Skagit Habitat for Humanity – Part One – Lena’s Story

My name is Lena. This is Seren. We’re currently building our home with Habitat. With the process I have to put 500 hours of building time in. 200 of my own (hours) and 300 of family and friends. When I was little home was safe. You’re welcome to grow in that home. And I feel like homes grow with you. Seren is most excited to paint her room blue. So right now we’re painting the whole house white so that we can change any walls that we’d like to. I think you treat things a lot better when it’s your own. With the help of Habitat building it, but I’m right there building it too, and I just feel like I’ll treat it so much better, and it’ll mean so much more because I can go in and say you know I put up that wall or I painted this room. I just feel like it just needs to be put out there more that Habitat’s here and Habitat’s here to help. There are so many different organizations in the county that are here to help for these types of things. What is home mean to you? Home makes me think of holidays with my family. Home to me is a kind of the sanctuary of your life. It’s that comfort knowing of this pattern that you create that makes it just home.

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