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prior to this for scheduling we would
use an Excel spreadsheet so it was extremely huge very time-consuming to
make changes so it’s really nice when they promote somebody and switch things
around it’s just a few clicks and you’re ready to go and you just have to load
the schedule on top instead of having to change every cell every sheet every tab
of an Excel spreadsheet definitely it’s benefited me if somebody got promoted it
would take me an entire eight-hour shift to change one month and now it takes me
seconds to change a year so it’s huge for patrol it’s been the scheduling has
helped out quite a bit we can look ahead more we actually came from a paper
system we had a big binder book that everything was written in for patrol
we’ve been without the book with you you’d be out on the streets and
patrolmen would ask you hey can I have tomorrow off he would sometimes would
have to drive 20 miles to the office and now we have the systems on our cars
where we can do it right there we can do everything from it so it’s a big benefit
for us in Metro Vancouver transit police we are a beat police department we are
on foot we’re not in the cars were not attached to computers as is the case for
many other police agencies so we have the flexibility now to have InTime App
on our phones and to be mobile and so we’re able to share information much
more effectively that way to get information in real time so that the
technical or the digital world is something that policing really needs to
start embracing well probably the biggest improvement for us is the
reduced administrative time that our supervisors have to spend in the office
doing scheduling the schedule is is pretty automated transfers are taken
care of people show up at on a schedule on a
particular date and if we know their transfers happening to another unit
three months down the road we can set that up as soon as we know about it I
wanted something that enabled me to be able to schedule people project the
future schedules know what my deployment was going to be and we were at minimum
staffing levels and account for those things on a screen and to take a look at
the department as a whole not down in just singular sheets of
paper and to see where we’re at but I also wanted the ability to push out
those overtime requests let our employees respond back to those approve
them it goes on the schedule automatically and they get notified that
they they’ve received the overtime it’s that two-way communication that
makes it really really easy to use before using InTime I was spending
about three hours a day out of my workday just on the schedule with the
old paper system when we went to end time and I as I learned to use the
system I probably at the end of after about six
eight months as the lieutenant using it I probably spent no more than about 20
minutes a day managing the same thing if you’re looking for something that’s a
one-stop shop that you can integrate into your operation and not have to try
to work with other programs I think in time it’s probably one of the best
because you can use it for scheduling you can use it for timekeeping you can
use it for reports and it makes decision-making and scheduling easier

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