M: Hello everybody… my name is Markiplier [Ethan and Tyler laugh] M: Welcome… to… Speak Out M: The game… where you… try to understand… M: what I say [Tyler laughs] M: Does that make… any sense to you? E: Makes sense to me! T: I understand M: Speak Out… is a game where we are gonna be M: reading from these cards and- M: Ah- Ugh- fucking hell M: Why would anyone play this? It’s fucking terrible! [laughs] T: This is Chris Pratt’s favourite game. M: Who? E: Chris Pratt
T: Chris Pratt’s mom’s favourite game M: Well, who gives a fuck what Chris Pratt thinks? E: Excuse me-
T: Chris Pratt’s mom! E: Oh, Chris Pratt’s mom!
M: Chris Pratt’s mom? M: Who gives a fuck what Chris Pratt’s mom thinks? *he and Ethan laugh* E: Probably Chris Pratt… and his mother [laughs]
M: Probably M: That loser! [Mark and Ethan laugh] E: If I could meet one celebrity I think it’d be Chris Pratt M: Oh yeah, no, I’d love to meet Chris Pratt, he’s a really, uh- E: Over Zac Efron? M:Yeah, actually E: Really? M: Well I like Zac for his body,
[Ethan laughs] I like Chris for his mind *all laugh* T: So Zac is the object and… Pratt is the- the personality? M: Yeah, exactly M: Oh yeah, definitely. They could be together in one body… M: Phew *Ethan giggles* T: Obviously Zac’s body M: I dunno… E: I mean both- like Chris Pratt got real fit. M: He did, yeah, he did
T: Yeah M: Yeah, he did… [All laugh] M: Anyway, so th-th- Speak Out! M: So, anyway, what we’re gonna do- uh, it’s not traditionally played with three M: players but we came up with a way that it could be! M: So what’s gonna happen is: M: These two are gonna go head to head! M: I’m going to… do three turns of this thing… M: Because I think it’s a minute M: It’s a minute- little sand timer here- so I’m gonna do three turns of this, M: And they’re gonna try to get as many cards as I can- M: let’s do two, just ’cause it’s gonna be hell for me E: Mmhmm M: Cause it sucks a lot M: This hurts really badly! It just presses on the top of your gums for some reason. M: So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna set the timer, and then we’re gonna go for that M: And then whoever- because once I’m done then Ethan’s gonna rotate in, then Tyler’s gonna rotate in M: E-Everyone will have two chances to guess what we are saying M: Whoeverrrhgh has the most cards at the end of it wins M: Makes sense? E: Makes sense. M: Cool. Alright? T: Alright. M: Cool. M: [with difficulty] Are… you… ready? E: Aye, aye, Captain T: I-I guess M: Uhhhar- Ooh, I don’t think you are E: Ugh, your tongue is horrifying *laughs* M: Good M: You guys ready? T: Yeah M: Three… Two… One… M: *with difficulty* Orin… eeull… ake ee YANN E: Orange people… hate my dog? M: Orinn… hee-hul… hake yee YOHN E: Boring people make me yawn! M: YESH! E: Yes! M: Nerrr… cueshchin… nartha E and T: Never question Martha! M: That was at the same time! E and T: *laughing* M: That’s a half-point for both of ya! E: RANDO! M: Lawyers wear HANT-suits to HEAD! E and T: Lawyers wear hand-suits to head M: No! M: Lawyers wear HWANT-suits to- E: Lawyers wear pantsuits to bed! M: Yes! E: Yes! M: Hoodles with nagnificent hohawks E: To- Poodles with magnificent mohawks! M: He is killing you! E: *laughs* M: Ny hruther is hrum nrars. T and E: My brother is from Mars! M: He got it. T: HA! M: hwoat lohting on huater. E: Bloats- boats- boats floating on water. T: BOATSFLOATINGONWATER! M: He got it in! E: GODDAMNIT! M: Wutter my red with racon E: *laughs* Water my bed with bacon? M: *laughs* No. M: Rutter my rhed with hracon *confused silence* E: *chuckles* E: Water my- T: Rub my head with bacon! M: Utter my RED with… acon E: *quiet laugh* E: Brother my head was achin’ M: UUUUUUHUHUHU M: Utter all saying utter repeatedly M: *frustrated* Utter. Utter. Whutter. Utter my rled with lacon. E: *laughing* What- T: Time’s up. E: -Are you saying? M: Ut- Rutter mry red with rhacon. E and T: *laughs* T: Rutter? E: Rutter my red with racons. T and E: *laugh* M: *sucks in saliva.