ROBLOX – Cards Against Robloxia Trailer

Cards Against Robloxia! Your favorite game Cards Against Humanity brought to Roblox! Well look someone played a useless card Look im picking this card better hope I’m not your neighbor on Roblox Bloxburg Ain’t the Cards Against Robloxia logo so nice Play Cards Against Humanity with all your best friends on ROBLOX! Steve The Friendly Noob jumping into the water even though he always drowns Yet another Thanos reference on Roblox Winner winner chicken dinner My mom on Adopt Me got Botox! I don’t get paid enough by Roblox Get a custom server for 80% less Robux for a limited time Shrek really needs to be referenced on Roblox more Look at all this beautiful scenary. Simple yet fun! The whole family loves it! CARDS AGAINST ROBLOXIA! Up and coming Roblox Game


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