just woke up
inside numbers I mean men that crippled just lies about other we were just walk
off just flat walk off I mean the cripple twisted arm to just stretch out
I mean like two or three hundred of them and one service but that always beat
with free her to go home it wouldn’t get it but in one service they’d be – three
– three or four hundred go home that would get it but there’d be to see her
to go home that didn’t get it why didn’t they get it I don’t know people I’m not
God but she had a strong manifestation of God’s power of the gifts of healing
and the gifts of word of knowledge she had two gifts from God her whole
minister was based on two gifts on two gifts of the Holy Spirit listen the 12th
chapter of first Corinthians those nine gifts the spirit she had to of
manifested supernaturally the gifts of healings and the gift of the word of
knowledge from heaven – sure things not an audience and her whole Minister was
based on that but I’m telling you right now brother she had a sweet spirit a
sweet special spirit she gave me a special pass I could go on
her services with 5,000 people standing outside trying again and I go to the
stage door and she’d get me a seat anytime I wanted
she just had a sweet spirit about her would she got the noir if he really got
the noir she had a sweet spirit about it but it was a lonely life for Sears a
lonely life when you have that kind of power when
you have that kind of a holy power in your life it becomes a lonely life to
you I mean you’re not lonely with the Lord but the natural part of you cries
out for natural affection and stuff but you can’t have it though
once you get that far you can’t yeah she does have to stay alone with God my
brother and sister you have to tell one with God you keep you know let yourself
get involved you know and with people when I’m going to speak like I am today
I don’t even like to go out I don’t even like to eat a meal I don’t even like to
go out shopping or even come in contact with people and Carolyn conversations
and stuff so I just stayed the motel room this morning
praise God worship God and get up lay back down and worship the Lord and
praise Him and praise Him and praise Him and praise you let’s just nothing like I
can speak for five hours right now I won’t but I feel like I could but you
please got all the time but the words you say and the most important word
you’ll ever say to your mouth Christians get this straight is when you begin to
worship Him I’ve already worshiped God today one of Washington’s Oh before I go
to bed and I want to worship God today what’s it been praising from your mouth
praising from your mouth when I was growing up as a kid nobody ever taught
you to worship God they called it watch the power in church
but nobody ever taught you to worship God I didn’t know anything about how
much you had to Newton words please God and all that kind of stuff I didn’t know
anything about it at all jesus said the seventh person to him I will come and
heal him I will come and heal him now then let me teach you something the Holy
Spirit will always do that if you give chapter and verse for what you’re doing
get this straight pastors and evangelists once and for all in your
mind the Holy Spirit will always confirm the
word with signs following always and forever he’ll do if very much
it’s not happening your church then you’re not giving very much word out
you’re giving sermons out three points and the clothes well it’s alright to
give a sermon out it’s hard to give three points in the clothes sometimes he
does the Bible in any Church I don’t care what church it is he does it in any
Church yes he does is I will come and heal him
notice the eighth verse the citerior answered and said lord I am not worthy
that thou should have come under my roof but peak the world only now if you all
study that right and take this as advice for when it works for if you’ll start
quoting the Bible and climb it rightfully yours because it you smoke it
it starts working for you I’m an even work for you total it’ll work for you
speak the word only and my servant shall be healed
for I’m a man under Authority having soldiers under me and I said that this
men go and he goeth and to another come and he cometh and to my servant do this
and he doeth it when Jesus heard it he marvelled and said to them that followed verily I say unto you I have not found
so great faith no not in Israel now let me ask you a question
congregation of closing this session can’t you do that see you can do that
finds you first of scripture that covers your case and quoted and said this is
the way it is and don’t never wave her away from that and God would perform
that for you I promise you you will he’ll do it every time every time I
don’t care if your child’s got crooked limbs like this if you’ll stand boldly
on it the Lord will come and make all the limbs straight I did that for my
daughter when she had those growths and knots all over her body I did that I did
it for 40 days and he came and overshadowed my daughter’s body when I
knew NAT the house in her bedroom was a 16 year old high school girl had the
ugliest hands you ever seen on a girl and the Lord moved over her walked them
all off and the spaces in her hands and knots and warts and gross and ugly gross
moved him all of them off of her and put in her skin upon her all of a sudden and he did that too speaking words
because I said he’d do it I claimed he’d do it
and he did it and he’ll do it at your house to any youth pastors has sick
children or something wrong with your children I don’t care if they’re twisted
and I’ll keep their crippled I can’t help it if they’re deformed I don’t care
what they are start standing boldly boldly upon God’s
Word bowling and speaking the word of success speaking the word of success
stand over your child say I say with my mouth that your power will come and make
my son normal I say with my mouth that your power will come and make my
daughter normal just like Norvel Hayes did that’s not saying your mighty power
will come and remove all the ghosts from my daughter’s body and put the skin upon
her in Jesus name your mighty power will come I said it will come in Jesus name
the price has already been paid and I accepted the manifestation will come in
Jesus name I receive it it will come your mighty power will come and
overshadow my daughter’s body and make her normal and 40 days of doing that
forty days now forty days and forty nights I did that thousands of times I
said that and things along that line and just wish he came and did it about 5:30
this afternoon in her room she came running up the hallway and screaming
with new hands new arms new skin new legs shining like a baby’s skin all over
her just glittering and shining with the lawyer to move those rough knots off of
her and putting her skin upon her if you if I can talk you into doing that
speaking the word only to God speaking the word only up success using
scriptures for your talking using the scriptures for your speaking it won’t be
very long I can’t tell you when it might happen today it might be 40 days like I
did with me it’s about 40 days 40 days and 40 nights not me 80 days they did
not with you but it might be two days and two nights two but if you’ll do it I can tell you this
it won’t be probably will be very long until Jesus will walk into the throne of
God with the father’s head and say but it keeps on coming he keeps on speaking
he keeps on and on he keeps on speaking of that deformed child he keeps home and
he keeps on it keeps mulling up into the throne of God he keeps on quoting
scripture he keeps standing on his wrath he keeps
mulling up father give it to him he keeps on I just hear God’s in how long
has he been doing it well he’s been doing it three weeks leave him alone a little while longer I always remember this my brother and
sister first of all gods of faith God he’s not some other kind of God and you
better get this straight in your Christian life once and for all your
faith is going to have to please God and you can’t waver wavering never pleases
God your faith in what God’s promised you is going to have to please him now
my brother and sister I love you because you’re my brothers and sisters but you
don’t have to please me you don’t have to please your friends you don’t really
have to please your mate it’d be good to please him or her you don’t have to
please your children in every case but I’m telling you with God you’ve got to
please him he has to be pleased and what you’re doing he has to find favor and
what you’re doing and what you’re saying most of all that the law open up his
mouth and said Jesus I’m not when they come to my house just
speak the word and he’ll be healed and Jesus said verily I say unto you I have
not found so great faith no not in Israel everybody is saying I want my
faith to be great in your side and I see it if I say the Bible
is rightfully man and I refuse to waver you’ll find favor in my faith in fact
you say I have great faith and you’ll give it to me whatever I desire look
back at your Bible not verse 11 jesus said and I say unto you that many shall
come from the east and west and shall sit down with Abraham and Isaac and
Jacob in the kingdom of heaven and the children of the kingdom shall be cast
out into outer darkness there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth and jesus
said under the citerior go thy way and his dough has to be leave so be it done
unto thee and his servant was healed in the selfsame hour that means 60 minutes
or less 60 minutes or less 60 minutes or less totally healed Oh God today Oh God

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