Self compassion – being kind to yourself matters

Somethings I do to take care of myself, I like to go on walks with my dog, I like to read I think it’s very important to take care of yourself mentally and physically So I like to go to the spa, like to get my nails done sometimes, or even just as simple as staying in bed,
all day, and not getting out, and doing nothing. What I like to do is travel around
cities, that I’ve never been to sort of get lost So I’m actually just in London for 24
hours, before I head back home. So that’s really what I like do. When I do have time, I like to meditate, I do some yoga, I read, I go for a run, just anything that’s going to get me a bit of space. Exercise for one, release the endorphins, always good for the brain, for the body- that’s great. I go for a walk, I meditate, which I do is brilliant, works very well. I’m definitely a more introverted person, so I think when I’m having a difficult time I like to just take time by myself sometimes I journal, which i think is really
helpful. I love to write, so journaling has always been great for me. Watching Netflix.. just going on walks I love,
anything by myself I think just to let myself think, and think through my feelings, is great for me. Usually cup of tea and a book is a good way. (second person agreeing, says: that’s a good one, I like baking, baking’s good). What else? and nice smells (second person: yes, candles). yes!

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