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The phenomenon known as shadow people or shadow
beings is about elusive entities that are perceived as dark silhouettes with a human
form, generally male, that like to watch us humans, still and silently. Apparently, they only react fleetingly when
are spotted through the corner of a person’s eyes, which is
when they disappear. It’s important to point out that
none of the characteristics described before are invariable, for there have been reports
of these entities as amorphous beings or flexible
smoke columns. While some claim these creatures are the ultimate
expression of darkness, and in a way, perhaps excessively subjected to cultural
stereotypes, of evil as well, there are others who
give it a more playful and stealthy nature, as some kind of neutral beholders who, in
their efforts of being imperceptible, toy around
with time and space in relation to human perception. The truth is that there have been reports
of seeing these beings in many places around the world, among people from different
socioeconomic, cultural and psychological conditions, and despite having ancestral references
of their presence, it seems like the encounters with these shadow people have increased
in the last decades. Unlike ghost sightings, shadow people try
to always keep absolute discretion, even though their curiosity can lead them to venture near
the range of a human’s natural perception. Their existence is not associated in any way
to the reminiscence of a conscience from a perished body, nor are they linked to a shiny
entities or plaintive cries. The only thing they
tangibly share with ghosts and spirits is the effect they provoke in a person who witnesses
their presence: fear, panic, and even semi-traumatic paralysis. One of the main traits of shadow people is
their dizzying speed, which makes it almost impossible to see them face to face. They generally manifest as flashing figures
that are usually perceived by the edges of our fields
of vision or spontaneously seen in a mirror reflection. Also, their physical presence can apparently
go through any physical matter without issues, which notably strengthens
their evasive essence. Despite not having a complete explanation
on the existence of these beings, as tends to
happen with most paranormal phenomena, remaining unexplained for centuries, going over
the limits of traditional reason, which turns into an almost insurmountable limit for human
thinking, there are different hypothesis about the existence of these entities. Before going through some of these theories,
though, it is worth mentioning the relation between the shadow people and other common
paranormal or mythological presences: their behavior and origin doesn’t keep a clear
correspondence with creatures like the playful pixies, small entities from British mythology
that live in caves, gardens and forests and dedicate most of their lives to do all kinds
of mischief, neither do they denote synchronicity with the elementals from paracelsian philosophy,
conscious manifestations of nature’s elements that coexist in time and space with
humans, yet resonating in a different plane, being imperceptibles most of the time. There are some who claim that shadow people
are nothing more than incarnations of energy liberated through thoughts. This theory establishes that they are, in
some way, a conglomeration of low-frequency psychic energy
that comes to life in places where tragic events have occurred, or around people who
manage to concentrate a considerable amount of bad thoughts. Shadow people feed in these low frequencies,
like fear or envy. Other think that shadow people come from another
dimension that, due to a singular energetic phenomenon, they end up overlapping
with our plane and that’s why they watch or spy us, to understand how they should behave
while they aren’t able of disentangle the dimensional fusions that inserted them in
our plain. This hypothesis denies the evil nature
of these entities, rather presenting them with an interdimensional confusion. The most conventional explanation, which depends
on reason most of all, making it not only the most boring, but also the most limited
(which doesn’t mean it should be ruled out by default) is that this phenomenon is just
one of the multiple optical effects to which our
sight is subjected. The wildest version of traditional perspective
talks about the influence of certain places or people with very particular
electromagnetic charges, which can influence in our brains’ electric circuits and induce
hallucinations, some of which, maybe in association with some bits of our subconscious,
can result in the apparent presence of shadow people. Perhaps the greatest argument to dismiss any
scientific or rational explanation about this phenomenon is the fact that dozens of reports
match on an entity described as a “tall man
with a hat”, which has been seen by both children and adults from different countries. Although, we must reckon that this could very
well be influenced by the archetypes that shape the perception of individuals. Ultimately, however, beyond the plausible
or hallucinated presence of these shadow beings, the truth is that reflecting a little about
them, or even better, seeing them every now and
then, results in an existentially therapeutic exercise that unleashes other useful reflections
about our perception, the nature of our reality and the idea that we are not alone; our
thoughts are actually materialized in a palpable way. If there is scientific proof of multiple
dimensions, and even multiple universes, we should be open to the possibility that
sometimes they intertwine, jumping over their limits and turning into spectators of what
we do, making themselves perceptible, even for
an instant, leaving us with doubt, mystery and
sometimes even fear of not knowing where they come from and what their intentions really


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