Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood – Documentary Trailer

You’re about to have your best show of 2012, can you feel it? (YES SIR) I can feel it too. The moment you enter that tunnel, & step out there Fear exits the body. (Announcer) Please welcome to the field…The Madison Scouts! Hunter’s introduction to the drum corps was like a
newborn baby opening his eyes for the first time. He was looking at it and says, I can play this Dad. (Hunter) And I was like wow! That’s a really good high school band where are they from? It’s not high school band, it’s drum corps. (Frankie) It’s like marching
band on steroids We watched their rehearsal and then, I looked at my Mom and said, I want to do that. She’s like…you sure? (Mom) You really want to do this? (Dann) This activity can be rigorous. Traveling, sleeping few hours
on the bus. The challenging human dynamics that you go through. You’ve have to be prepared to manage your
emotions. (Brandon) If one person has negative energy on the field, that can directly affect someone else well. (Devin) It just seems
like he goes through the motions and it kinda tears us apart. (Jo) It’s a hard thing to watch (Jo’s Dad) He called me and said his body temperature was 104. They had to take him to the hospital (Jo) All the heat got to my body and it just didn’t know how to react anymore. (Jo’s Dad) people die from that this is the scariest thing I’ve ever
faced these hundred and fifty guys that push me everyday it makes it so much
easier (Dann) Look at your brothers on either side of you right now
what you have is unique. (Brandon) After you start to realize the bond that we all share, I mean
brothers fight, but brothers make up at the same time, brothers overcome things
together and in the end…. brothers prevail.

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