Smart Duct installation with Habitat for Humanity

and Habitat for Humanity we really built affordable homes and they averaged about 1,200 to 1,300 square feet so you don’t need a hundred thousand BTU furnace really you need something quite smaller 15,000 BTU furnace is perfect for the size of these homes I think that we had two really big factors to using the detsen over a standard furnace I think one of them was just the what we anticipated to be an ease of install I think the installation of the ducts was almost alarmingly easy with the detsen it’s a six inch round is the main trunk so that comes standard at at any supply place so there’s no custom work needed to be done and then all the two and a half inch ducts are simply attached to the main trunk and then can be ran up to 25 feet from that main trunk so the installation is much easier much quicker and is really efficient even financially you don’t have any custom sheetmetal that needs to be done we’re able to really install all the ductwork than just one day and that’s a real real perk both on the time front and it’s a cost savings two for labor be able to fit the duct inside of a 2×4 wall completely eliminates any softening any additional work that needs to be done down the road it’s really just drilling out through a two-by-four and then running the Flex duct anywhere it needs to be another key factor in using the detsen is that it does have a really small footprint inside the house it’s not taking up a lot of space really one person could probably carry it of course it’s safer to have two people carry it but getting all that equipment in the house was really easy and every time it’s lighter weight it just saves time saves labor which ultimately saves some money the return error as well is very small and can fit in a 2×4 wall really quite easily a big perk with the detsen is that we’re able to heat this whole house about 1,200 square feet with just 15,000 BTUs which is a significant savings for the homeowner it’s gonna be really low maintenance and again it’s gonna keep their utility bills probably a lot more manageable month to month overall it’s just an amazing system to work with the ease of installation tremendous working with volunteers to be able to install it it’s really self explanatory it’s just an extremely simple system to work with you you you

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