SECRET of EARTH and the Reptilians – History of Mankind – Part 63

Hi, this is Jack and I’m speaking about
the secret of Earth. A fascinating thing has occurred through eons
of time. What has happened, and what have I mentioned? Is that Earth became manifested;
became this 3-D manifested holographic projection that human beings experience today. But was actually occurring? What is the actual
reason and the secret for Earth? [It] is the following: Beings have trapped themselves in their own
creation. Have a look. What is this, but a creation of those that have gone before us?
And those that have gone before us, are us, from the principle of: ‘I Am,’ of oneness
and equality. And now we’re here, aren’t we? All of us – both dimensional and human
beings. We’re here on Earth – and what do we, dimensional beings, realise? We realise
one thing: we cannot die – that is impossible. We exist infinitely – and where are we existing
infinitely at the moment? Right here on Earth, which means the following: This Earth requires some effective direction,
but it’s not Earth, per se. Earth has been, since the beginning, about the expression
of life unconditionally; the expression of life as sound of oneness and equality. It
is but man and dimensional beings that has not yet realised: what does equality and oneness
of life as who I am actually mean in the expression of all as one as equal? Human beings are the ones that are ‘trapped,’
are the ones that are ‘enslaved,’ are the ones that are ‘lost’ within their
own creation – but it is not encompassing Earth. It is encompassing what they have manifested
in and of this world that is reflecting who we have allowed ourselves to become, within. That is the current situation of governments,
the money system, the schooling system, the university system, the hospital system, the
medical industry, the drug industry, the war system – everything – that is a reflection
of what we have allowed. That is an outer-reflected manifestation of what we have allowed ourselves
to become within. So – at the moment, if you really have a
look, we nicely trapped ourselves in this world, we nicely enslaved ourselves in this
world. And where are we? All one, at the moment. Where are we all one? What do I mean by ‘all one’? [What] I
mean by ‘all one’ is that both human beings, and dimensional beings are at this very moment,
right here on Earth. We are right within and as our own manifested creation of what we
have accepted and allowed within ourselves, to ‘create’ through mind consciousness
systems: thinking, emotions, and feelings – equaling extensive separation. So, what is the secret of Earth? The secret
of Earth is the following: Earth, as it exists – as nature, as the universe,
as the planet, as the stars, as the oceans, as the rivers, as the animal kingdom – is
the actual expression of life. Well, the animal kingdom recently transcended in terms of the
realisation of oneness and equality as life and expression. So, if animals are able to
do it, human beings, you are able to do it. So, what does that mean? At the moment human
beings are less than the Earth, nature, and the animal kingdom; the universe, the stars,
the planets, the oceans, and rivers. Why? Because you have not yet understood: I am
of life, of equality, as one, as equal, with all, as equal, as one – at all. You don’t
live that. You don’t express that. You don’t apply that. Why? Because you haven’t heard
of it before. You don’t know of it, and that’s why I’m here. So, at the moment, Earth – as nature, the
animal kingdom, the universe, the oceans, the rivers, the stars, the planet – they
know their expression. They know who they are as ‘I am the expression of life, as
sound’. It’s here. They’re in their expression. They’ve always been here. It’s
just human beings that have been lost in this illusioned 3-D holographic mind constructed
systematic reality pictured delusion called ‘world,’ and ‘Earth,’ and ‘human
beings’ – which is the pictures [that] human beings see, which is not who you are.
You have to look beyond that; because you have to not be of this world – at all, in
any way – because who you are, you won’t find anywhere, in anything that is of this
world, because everything that is of this world is of mind consciousness system manifestations
and constructs. The extent to which you must have let everything
go within you is great, and it’s vast, and necessary. If not, you will lose everything.
You will go through ‘the Job experience’ (*). Why? To what lengths, and to what extents
would you go, if you knew the answer to all as one, as Gurdjieff put it: the unification
of man (**)? The ultimate expression of ourselves as all as one as equal as life of life. What
would you do? To what extent? To what extremes? What would you risk, to have all of existence
realize that, that realisation that you have? That’s exactly what we’re all doing. We
are doing what is necessary to have mankind realize who they are, and the only place to
do it, is here on Earth. Why here on Earth? Because if you have a look at the moment – we’re
all one and equal, here. The dimensions are within human beings. The human beings are
here on Earth. Have a look, it’s almost as though everything
is in one molecule. If you take the universe, rounded: we’re on Earth, within a universe,
the solar system, the planets; it’s as though we’re in one singular molecule – everything
in one. From here, we move and support and direct each other through the process of self-revelation,
self-realization, self-awareness, self- honesty, self-trust, self-expression, self-experience,
self-creation – everything. Here – why? Because we’re here, and the
secret of Earth is the following: The secret of Earth is that: Earth is the
expression of life as ‘I Am,’ and if you’re not even one and equal with Earth, with the
animals, with the expression of existence – you’re less than, you’re inferior. How are you allowing that? Through separation. Realize, that you are not separate from what
exists, because it is one and equal with you, as you, of life. Though you have to prove
that to yourself through self-expression, through self- application, and through self-living.
Life will be born from the physical. Life will be born from the physical – not [from
the] dimensional. Thank you very much. This is Jack.

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