Shaktimaan Hindi – Best Kids Tv Series – Full Episode 65 – शक्तिमान – एपिसोड ६५

“Shaktimaan.” All characters and incidents
in this serial are fictitious. It has no resemblance
to any person or incident. If there’s any resemblance
it’s purely co-incidental. Today after six thousand years. Darkness vow is going
to be accomplished, Mahaguru. Looks like we are passing through
Kilvish’s sins area. I am having the glimpse of his sins. Paroma will never know
that you are her father! No! No! I am taking her with me forever. And the truth needs
my body to be sacrificed. Gurudev, you’ll not that. Why are you doing this? What have you done, Gurudev? I am going to darken
the earth in such a way.. ..that light will not
dare to brighten it up again. You are no more capable
of spreading darkness, Jackol! And if you want to
get saved from my penalty.. ..then kill Shaktimaan
and get Shakti Kunj for me. Nisha Saluja. Who is she? Her news is published in the news
paper; obviously she is a reporter. Hello! I am Nisha Saluja. Yes. Come in, Nisha. Welcome. Hi. Have a seat. Thank you. Nisha, you made wonders! I am very happy with
the news of Shaktimaan.. ..that you have published. Thank you, sir. Yes. Yes. But Nisha.. I didn’t understand one thing
that where did Shaktimaan meet you? Sir, the way of getting
the news is my concern. Fine. If you don’t want
to reveal then why will I ask? I am concerned with just the news. But Nisha, by reading the news.. ..that you have published
about Shaktimaan.. ..I understood that my need
for right reporter is fulfilled. So by recruiting you in my press,
I have taken a right decision. I am very happy;
so you can happily work at my press. Thank you very much! But Nisha,
Gangadhar will work with you. Gangadhar? There is nothing to worry about. Gangadhar is a regular
photographer in my office. He is very simple and silly.
You will be leading! Sir, is this same Gangadhar
who use to work with Geeta Vishwas? The one who has never clicked
single photo of Shaktimaan? Yes! Absolutely right. Nisha, you have done
a proper research. Well done. Nisha, after Geeta Vishwas,
Gangadhar is the only man.. ..who knows about Shaktimaan very well. But since last one week
Gangadhar is not seen anywhere. Where has he gone? Anyway, sir, you introduce
me to other staff members. Yes. I’ll introduce you to staff
and will also introduce staff to you. But before that,
only for your convenience. I want to do an important thing. Sit down, Nisha. Thank you. The way of my working
is little different. Like how? Like how much news do I want,
when I want the news.. I want the news and
who is the owner of this press.. ..and who is going to
be the owner of this press? Understand these things
very carefully. Got it? Yes. – Got it. Okay. Then listen. Sir, defence minister is here. Good. Very Good. Welcome, sir! We have made all
the things ready, sir. Good. – This is our Terrestrial
Planet Finder; TPF satellite. And today it will be
launched in rocket launcher. Then this rocket along with
TPF will take off on its schedule. Wow! I have to admit, doctor;
you have proved.. ..that Indian scientists are
not less than any scientists in world. Thank you, sir. And when this TPF satellite
that you have made.. ..will discover world from space
then everyone will be stunned. Thank you, sir. Proceed, doctor. Dr. Thakkar? Yes, sir? Please check the fuel
ignition indication of rocket. Yes, sir. Sir! Smoke! No. This cannot happen! This cannot happen! What happened, doctor? We are still lacking
behind in space technology. I don’t, sir what’s going on. Sir? Control, Desai. Control yourself. Everything is ruined, sir.
All our dreams are shattered. Don’t worry, doctor.
Your brain is still the same, right? You launch a new rocket. Government will support you;
nation will help you. But, sir if this satellite
is not launched till tomorrow.. ..then even this will get futile. Doctor, is there no
rocket in this world.. ..that can travel one light year? Now what will happen, sir? It’s impossible to launch our TPF now. No. There is one person who can alone
make our impossible job possible. Who is he? Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan? – Shaktimaan? Shaktimaan? Shaktimaan?
