Rid yourself of the need to be right – F4T: Episode 3

From family conflicts to actual fights, from religious wars to large scale conflicts. They all have one thing in common: they are all driven by each side believing
hat they are in the right. They are all convinced that their reasons, their God, their ideology, their economical
system are the only true one. People and countries collide,
when the sanctity of their beliefs is threatened even by the simple
existence of another point of view. They cannot accept their own beliefs to be
challenged, to be called into question and they need to prove that they are
right and the others are wrong. In some cases by raising the voice,
other times by launching a military strike. Now let’s face a controversial truth: are fights
and wars won by those who were ‘actually right’? No. We know that conflicts are won
by the strongest, the smartest, the most reckless, the luckiest. This leads us to the obvious conclusion
that there is no right and wrong. “History is written by the victors”
as Winston Churchill said. So, think about the bigger picture for a moment. The universe does not know good and bad. There’s only construction and destruction,
both powerful forces. But all the parties are necessary. Think about primary colours. The only way to obtain the billion different
combinations we are used to seeing in the world, is to mix these colours, we need all of them. The universe would not look the same
without even just one. Meaning that our society would see no growth,
o evolution in a mono thematic system. The only way to advance, to mature,
to move forward is to co-exist, to accept the presence of someone different. To be presented with a different point of view. A child’s mind evolves when exposed to ways of
thinking he or she does not understand or like. Our immune system grows stronger when
exposed to diseases, not when it’s cocooned. The very formation of our personality, derives from coming in contact with the thoughts
and beliefs of other human beings before us: we go to school and we are exposed to the ideas of
historians, musicians, philosophers, scientists, etcetera. Sometimes we clash with them, other times
we resonate, but we always learn something, That’s how our ideas and our
personality grow stronger. And the more people and knowledge
we come in contact with, the better. Rid your self of your need to be always right. It’s silly, it’s no good for you,
not good for anybody. Food for thought…
just food for thought. So many jokes about sand…
So little time!

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