Scheana Shay and Kristen Doute Are Loving the Single Life | E! People’s Choice Awards

-Nominated of course. The show is always crushing it. How does that feel? I mean, the fans voted for you guys. -Yeah, I mean, the thing is we don’t have a job without the
fans, so just knowing that they like what we’re doing, and we keep getting picked up, yeah. -Yeah, they want us to keep coming back for more, and we
appreciate them, they appreciate us, and I just think it really fills my heart. I’m stoked. -I love that. The new trailer just dropped, and it seems very emotional.
What can fans expect? -It was really —
-Dramatic! -No! -Yeah, what could we expect? Tell us. -A lot of new faces, I’ll say that. Yeah.
-Yeah. A lot of turbulence in past relationships, in past
friendships, and a lot of crazy moments. -New friendships, new servers, and, uh… -How are the newbies — how are they fitting in? -You’ll see.
-You’ll see. Watch. -Some fit in better than others. -Okay. Okay.
-Yeah. -So are you guys — Who are you guys vibing with the most
this season? -Each other.
-Yeah? -Single Scheana, single Kristen. -Yeah!
-So what does that entail? Are you guys going out? What are you doing? -I mean, you’ll see.
-You’ll see some dates. -Okay.
-Yeah. -Yeah, and I just had to write a book about all the [bleep]
that made me crazy. You know what I mean? [ Laughs ] That’s what I did with my summer — and hung out
with single Scheana. -I know it seems like I’m always chasing guys, so I stopped
doing that completely. I’m like, “You know what? You can chase me.” -[ Laughs ]
-Yeah. -Well, they do. I’m sure you guys don’t have any issues with
that. And you say you’re single. How is it getting over Carter? How do you get through a breakup? -Carter will always be, for the rest of my life, one of my
best friends, and we share dogs together, and he is wonderful, and I care about him, and I love him
immensely. Has nothing to do with anything other than just we kind of
realized maybe we had, like, run our course. -Yeah, alright.
-So we’re still best friends. And, yeah, I’m just — I’m writing the book to get over the
heartache, yeah. [ Laughs ] -Okay, great. And there’s two big weddings coming up. I know Stassi and Beau, they’re getting married in Rome. What do you think we’re gonna expect from her? -I don’t know! I’m like, “Will she be bridezilla, or will she be chill?” I have no idea. -I think we’ll see closer to the time maybe. -Yeah. -Do you think everyone’s gonna be invited? I know she was kind of strict about her engagement-party
invites. -Probably not, yeah.
[ Chuckles ] -Alright.
-I’ll just second that. -How about Lala and Randall’s wedding? What are we gonna
expect from that? -I think everyone might be invited to that one.
-Yeah. I’m really excited. I know Lala is like — I’ll let her speak, but I know she’s
getting closer to the dress. She’s, like, zoning in on the details, found a designer,
thinking about a dress, and, yeah, zoning in on all the fun details, so I’m really excited
about Randall and Lala. They’re adorable. -So, besides your new book — you’re gonna be busy with
that — what else is going on with you two? -I just got off a plane from Bali and Australia, so this is
like a 180 from — -You are living your best life. -I was literally just in the jungle hanging out with
elephants and monkeys and holding koalas, so, yeah. -And I was sitting at home, watching her Instagram stories
of her being with elephants and monkeys. -Yeah, but I flew back just for this so…
-Wow. And you guys are definitely gonna win tonight. Tell me how you’re gonna celebrate. -In our hearts, we are winners. -I mean, we’re doing shots, per “ushe,” you know?


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