Sea Otters Hold Hands To Survive The Dangers Of The Open Ocean | BBC Earth

Spy sea otter joins them in their floating
nursery. She’s immediately accepted by these notoriously shy creatures. It’s a
privileged insider’s view of the most sociable otter of all. Here, they not only
have company there are more eyes to spot danger. The spring melt makes the
glaciers unstable. The icefall creates a rolling wave up to
10 meters high. It may still be a danger over a kilometre away. In the turmoil, mothers and pups are
easily separated. They must find refuge away from the
glacier. In a cove they find a solution to the
turbulent waters. Kelp offers the moorings they need. It’s
just a matter of how best to attach themselves. But even this beginner is having success. As the ice vanishes more kelp beds will
soon appear. The otters can enjoy the upcoming summer in peace.


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