SOTT Earth Changes Summary – January 2020: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Earth Changes Summary – January 2020 Millions urged to flee as huge wildfires continue to rage across Australia – 70% of the country covered in haze – 01-10 Jan The worst flooding in years turns deadly in Jakarta, Indonesia – 53 dead, 170,000 displaced – 01 Jan First snowfall in 40 years in Nagaland, India – 02 Jan Ice builds along the rushing Missouri river in North Dakota – 02 Jan Heavy snowfall shuts down highway in Greece – 03 Jan A spectacular capture of upward lightning over Malta – 04 Jan Tel Aviv after Record rainfall hits central Israel – Two dead in flooded elevator – 04 Jan Intense snow blizzard strikes the western half of Iceland – 04 Jan Day turns to night as violent dust storm batters Cordoba, Argentina – 06 Jan Portuguese Man O’ War wash ashore in unprecedented numbers along the beaches of Trinidad – 06 Jan 5.8 and 6.4 magnitude earthquakes hit Puerto Rico leaving widespread destruction – Worst earthquakes in more than a century – 06 Jan Two different seal species from the Arctic turn up in south-west Ireland – 06 Jan 493 roads closed as fresh snowfall hits Himachal Pradesh, India – 07 Jan Blizzard dumps 16 inches of snow in Mount Parnassus, Greece – 07 Jan Huge blizzard leaves parts of Newfoundland buried under 50 cm of snow – 07 Jan Meteor fireball over Pozan, Poland – 07 Jan Rooftop cameras capture another meteor fireball over Madison, Wisconsin – 07 Jan Storms, floods and heavy snowfall strike across Turkey – 2 dead – 07 Jan Extremely deep snow after a snowstorm in Ozernovskiy, Russia – 08 Jan The Northeast continues to see epic snowstorms across the region before sunny skies – 08 Jan Fireball captured over Hiratsuka Japan – 09 Jan Historic flooding in Israel kills 7 as 50-year rainfall record broken in North, 76 years in South – 09 Jan Rare ‘upside-down waterfall’ forms as vortex send a wave spiraling back up cliff in the Faroe Islands – 10 Jan 3.5 feet of new snow in 2 days in Snoqualmie Pass, Washington – 11 Jan Heavy rain breaks 24-year record in UAE – 11 Jan 14 dead as heavy snowfall and flash floods wreak havoc in Balochistan, Pakistan – 12 Jan At least 17 killed as extreme cold sweeps across Afghanistan – 12 Jan Snowfall hits South Sinai, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon – 12 Jan Up to 50 inches of new snow in 3 days for the Cascades, Oregon – 13 Jan Volcano erupts on Galapagos island, spewing lava into the sea – 13 Jan Taal volcano triggers lightning in giant plumes of smoke with ‘explosive eruption’ – 13 Jan Avalanches and flooding kill over 130 people across Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan – 14 Jan Enormous sinkhole swallows a bus, which then explodes in Xining, China 6 dead, and 16 injured – 14 Jan Rare extreme cold weather hits parts of Canada’s British Columbia – 15 Jan Floods wreak havoc again in Samarinda, Indonesia – Thousands affected – 15 Jan Flash floods strike as temperatures sink below zero in Oman 15 Jan Violent microburst blasts down a wall of a school gym in North Carolina – 15 Jan Avalanche kills one tourist in Lake Tahoe ski resort – 17 Jan Huge blizzard triggers a state of emergency in Newfoundland, Canada – 17 Jan Worst locust swarms in East Africa for 25 years posing an unprecedented threat to food security – 17 Jan Flash flooding hits Gold Coast, Brisbane as storms sweep Queensland, Australia – 18 Jan Two missing and 3,000 in shelters as Cyclone Tino hits Fiji – 18 Jan Numerous crashes on roads as storm blankets the central US with snow and ice – 18 Jan A months’ worth of rain falls in 24 hours causing flash floods and landslides in Brazil – 6 dead – 19 Jan Giant hail, ‘apocalyptic’ dust-storms batter bushfire-weary Australia – 20 Jan Nine killed, one missing after flash flood destroys bridge in Bengkulu, Indonesia – 20 Jan Avalanche buries snowmobiler under 6 feet of snow in Farmington Canyon, Utah – 20 Jan Storm Gloria hits eastern Spain, dumping huge amounts of snow and battering the coast with record-high waves – 20 Jan Record floods and landslides in Madagascar leave 6 dead – 21 Jan Seven hikers missing in an avalanche after heavy snowfall in Nepal – 21 Jan Shallow 6.4 earthquake kills one in China’s Xinjiang región – 21 Jan Rare snowfall blankets southern Jordan – 21 Jan Bright meteor fireball blazes over Cyprus – 21 Jan Blazing blue meteor turns night into day over Israel – 22 Jan Heavy rain triggers floods and landslides in southern Per – 22 Jan Iguanas fall from trees in South Florida as temperatures drop dramatically – 22 Jan 6 new mud volcanoes emerge in a week on Trinidad – 23 Jan Epic snowfall and heavy rains plague southern France – 23 Jan Major 6.8M earthquake strikes eastern Turkey; At least 20 dead, felt in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Israel – 23 Jan Floods and landslides kill at least 58 in Minas Gerais, Brazil, the highest rainfall ever in Belo Horizonte – 40,000 displaced – 25 Jan Freak hailstorm and flash floods strike Malaga, Spain – 24 Jan Huge amounts of sea foam invaded the streets of Girona, Spain – 24 Jan Widespread flooding in Mozambique leaves at least 28 dead and more than 58,000 affected – 24 Jan Bitterly cold wave sweeps over Saudi Arabia’s north – 25 Jan Meteor fireball over Sannine, Lebanon – 25 Jan Record snow on the ground in Kazakhstan – 27 Jan Mount Etna spews lava again after spectacular explosions – 27 Jan Storm dumps heavy snow along highways in Alaska – 18 inches within 24 hours – 27 Jan Strong shallow 7.7 magnitude earthquake hits off Jamaica’s coast – 28 Jan Some 8,000 migratory birds mysteriously perish at a wildlife sanctuary in northern Iran – 28 Jan 6 dead, 3 missing after floods in North Sumatra, Indonesia following a foot of rainfall in 24 hours – 29 Jan Giant sinkhole threatens to swallow 2 mobile homes in Tallahassee, Florida – 29 Jan Heavy snowfall closes 300 roads in Himachal Pradesh, India – 29 Jan Torrential rain kills at least 3 in Rwanda – 29 Jan Waterspout filmed off Delray Beach, Florida – 29 Jan Large meteor fireball explodes over Andalusia, Spain – 30 Jan Spectacular meteor fireball over Southern California – NOT space debris re-entry – 30 Jan Up to 43 inches of snow falls on the Alps in 72 hours – 30 Jan Heavy snowfall dumps 19 feet of snow in Michigan – 31 Jan Unprecedented locust invasion approaches full-blown crisis across Africa and southwest Asia – 31 Jan If you like this video, please share! 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