– Shaktimaan? Yes. Shaktimaan can take
our satellite one light year away. He can travel millions
of kilo meters up in the space. But sir, we don’t know
anything about his whereabouts. And now we are running
out of time as well. How can we call him here? I have heard that Shaktimaan
is a Yogi as well. Along with being a scientist,
I also practice yoga. I can contact him with
the help of meditation.. ..and can call him here by telepathy. Please do it, doctor. Shaktimaan, I want to contact you. Shaktimaan, I want to contact you. Shaktimaan, I want to contact you. I am in desperate need of your help. Gangadhar,
news reporter Nisha is yet unmarried. So what can I do, brother? Have I started a marriage bureau? Try to understand. Shaktimaan,
we are in desperate need of your help. ‘Someone from research
centre is calling me.’ ‘I must trick Sudhanshu
and must leave immediately.’ What are you thinking, Gangadhar? No.. What? Last time when I went
to my friend’s marriage. Yes. The people from bride’s side asked
such a riddle to groom’s family.. ..that until today I am
not able to find the answer of it. Gangadhar, you are well aware that
intelligence is not your cup of tea. Then why you need
to think upon it. Ask me. I’ll answer you right away. Shall I?
– Certainly. Should I ask?
– Why not? Hold this.
It needs to be shown in action. Now watch and listen carefully.
– Yes. There is father and son two;
they baked three breads. There is father and son two;
they baked three breads. Now tell me how they will share
three breads equally among them. There are two people; father and son. They’ll have one and half bread each. No. You can’t serve bread in pieces. It is to be shared equally
without making pieces. There is some secret in this riddle.
I’ll have to think. Okay. Think upon it. Look there in the
garden is a huge tree. Thinking under such tree
helps to gain knowledge. You too go there;
sit and think upon it. You too will gain knowledge
and get the answer. If you are able to answer,
I’ll feed you one kg of sweets. One kg sweets! What are you saying? How will I able to
finish one kg of sweets? Half kg is fine? Yes. That’s okay. Okay. So you think about the answer of
riddle and I’ll be visiting my home. Why are you going home? The news paper that you
gave me early in the morning? Yes.
– I forgot that at home. Okay. Fine. Go ahead. There is father and son two;
they baked three breads. How they will share three breads
equally among them.. ..without making pieces out of it? What kind of puzzle?
Do not understand. There is father and son two;
they baked three breads. There is father and son two;
they baked three breads. They will eat equally. But how will they eat equally. There are three breads and people two. Bread cannot be thrown away,
can’t make pieces. Need to share equally.
Looks like they’ll starve. What kind of riddle is this,
Gangadhar? Let me calculate.
There is father and son two.. ..they baked three breads. There is father and son two
they baked three breads. Dr. Thakkar! Shaktimaan is here! Dr. Thakkar, did you call me? Yes, Shaktimaan.
We all were calling you. Because we believe that
this impossible work of ours.. ..can be accomplished only by you. Meet him. He is doctor Desai. Doctor Jayant Desai, right? You know him? Yes. I have heard about him. He is one of the senior
scientists in our country. Even I have heard a lot
about your wonders, Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan, right now our
country desperately needs you. Shaktimaan has pledged to work for
the welfare of humanity and country. Tell me the job. Come with me, Shaktimaan. This is our Terrestrial Planet Finder. This will discover the
world beyond our solar system. But unfortunately our
rocket launcher has failed. And now there is no one other than you
who can take this satellite to space. And if you successfully launch it,
we’ll be obliged. Minister sir, you need not worry;
I’ll do the needful. But don’t consider it as a favour.
It’s my duty. It’s your greatness, Shaktimaan. Go. Take this satellite
to space with your power. Go ahead, Shaktimaan. The entire
nation’s best wishes are with you. All the best. All the best. Thank you. Thank you, Shaktimaan! There is father and son two;
they baked three breads. There is father and son two. Not to throw,
not to make pieces but share equally. There is father and son two;
they baked three breads. Not to throw,
not to make pieces but share equally. What kind of riddle is this?
Where am I got trapped? Not to throw,
not to make pieces but share equally. It is impossible. There is father and son two.. Let’s go; I am back with news paper. We are going nowhere.
First you sit here. Is this a riddle or headache? Didn’t you get the answer yet? No. There is father and son two;
they baked three breads. Not to throw,
not to make pieces but share equally. People from bride’s side must’ve.. ..definitely fooled groom’s people.
