REPLICAS Official Trailer (2017) Keanu Reeves, Alice Eve, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Movie HD

[Gasp] Time since cardiac death 7 hours and 15 minutes Break the mathing sequence The human mind My life’s work Daddy That’s what makes us… …us You have kids that love you and a wife who adores you and we have scientists I’m on a verge of a breakthrough I am… this close [machine powers down] Now now I’m better I can never have it What’s going on? William? Tell me the truth There was a crash You and the kids died I brought you back There is a reason human cloning is banned I’m dead What is something horrible goes wrong Something already has This just got way out of hand I hope you’re ready to go to jail The experiment’s over No it isn’t I love you I didn’t defy every natural law there is just to lose you again


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