Short Stories for Children in English with Morals – Wise Jackal & Stupid Monkeys |Donkey &His Master

Once upon a time there was a huge tree on the banks of a river the tree made a comfortable home for the family of birds who had built their nests on its branches the birds were living there happily as the tree with its widespread branches sheltered them from scorching sun and heavy rains there was a jackal who lived nearby he was a friend of the birds the jackal was wise and clever i think, this rainy season is going to be terrible friend we have built our houses safely here but where will you stay? i live in the forest, near the cave and i don’t have any problem if you need food just ask me and i will bring food oh… thank you one day, when the sky was overcast with dark clouds shortly it rained very heavily Some monkeys who were playing near the trees got drenched and ran for shelter under the tree all of them were shivering with cold the birds saw the monkeys in a pitiable condition monkeys you would not have to shiver like this if you had built a home like us. you would not have to suffer the jackal who was observing all this, cautioned the birds let the monkeys go their way, leave them alone but the bird did not listen. if we can built our nests with our tiny beaks, then why can’t you by god’s grace, you have two hands and two legs why don’t you make a nice shelter for yourselves? on hearing this, the monkey got annoyed and swore to teach a lesson to the birds they then left the place dear friends, why are you bothered needlessly about these monkeys? poor fellows, just a piece of advice, so that do not suffer again… but the monkeys sought no advice. these creatures are foolish they will not take it in the right spirit alright, i will not open my mouth again as suspected, the monkeys did not take the advice in the right spirit these birds are not afraid of the rain or of cold wind they are living comfortably… that is why they are criticizing us like this let the rain stop, and we’ll show them how to built nest! as soon as the rain stopped the monkeys climbed up the tree and destroyed the nests of the birds they also broke the bird’s eggs and threw the young ones down oh…on…on… the poor birds flew here and there in mistery the jackal came to their rescue and drove away all the monkeys he helped them building their homes a new thank you my friend, i have understood my mistake they were full of regret for their words and realized that they should not have given advice when it was not called for. advice should only be given to the learned, wise and to those who ask for it. never give advice to fools DONKEY AND HIS MASTER once in a village there lived a donkey with his master his master was a herb seller everyday, the donkey carried the herbs from his house to the shop the donkey was fed up with his work, as he hated the smell of the herbs stupid fellow, i don’t want to work for him he and his useless herbs i am fed up hi..Iddies… do you think you are a great scientist? walk fast people will be waiting for me hmmm it’s all my fate that evening, the donkey prayed to the lord oh, god, i am sick of this job and this master please put me on to a new master god answered the donkey’s prayer hi donkey, why do you cry? god, have you come? don’t cry tell me what you want i need another master i am sick of my present master as your wish you can be with another master from now on he is a tile maker oh! a tile maker, fine i will be free from the stenchy of all these herbs thank you my lord god vanished and the donkey took his next appointment with the tile maker oh what a strong donkey let me use him for all my needs hi iddies, you look strong from today, you should carry all the load from the shop the tile maker kept his load on the donkey’s back the donkey fell down foolish iddie what are you doing? get up and walk fast the tile maker made the donkey carry the heavy load that evening dear god, why have you punished me like this the donkey started weeping god spoke again donkey, what’s up, again? i am not able to bear this load… oh…you mean the tiles! how can i carry these tiles? i need another master alright, i will put you on to a master who does light leather oh thank you god i will not change your job after that my lord, no problem i’ll never ever ask you for a change the leather will be light in weight, not like these hard stones the donkey was with his new master hssshh, what is this, he is a tanner! hi iddies, what a surprise? i was thinking of buying a new donkey but you have come searching for me come on, carry all these hides to the workshop yuck, i cannot take these donkey, start now, fast the tanner pushed the donkey it’s all my fate that evening its my fault, i was happier carrying herbs but now, its too late hi iddies, take these hides….hmm one day, this fellow will even skin me and make a ladies purse out of it that’s my fate the donkey understood his mistake and kept following his master Moral: he that finds discontentment in one place is not likely to find happiness in another


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