Royal Society of Chemistry Summer Party 2018

Music I love being part of this community I’ve had such a lot of fun and it’s helped me enormously and I’m here to see if I can help other people too So, what’s not to like So, we’ve got some honorary fellows tonight which is great to be able to celebrate people who are not from the usual chemistry background but they’ve contributed to the chemical sciences I like to point out that chemistry, of course, knows no borders And we should appreciate this. I hope that the honour for me this evening was a reflection that even people who aren’t chemists can learn from chemistry, support chemistry and try to link chemists to other disciplines We can literally impact hundreds of millions of people’s lives and it’s always the next generation that are here to challenge us and it’s our responsibility to inspire and sponsor and support them and there’s no better institution than this to lead the way for that The thing that you realise is that we all get on extremely well together and there’s no barriers at the level of doing science Science is global, science knows no boundaries

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