Sen. Patrick Colbeck denounces Muslim Brotherhood in Michigan Senate speech

And just as my expression of concern for the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church when they interrupt funeral ceremonies for our
military heroes is not an indictment of all Christians, neither should my concerns with
the Muslim Brotherhood be interpreted as an indictment of all Muslims, as some have falsely
chosen to assert. Make no mistake, there are those among us
who prefer that the general public be denied awareness of this information about the Muslim
Brotherhood and its “friendly” organizations. They target anyone who seeks to share this
information with incendiary terms like “racist” or “xenophobe.” Mind you, there is no refutation of the validity
of the information that I have shared. They simply lob inflammatory, derogatory
remarks my way in an attempt to silence the truth Silence is their friend. We cannot afford to be silent on this issue,
my colleagues. The organizations which share the professed
mission of the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy our nation from within are real, not theoretical. They are active right here in the state of
Michigan. And as one who took an oath to support the
Michigan Constitution and U.S. Constitution, it is my duty to expose those who would wish
to eliminate and destroy our system of government. They can come up with whatever names that
they want. It is a small price to be paid in the defense
of freedom. Others have paid a much higher price. Now it is my turn. And I will not flinch in my service to defend
the citizens and values that make America truly exceptional. As fellow policy members, I encourage each and every
one of you in this room to read the explanatory memorandum and join me in the defense of freedom. I’d like my remarks entered in the journal,


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