– No. So that they won’t eat at wedding
and get stuck in riddle.. – No. ..and their money is saved.
This is the technique. – No. No, my brother. They were not fooling anyone
but were asking an intelligent riddle. It is impossible. I got this answer
from a pedestrian lady. What? – Brother, are ladies
more intelligent than us now-a-days? Yes. Listen. She told me
that the riddle needs to be broken. Broken?
– Now listen. Father and son two.
– Right. Father and son two.
– Correct. That make total three people. It was so simple! Three people and three breads. They will have one each. Without throwing and making pieces.
Shared equally. When we’ll go to office,
in my free time I’ll ask this riddle to all. Good idea; it’s fun. Brother?
– Yes? Your stomach is saved
from getting spoiled. How? By eating half kg of sweets
your stomach could’ve ruined. Good! Whatever happens,
happens for good. But not that good. Why? You could’ve still enjoyed the sweets. How? – If you had shared
it with your colleagues.. could’ve enjoyed few. What? Gangadhar, this sweets thing
is confusing me more than your riddle. What is the affair? – Come on;
let me get you out of confusion. Mr. Ghosh, Geeta has gone
and this one has replaced her. What do you feel?
Will she survive here? Not at all.
She seems to be very clever. I don’t know what she will do. Mr. Ghosh, after all she
has published the news of Shaktimaan. I feel that she will
definitely replace Geeta. Never. I totally believe
that no one can replace Geeta. But for now everyone
return to your seats. Sub editor is coming. If she’ll see you like this,
she’ll be angry. Got it. Come on. – Yes. Let’s go. Attention! Ladies and gentlemen. I present to you our
most important person! Come on mister! Good morning. Gangadhar,
where were you for so many days? The thing is, my brother.. of my friends after having
a deep thought.. ..he was going to marry. He took me with him. So? There I saw a weird tradition. What tradition? When groom starts for a procession.. ..all family members
of groom break coconut.. ..on his uncle’s waist.
– What? Coconut was not broken
but the waist was. Gangadhar,
this is bones breaking tradition. Very true. Then even I told them angrily. What? Listen you fool,
Gangadhar is speaking. Listen you fool,
Gangadhar is speaking! Leave the path that makes
you lost from destination. Wow! Leave the path that makes
you lost from destination. Wow! And the one that wrecks
the waist leave that tradition. Wow! Gangadhar, for now you
get prepared to wreck your waist. Because the new girl
that has replaced Geeta.. ..she is very sharp.
She’ll make you work so much.. ..that you’ll go nuts. Is this the office of Aaj Ki Aawaaj? Does it look like a house to you? I mean what do you want? I want husband.
– Husband? Take him away. He is available. What did you say? All others are married
here and I do not wish to marry. But he is unmarried and good man.
Take him away. What can I do if he is unmarried? You just told that
you need husband, right? I want to print an advertisement
in your news paper. My husband is lost. It means that she is
here to find her lost husband. No problem. We’ll try next time. Go. What are you whispering to him? Nothing. I was saying that your husband is
blessed to have.. ..a better half like you. By the way there is a police
station in front of our office. Why don’t you go there
and file a complaint? So you want police to arrest me
and suspect me for his disappearance? Come on, note down the advertisement. Write. Darling, since you have gone. I have given up on food and water
and have reduced in your sorrow. That means before you were… Sweetheart, you come back soon.
I will not let you cook.. ..or wash dishes; I’ll appoint a maid. Now I understand the
problem of your family. Madam, will you answer my question? Have you ever respected your husband? Rather he respects me. Why? Don’t you respect him? No. Because I am
from high status family. Oh! You mean you are from higher
class and he is from lower class. Yes.
– And therefore you don’t respect him? But madam when you get married
there is no yours or his house.. ..It becomes a different
house of your two.. ..which is called as
a wagon of married life. And madam, if you want
your married life to run smooth.. ..then you need to maintain balance. Husband and wife are
the two wheels of this wagon.. ..that needs to have co-ordination. If these two wheels work properly,
the wagon will run smooth. If one wheel pulls ahead
and another backwards.. ..the wagon will not move
and there will be a friction. Madam, the real treasure
of happy married life.. the respect and love that
husband and wife have for each other. Madam, if you want your husband
to stay with you forever.. ..then you need to change
your behavior. I will try. But will he come back? Why will he not come?