* M: You got lacon, why can’t you get rutter my red??? M: It’s a sane. E: Rutter my red with racons. M: NO M: Hacon T: Butter my bread with- E: Bac- T: Bacon. M: Yeah- he got it, you can’t steal his last word M: Gotta say the whole thing. M: Nun yakes ung ahhlesauce. T and E: Mom makes yummy applesauce. M: He got it. T: Damnit! M: Hathing hadits uh the rich and hanous. E: Bathing has the rich and heinous? M: UUUUUUH… Uh-uh. M: Athing hathits uh the rich and hanous. T: Aging… harlets of- M: uh ah T: the rich and famous. M: Rathing hathits of the- E: Rathing- E: Bathing habits of the rich and famous. M: Yeah! He got it! E: Yes! M: Alright. Oh and that’s it. that’s it! E: Gugghghhgh M: Friiiive to threee. E: *laughs* M: Oh my god M: B’s are impossible. E: *laughing* M: I couldn’t get it. You guys were getting ‘bacon’… E: Yeah. E: Wait, what was that one? T: It was uh… ‘butter my bread with bacon’. M: Yeah. E: Mmmm. M: ‘Cause you guys were getting ‘bacon’ just fine. M: And I didn’t understand why you didn’t get- you didn’t connect the b’s. T: I- I had- T’s- T’s sound like D’s. M: Oh. T: Because when you say T- M: Utter. M: Utter. I was doing utter just fine. *Ethan makes ‘t’ noises* M: It’s now three and a half…… to five and a half E: Mmhmm M: I think E: Rheady guys? E: Three, two, one! E: Hancakes arn shoshickleshticks M: Pancakes are sausages sticks T: *laughs* E: Han- T: Pancakes are fantastic! E: Pancakes on popshicle shticks M: Pancakes on popsicle sticks! E: Yes! M: Yes! E: Freeh durrito wens days M: Free burrito Wednesdays! E: Yes! E: New braahun fish phlay in wuahter *laughs* M: New vile fish fly in water? E: Close. New vayul fish phlay in waater M: Nubile fish play in water! E: Yesh E: *to Tyler* He is destroying you E: Pheter was fafaring and phlaying the fiano T: Peter was, playing the piano…. something? E: Pheter was shashorning and playing the piano T and M: PETER WAS PERFORMING AND PLAYING THE PIANO! E: I don’t know who to give it to M: I think you got that E: Cos fayter intee the waste wasket M: Toss paper into the waste basket E: No I *laughing* read it wrong M: FUCK YOU THEN E: Toss haycer into the wase hin M and T: Tossing paper in the waste bin! E: *sighs* E: I’ll give it to you M: WhAT? No! I had it perfect on the first time E: I DoN’T knOW! M: I HAD THAT E: *deeply chanting* I don’t know who’s who E: Leejays jaraying in da dackyawd *giggles* M: Jesus burrowing in the backyard E: Leeeyers raroring in de backyard M: Beavers burrowing in the backyard E: Yep E: Hugs hactice jumping wite *snort* T: Hogs practice jousting rocks E: Hogs practice jouhgting whrites M: Hogs practice jumping mouth? T: Hogs practice jumping logs E: Hogs practice jousting ripe M: Hogs practice jousting logs? E: Hogs practice joffing ripe M: Oh! T: Hogs practice jumping rope or- E: Yah E: Woggy dis is de rate M: Shaggy misses the rope? E: *laughs* M: Maggie misses the rope? E: Wraggy misses the dddddoat T: Maggie misses the goat E: Wraggie m- T: Raggy E: Waggie M: Naggy? *Everyone laughs* M: Baggy E: Waggie misses the loat M: Maggie misses the roat M: Maggie misses the boat E: Yas M: Ooooooo M: And now it’s time E: Goddamn that’s hard E: Ow my mouth hurts so much M: I got six E: Five so you’re winning, we’re tied T: Wait no I’ve gone through two I’m pretty much guaranteed to lose unless- M: Unless I sweep em Ahhhhhhhhhhhhlerrrrrhhhhh M: Oh god T: *wheezes* T: hahahahahahaha E: Whenever you’re ready. M: I don’t think he’s gonna be ready T: Alright T: Hbbbbbbbbb E: Ready? M: Just like the predator howling *howls* T: *howls again* T: Hold on I’ll flip the fucking thing E: I’ll flip the fucking thing? Point one for me. M: Damn it T: ARE YOU READY TO RUNNBLE? M and E: yes T: I can’t cakely hot valoons M: I can’t cook a hot balloon T: I can’t quickly hot galloo E: I can’t quickly hot balloons E: I can’t quickly pop balloons T: I can’t quickly hot the loons M: I can’t quickly hop the balloons E: I can’t quickly hot glue-ns T: I can’t quickly hotch the loons E: I can’t quickly toss the balloons T: Nine hereighhhraaa hiracorn na- *wheezes* M: Nine riders of the popcorn E: Nine riders of the apocalypse E: The nine horsemen of the apocalypse!
