ScheduleAnywhere Online Employee Scheduling Software – An Overview

An Overview of ScheduleAnywhere
Welcome to ScheduleAnywhere! This video will provide a high level overview
of the basic functionality of ScheduleAnywhere. When viewing a schedule, you can select how
many days you want to see on-screen. The options are 1 (pause), 7 (pause), 14 (pause),
28 (pause) or 42 days (pause). Employees on the schedule can be sorted by
name, position, department, location, or seniority. If you use divider rows, employees will be
sorted between dividers (pause). To view different dates, use the date selector. You can use the calendar to pick the date
you want to go to, or click the Previous or Next links. If you are in a 7-day view, clicking the Next
link will take you to the next 7-day period. If you are in a 28-day view, clicking the
Next link will take you to the next 28-day period (pause). You can add, move, or delete employees, dividers,
or requirements from the Edit menu. You can also add employees to the schedule
by clicking the Add link at the top of the Name column (pause). To edit an employee’s profile, click the employee’s
name. Assigning schedule information can be done
a number of different ways. You can double-click a day on the schedule
(pause), use the shift and explanation drop-down lists and the note entry area, or use Copy
Schedule or Copy Multiple under the Tools menu (pause). Use the Reports menu to print your schedule,
view scheduling statistics, and find specific schedule information. Use the Set Up menu to customize your ScheduleAnywhere
account by creating schedules, shifts, filters, highlighters and coverage watches, and to
set up your employees. Use the Messaging menu to send messages and
review requests. You can submit time off requests and schedules
requests under the Requests menu, if you have been given these permissions (pause). If you have access to multiple schedules,
they will appear in a drop-down list in the top-right corner. Employees can be added to multiple schedules. The total hours shown for an employee includes
all scheduled shifts across all schedules. If a shift is assigned on a different schedule
than the one you’re viewing, the shift will be grayed out. This gives you the ability to see when an
employee is scheduled to work on other schedules without having to switch between schedules. You can mouse over a day to see schedule details,
and over an employee’s name to see contact information (pause). You can add requirement rows to your schedule,
which can be used in many different ways. You can enter a number into each day, or day
part, that represents people, hours, customers, units, or any other scheduling variable you
staff against (pause). Requirement rows work in tandem with coverage
watches. Coverage watches are used to track how many
people or hours are scheduled each day or day part. Along with requirement rows, they can perform
a number of different calculations, such as variances, sums, products, ratios, and percentages
(pause). Requirement rows and coverage watches are
an excellent way to ensure you have proper coverage. To learn more about requirements and coverage,
please watch the video, “Setting Up Requirements and Setting Up Coverage Watches” (pause). You can use filters to show only a specific
group of employees on the schedule, as well as relevant dividers, requirement rows and
coverage watches. You can filter by position, department, location,
skill, explanation, time off, shift, or a combination of these fields. To learn more about filters, please watch
the video, “Setting Up Filters” (pause). If the post schedule feature is activated,
schedule information will be hidden from employees until the manager posts the schedule. To post a schedule, click the Edit link, change
the post through date, and click the Post button. To learn more about posting, please watch
the video, “Posting Schedules” (pause). Thank you for your interest in ScheduleAnywhere,
the leading employee scheduling app. For more information, please go to
or call 1-800-874-8801.

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