He will definitely come to you. Till when can one
stay away from his house? You give me your advertisement;
I’ll publish it. I will publish in such a manner
that everyone in this city will.. ..tell your husband to go back
to his home. Give me the money.
– Yes. Now no need to worry;
we’ll print your sorrow. – Thank you. Mr. Sudhanshu? Please solve
the problem of her family. Problem will be solved
but you were right, Gangadhar. Isn’t it? Mr. Sudhanshu?
– Yes? You made me read the
news report of Shaktimaan. – Yes. Now also meet me to
the reporter of that news. Everybody,
first of all listen to the good news. Gangadhar, your wish is fulfilled. She is Nisha Saluja. She is Nisha. Our new reporter. I have recruited her
in place of Geeta Vishwas. And…. Oh! Gangadhar! Where were you for so many days? I had to go out of town
for a very important work. Okay. Fine. Nisha, he is Gangadhar. Hi. Greetings. He is Mr. Swami. Greetings, madam. He is Mr. Ghosh. Greetings, madam. Hi. Sudhanshu. Greetings. Hemal. Greetings. And she is Kavita. Greetings. Hi! And that is the desk of Geeta Vishwas. Which I am delegating it to you. Now this is your responsibility. Thank you. Gangadhar.. ..keep aside all your work and go
with Miss. Nisha to research centre.. ..with your camera and stuff. There scientists are going
to give speech on their next project. Go with Miss. Nisha. Nisha, go. Okay, sir. Gangadhar,
shall we go to research centre? Sir, our planet finder
has started sending signal. See that planet! We have found one! We didn’t even though that
we might find a planet so early. And look second planet! That’s the third one! Sir, we found three planets! And look there.
It’s the sun of that solar system. Bright. Very bright. It is so bright that
we can see it with bare eyes We have got it. – Yeah! We have found new solar system. And now entire world will know
that there is another solar system.. the outer space
of our solar system. And it has three planets. Stop. There is no entry board. It’s written private there.
It’s someone’s private area. Outside vehicles are prohibited. So what? It’s a short cut;
we’ll reach early. But what about laws, madam? Who cares about little
laws to reach at destination? Where are you entering?
It’s someone’s private area. Watchman will detain us.
We must not do so. Haven’t anyone told you that
we must not enter in private area? Madam, what are you doing? But you.. listen..
What are you doing? Did you see? By breaking little law we
reached on our right path so early. Did anyone lose anything? Very true, madam. Some people even
lie to reach their goal. Whatever it may be;
goal needs to be attained. You are wrong, madam. My grandfather use to say.. ..that right goal is attained
by walking right path. Gangadhar, it’s modern age;
not your grandfather’s era. This too is true. Shall I ask you one thing, madam? Go ahead. You must’ve also got
the news regarding Shaktimaan.. some shortcut, right? What do you mean? Since you like taking shortcuts. Brother Shaktimaan must have met you
on one of your shortcuts. Now see I like the milk
that is sold by.. ..the milkman on the corner
of the road. Therefore brother Shaktimaan
often meets me there. Today morning itself
I and brother Shaktimaan.. ..had hot milk
along with fresh jalebi. What? Shaktimaan meets you as well? Yes. In fact today morning
itself he told me about his big act. Rather you can say that
brother Shaktimaan meets only me. What? Yes. And I was going to tell
about this big act to editor.. ..but before that he
sent me to accompany you. But what big act has he done? Geeta use to ask me exactly the same. She used to ask you? But I have heard
that Geeta.. ..herself used to get the news
of Shaktimaan and publish it. Yes. And I used to give her that news. What? And in return Geeta used to publish.. name along with her name
in news paper. That means he is the
easiest way to reach my goals. You are thinking absolutely correct. What? You are thinking that our
team will be the best, right? Yes. Absolutely. Then start. What? – Start the car.
We need to reach research centre soon. Come on. Yes. Sir, look.
