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Radio: On air as the sun rises tomorrow
morning form seven o’clock here on 107.9FM. Mary: Right. Mary: It’s not raining, good. Mary: Erm, what… shall I? I’ve forgotten… erm… should I? Driver: Listen, just go and sit down,
just go and sit down. Mary: Yeah… right. Mary: Erm. Oh… that way… I don’t… what? four… I don’t know… could you pl… I… Mary: Here’s my list. Should I go..? Because I don’t know quite what… Oh dear… Mary: Chicken cheese. Shop assistant: What? Mary: Chicken cheese? Shop assistant: Sorry. Mary: Chi… oh! I… Mary: I don’t know..! Mary: People with dementia have experiences like this every day.
A little bit of understanding, tolerance and patience can make all the difference.
Driver: Shops? I’ll tell you what, if you go into the seats just there,
when we get there I’ll call you, ok? Bank staff: Are you ok madam? Mary: I can’t get, I can’t get, I can’t get the card… Bank staff: Ok, let me help you. This way. Mary: Thank you. Shop assistant: Can I have a look at that list? Is it chicken and cheese? Mary: Oh! Shop assistant: Let’s go this way. Mary: Thank you Mary: Find out how to become dementia friendly.
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