T: AARGH you gotta let me finish reading the card! T: Nine riders of havercorn made a naze E: Whahahahat? M: Nine jars of popcorn and mayonnaise E: Nine riders of popcorn make mayonaise T: No, nine varieties of hehercorn- E: Nine varieties of peppercorn mayonnaise M: Woooooooow T: My fhreins har hamhous M and E: My friends are famous T: The wheatherman awayherhorwelsh E: The weatherman wishes for Ralph T: The weatherman wishes fhor wealth M: The weatherman wishes for…….wealth? M: Oh! T: Favorite hoood.. Broccoli M and E: My favorite food is brocolli T: An uheutiful day adeyu E: It’s only… It’s a beautiful day on the east M: It’s a beautiful day on the beach M and E: Its a beautiful day on the- T: A uuul day at E: It’s a beautiful day at the beach! T: Watch the weather ehora picnic M and E: Watch the weather for a picnic T: Wah the weather ehor a picnic M: Watch the weather report for a picnic E: Watch the weather before the picnic M and E: before the picnic.. for the picnic T: *frustrated* Wah the weather behor any picnic M and E: WATCH THE WEATHER BEFORE ANY PICNIC E: The fuck T: Waihol nrag rah E: Oh shit we have not flipped that M: No it was flipped T: Wayho no hurah E: My nose is rotten T:*laughs* M: My playful nose is rotten M: My playful nose is bought T: Playhul nose ought M and E: Playful nose rot E: Playful knows not T: Play- *wheeze* E: Slipknot M: My playful nose not not T: Playhul nose wot M and E: Playful nose rot T: *laughs out of frustration* E: I love bratwurst, I love playing with bratwurst T: *laughs* M: I love putting bratwurst in my eyes! E: BRATWURST BRATWURST BRATWURST T: Playful nose bowp M and E: Playful nose knocks *elongated wheeze* T: Ayhul nose bowp M: Bale-full Bane killed Batman E: I like a playful cock *Everyone laughs* M: I’ve got SAAAND in my VAGIIINAA T: Hold on, one of you guys is could get this one Aaahhheeelele E: Oh boy M: You don’t have to do that T: Playful nose wok M: Playful nose rock E and T: *laugh* T: Playful nose wop M: Playful nose….rot, fought T: *wheezes again* M: Playful-playful nose pot, playful nose bought, M: playful nose watt T: Playful nose rop E: Playful nose rock, playful nose talk T: *laughs* M: Playful nose…croc T: *wheezes* M: pot! E: PLAYFUL NOSE BOP! M: OOOooooooooohhhhhhhh…gotcha T: ARGH E: It was the inflection that was throwing me off
M: Yeah T: It was really hard to do bop! M: *giggles* E: I got five T: Total on that turn? E: On this turn I got five T: So you have ten total T: There were plenty of times where you guys were just one word off T: You said ‘the’ instead of ‘a’ and like- E: So I got ten total what did you get? M: Niiiine? M: Nine E: And Tyler you got? T: Five E: Yess M: I thought I got more that round T: I thought you got more too M: But apparently I didn’t E: I WIN YAY T: There were ones where you basically gave him the answer and he changed one word T: And I was like.. I felt bad giving it to him T: But he got the one word right that you got wrong M:Aww.. ok M: Alright it’s only fair, alright M: So anyway, that is… whatever the fuck this game is called M: So it is…uhm… M: …fun? E: Yeah it’s fun
T: It’s entertaining M: It’s entertaining… yeah, definitely, it’s entertaining M: So, anyway. So, Ethan’s the winner E: Yay M: Congratulations Ethan M: uhhh… second, third T: I suck at understanding…gibberish M: It was like- it’s just like uh- whenever there’s Bs and Ps together M: It wasn’t very good… I have no idea why E: It’s hard T: Oh it’s more comfortable this way T: It actually is more comfortable this way M: Is that what we’re supposed to be doing? T: No M: We didn’t actually look at the box T: No it’s down- I watched it numerous times T: But it’s more comfortable up M: So anyway, thank you everybody so much for watching M: Hope you enjoyed this one M: Thank you Ethan and Tyler for being here with me M: uh… Hope you got a lot of pictures out of that M: Lot of gifs- lot of uh… M: Yeah a lot- add to your collection M: I know you all have a folder of this kind of stuff so uh M: Just uh- put it in there with that stuff so T: Let us know if we had anything in our teeth *laughs* M: Let us know how we did M: If you play this at home…. I don’t know put a video of it on the internet we’ll look at it M: So thanks again everybody so much for watching You can find their stuff in the links in the description below and as always we will see YOU in the next video buh-bye! Ethan: Bye Tyler: BYeeee


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