Vinashak is in our control now. Sir, this comet is heading
towards Lubana planet. Within ninety seconds
you need to press this switch. By pressing this switch,
comet will halt for five minutes. But as soon as it halts,
you need to press this second switch. If there is even a little delay
in pressing switch.. ..then comet will get out
of our control. By pressing this another switch,
Vinashak will be directed to earth. And then after 45200 seconds,
that is at the end of 12th hour.. ..Vinashak will collide with earth
and will destroy the entire earth. Power! Sir, only five seconds are left. After this I start counting. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0! Sir, press the switch. Power! Congratulations.
Your mission is successful. Now darkness will prevail forever. Shaktimaan, after 45200 seconds.. comet Vinashak will
destroy the entire earth. Power! Sir, make a deal of
Shakti Kunj with Shaktimaan. Shut up! Making a deal with Shaktimaan
at this moment.. ..means to tell Shaktimaan
about Vinashak. And if he comes to know about this.. ..he’ll change the direction
of Vinashak. Sorry, sir. My mistake. I will surely make a deal
of Shakti Kunj with Shaktimaan. But not now. After 18000 seconds. That means after five hours. After that no one will be able to
stop Vinashak from destroying earth. Not even Shaktimaan. Power! Sir, a spy from earth
is trying to contact us. Switch on the monitor. Let the darkness be eternal. Keep darkness eternal. What is it? Sir, few hours before Indian
scientists have discovered.. ..the solar system that
we had discovered before. And has named it Brighta. Brighta? Yes. The planet on which you want to
settle people of earth as your slaves. It’s name is Lirin planet. But how did they come
to know about Brighta? With the help of
Terrestrial Planet Finder. It’s a machine that sends
the information of stars.. ..and solar systems
of space to earth. Let it send. But nothing good is going
to happen of earth people. Because our comet Vinashak has
headed towards earth to destroy it. Bu sir, with the help
of this satellite.. ..scientists have seen
the solar system. If they change the direction
of their satellite.. ..they’ll easily view
the comet Vinashak. And if they ever see the
comet Vinashak before time.. ..then all scientists of earth.. ..will try their best to
change its direction. And even they fail.. ..Shaktimaan will definitely change
the direction of Vinashak. No. Jackol will never let
this happen. I’ll ruin that satellite. Show me the position of TPF. Yes, sir. Power! It’s been so long since
there is problem with TPF.. ..Chawala is still
not here with Desai sir. Dr. Thakkar, good that
you cancelled press conference. Excuse me? We are from press. – From press? Yes. Here is out identity card.
I am from Aaj Ki Aawaaj. And even she is from Aaj Ki Aawaaj. Sir, but press conference
that was going to happen today.. been cancelled. What!
– Yes. We have already sent
a message to press people. What are you saying? Maybe you didn’t get our message. No. We didn’t get the message.
– I am sorry. Communication problem in country.
– Sorry. Communication problem in country. Come on, madam. Let’s go. Hold on, Gangadhar. Excuse me, madam!
– Yes? You see we have come from far away. If we return to our
office empty handed.. ..our job will get into trouble.
Please do something. Sorry, madam.
– Please. I am really very sorry. Okay. Then can you please
connect me to the person.. charge of research centre? You can do this, right? I will try.
– Thank you. Hello? Can I speak to Dr. Sharma? Yes. Just hold on. Dr. Sharma, call for you. Hello? Dr. Sharma?
– Yes? Reporters from Aaj Ki Aawaaj are here. Didn’t you inform them
that the meeting is cancelled? I told them but they want
to talk to you on intercom. Okay. Just hold on. Dr. Thakkar!
– Yes? Two reporters from
Aaj Ki Aawaaj are here. Can we call them here? But our TPF has failed.
What shall we tell them? Yes. But we can tell
them about Shaktimaan, right? Good idea. Call them. Okay. Hello? Send them in. Okay. I am sending them in. You are very lucky, madam.
You can go in. Thanks.
– Rawat? Yes, madam?
– Take them to control room. Thank you. Thank you, madam. You are wonderful, madam! Wait a minute. What happened? What are you doing? What is in your pocket? This is my best watch. Look. Turn around. You please come forward.
