Six Chicago Comedians Dissect What’s Funny | How to Laugh in the #MeToo Era

“A splinter in my own finger is a tragedy, watching a man fall into a well is hilarious” Yeah, wells are funny Always funny…people falling down? Is that always funny? Yeah I think… No, it’s not funny
if it’s like a person gets hurt Granted I’m biased but I think
drinking stories are always funny for some reason, you always want
your comedic heroes to be dunces you know, and what’s great about
alcohol is it turns you into a dunce but you’re still kind of smart
somewhere buried under there If you fall off this stool, I’m laughing That’s what it is. That’s what it is. I wish I had the balls to just…yeah, do it Any kind of holes in the earth Holes in the earth, holes in a wall, holes on the body Hole, hole, hole, funny! Stuff coming out of every single
one of those holes, funny! I’m like mostly an
ideas comedian um… People farting? If anybody burst into tears in
the middle of an improv set I think that’s funny like a large display of emotion I like broad humor so like if
someone is getting hit in the nuts, count on a laugh from me! Let’s see, we can go through
the list of what’s not funny Kick in the nuts He’s right! It’s not always funny but if he farts while he gets kicked in the nuts Always funny! The hardest part about the worst bomb
you’re in is there’s no way to finish it There’s no way to end it! Because you’re never
gonna get that laugh I was in the middle telling jokes
and then somebody just said “Yo mama” Another person says “yo mama,” and then they just started saying “yo mama” and
then they chanted “Yo mama” and I couldn’t, I didn’t have a comeback it’s like quicksand where the more
you fight it the bigger problem you’re in I was like what? This is so stupid! Why the sudden “yo mama?” I think I said that and they just kept telling to “yo mama” and I just like walked offstage I’ve never been able to get out of a bad bomb, No, it’s like when you’re in a bear attack you’re supposed to go limp I was like man I can’t believe I let
these (bleep) defeat me tonight I wait for that light and just say,
“and that’s my time folks” At least for me it’s like a
reinvestment in your character and like what is presented
to you by your partner I…I never bombed If happens in the conversation, I will (bleep)
double down and figure out a way in even if they are not a comedy person they
like understand that, “oh this is a human that will
not leave me alone until I laugh” “I gotta go to the bathroom…yeah” I don’t… And I just like walk out…(bleep) My mic! I think I just bombed that, dang I’m just a lot more drunk than the people around me and just like my wife will
just be like, “Sean I mean you just… They don’t want to talk about this, right now” You know what I have learned is just, if anyone ever tells you you’re too drunk, you cannot win that argument
and you have to concede it’s true Yes, that is the same thing
with that and being too loud Yes, it is. You can’t win that argument. That happened to me a lot You’re like being too loud,
I’m like “NO I’M NOT!” Well I’ve learned to just agree and walk away Yeah, it’s the same sort of like as a
bomb like we just like let yourself go I just say like, “yo that’s kind of weird that you said…” I mean is whatever I come to my mind if I’m drinking I might just be like,
“Yo, what the (bleep) is wrong with you?” and I’m just raised my voice I don’t even
know I’m raising my voice. I’m just like (screams) “Okay, kind of a bad comment there” Yeah, you just think about what it is you’re
saying and to whom you are saying it I think I have the opposite problem I have a really
hard time calling people out in the moment I’d make a joke out of it usually or if sombody is calling me off
for saying some shit then I’d be like, “yeah that’s some real shit” I think like if I’m the
person that says that it’s like being like, “oh I see!” Like listening to what
people, the feedback that people have of me and like, “I see what you’re saying, I’m gonna
change it for next time” And I’m like, “oh shit, I didn’t think about that”

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