S. Korea to bring back 150 people from coronavirus-hit Wuhan, some 100 to remain

now South Korea’s third chartered flight
to the corona virus hit city of Wu handle will depart Incheon International
Airport tonight at 8:45 p.m. local time to bring back some 150 South Korean
nationals stuck in that city this time South Koreans living in Wuhan will be
joined by their Chinese family as well the Chinese government did not allow
Chinese citizens to get on the two previous planes chartered by South Korea
but Beijing changed its policy last Wednesday once home the group will be
quarantined for two weeks however after tonight’s flight there
will still be some 100 South Korean nationals left in Wuhan they are
reportedly reluctant to leave the city due to work or family matters the South
Korean government is considering sending additional charter flights to get them
depending on how this outbreak unfolds meanwhile in some news is coming in
South Korea is reporting one more case of the corona virus a Chinese man in his
30s this brings the total number of cases here in South Korea to 28


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