– Yes. Show me your purse. Yes of course. Turn around. Okay. Come with me. Thank you. Come on, let’s move.
– Very different security check! Dr. Sharma, they have come from press. Hello.
– Hello. I am Nisha. I am Dr. Sharma.
– Dr. Thakkar. – Hello! Hello. He is Gangadhar. Our photographer. Hello.
– Greetings. Greetings.
– Hello. Greetings. So you are from Aaj Ki Aawaaj, right? Yes.
– Yes, doctor. Doctor, can we know why was
the press conference cancelled? Actually we have found a
new solar system with the help.. ..of new satellite
TPF made by Dr. Desai. Oh! Really? Is it?
– Yes. But the TPF by which we were
discovering the new solar system.. ..that TPF has failed. Oh! Therefore we had to
cancel the press conference. This is too bad. Yes. Indeed. But the good thing is Shaktimaan helped
TPF to reach millions of miles away. Oh My God!
Shaktimaan has done such a big thing! And we people from press
didn’t even know about this? Yes, madam. At least you
should’ve come to know about it. After all you brought that
historical interview of Shaktimaan. Madam, when brother
Shaktimaan do anything.. ..he doesn’t invite
crowd to publish his act. He believes in do
good and forget about it. Shut up, Gangadhar. When I’ll do something good, I’ll
inform you ten years before doing it. Just shut up! So how this TPF will be fixed? Dr. Chawala has gone to bring Dr.
Desai from his house. He is the only scientist
who can fix TPF. Okay.
– Dr. Sharma! Dr. Thakkar! Dr. Chawala?
What happened, Dr. Chawala? What happened? Dr. Desai is been kidnapped. What! What!
– Oh no. Yes. Kidnap? It’s such a big incident.. must immediately
report it to police station. Inspector Kazi here. Yes, sir.
Yes. Even I have heard the same. That people are getting
disappeared from many areas. Yes. Yes. But there is no report
of such incident in our area. Yes, sir. We’ll still be alert. Okay. I’ll investigate. Okay, sir. Thank you very much. What happen, sir? One more kidnap? Yes, Bhinde. A groom and bride have
been kidnapped from wedding. Sir! There’s an incident.
– What? A married couple had gone
for their honeymoon at resort. They have been kidnapped from there. What! What is going on, sir? People are getting
disappeared from all areas. And many are married
people among them. After all who must be doing this? If you detain that criminal,
you’ll be famous. Think upon it, sir. That’s what I am thinking. Inspector Kazi here. What! Dr. Desai from research
centre has been kidnapped! Okay. We are coming right now. Bhinde, hurry up. Have water, Dr. Chawala. Dr. Chawala, we have informed police. You don’t worry. You take rest. Okay? Come on. Now you relax, okay? So many times I have told Dr. Desai to hire two security guards.
But he never agrees. Dr. Thakkar, why are you worrying? Don’t worry. No matter
how smart the kidnappers are.. ..our police force is
efficient enough to find them. You don’t worry.
Sit here. It will affect your health. Everything will be alright. Mr. Chawala can you tell
me detail what happened exactly? Yes, Mr. Chawala, tell us;
we’ll click your photo. I was coming here
in my car with Desai sir. On the way to research centre,
all of a sudden.. ..two people came up
from my car’s back seats. They pointed a gun on our heads.. ..and said that if I’ll
turn around to see them.. ..they’ll shoot me. Oh. Then? After that they told
me to stop the car. As soon as I stopped my car, a Maruti
van came and stopped behind my car. Two gun men from that van
got down and entered our car. They intoxicated Dr.
Desai and took him away. After that they hit me
in my head with their revolver. In head! And I lost my consciousness. But before getting unconscious,
in the rare view mirror of my car.. ..I saw the number of that van. Fine.
– Is it? The number of the car was MH 02 A462. You are wonderful!
Now police will easily find the car. You are amazing! Madam, give me this pen. Why pen? It’s my job to write down;
you just click photos. You have your pen, right? This one is of no use. Okay. Fine. Don’t give. Sorry for misbehaving. Give me this notepad.
Sorry for misbehaving. Gangadhar, what are you doing? I am going to write a mantra.. ..that will help us find
the kidnappers by chanting it.


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