Rostaurus: Rosters – Rotas – Shifts Assignments

If your business uses shift-based
employees then you´ll know the importance of having the right people working, at the right times But unfortunately, to achieve this you
have to solve a complex puzzle balancing employees, different skill sets availability, shift requirements,
regulation and wage costs. To solve this takes time and if you settle on anything less than
the optimum, then it´s costing your business money. Enter “rostaurus” A revolutionary online system that will instantly optimize your roster based on all those different pieces of
the puzzle. Step 1: Tell us what roles you need Step 2: Define your shifts, and which shifts require which roles Step 3: Load your employees and from there, it´s as simple as clicking “Create Roster” You’ll get the optimal roster, which
takes into account all of those factors and minimizes your
wage cost It´s all about working smarter, not harder and a ten person business can be loaded into rostaurus in as little as fifteen minutes Once a roster´s created, you can also distribute it to all your employees via our free smartphone app going forward they can use this app to
request time off which once approved will be factored into
upcoming rosters So if you’re still working out a roster
yourself, then don’t waste another minute if you´re using existing software, then ask yourself: “is this actually solving the puzzle? Or
am I still doing the work, just with a flash interface?” It’s time you started working smarter, not harder So sign up for a free trial of rostaurus today

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