Reacting To Myself On A TV Quiz Show!

– Hey, guys. So I’ve been on TV a couple of times. Usually it’s ended up quite embarrassing. I mean, there was the time when I said I was bitten on the Florida by a squirrel. – Once I was bitten by a squirrel. – [Host] Where did it bite you? – Florida. (somber music) (laughing) – And that was so bad. And also the time I did this. – Boom. – Left snake up. – Boom. – Flip. – Boom. – Then, go down in the back. – I was also in a pretty
cringey car insurance advert where people literally
recognized me on the streets as the annoying car insurance guy. But something that was
fun, that I was happy to let my friends and family know about, was the fact that I
was on a quiz game show called The Weakest Link. – Welcome to The Weakest Link. – It’s basically a game show where you’ve got to answer questions. And after each round, you
vote off the weakest link. So, there’s a bit of
drama between the players. I thought we’d watch my episode. And, also, I’m going to try
and answer the questions that I was given on
the show and see if I’m any more intelligent than I was then. Probably not. Let’s do this. I don’t know why I’m
quite nervous to watch it. Okay, here we go. Okay, spot Phil. Can you see me? Look at me in my giant jeans. – [Narrator] Here are the nine contestants preparing for today’s show. Only one of them will win up to £10,000. – There I am! Look at that hair! It’s worse than I remember. This bit, they were telling us to just pretend to talk about nothing. They were all having nice chats
about their lives and stuff. I start freaking talking to the guy next to me about alligators. (laughing) He was like, who the hell is this talking to me about reptiles? After this, we all got
ushered into a studio. And there was no practice. We were just right in there with Anne. By the way, the host of the
show is meant to be mean. So, she’s super horrible to everyone. So, prepare for some roasting. Especially at me. – Let’s meet the team. – I’m Phil, I’m 20, from
Rossendale, and I’m a student. – I look so scared! Can you see it in my eyes? I’m like, I’m Phil, I’m 20. – I’m Clare, I’m 35, I’m from Chislehurst, and I’m a transcriptionist. – Yes, they tried to pick
people with different jobs so that Anne could basically
roast them about their jobs. – I’m Linda, I’m 60. – She was nice. I might be about to stab her in the back. No spoilers. So, there’s loads of people. And every time someone answers a question, the money goes up. And if you want to bank
the money in the chain, you’ve got to go “bank”. – Let’s play The Weakest Link. – I was second. I was so nervous. – [Anne Robinson] Andrew,
according to tradition, a man asks which parent
of his prospective fiancee for her hand in marriage? – What? That was such a long question. If that had been my first question, I would not have gotten that right. Wait, the father. The father. – Father. – Yes. – [Anne Robinson] Correct. Phil, in a standard pack of playing cards, if two of the four suits are described as red, the remaining two
are normally which color? – I look so bored. The answer to that is,
what was the question? Black. – Black. – [Anne Robinson] Correct. – Black. I was very northern at the time. – [Anne Robinson] Linda. – Linda. – [Anne Robinson] In the
childish rhyming phrase that means very simple, which two words proceed lemon squeezy? – Easy peasy. Linda! – Sorry, pass. – [Anne Robinson] Easy peasy. – No! So, we just lost all that
money thanks to Linda. – [Anne Robinson] Phil. – Back to Phil. – [Anne Robinson] In Karopady,
which part of the foot can sometimes be described as ingrowning? – See, the Karopady thing freaked me out. But then, she said ingrowing,
and that’s obviously toenail. – Toenail. – [Anne Robinson] Correct. – Why am I so meek? I’m like, toenail. – Toenail. – Anyway, this was good. Two questions right. I’m getting my confidence now. We’re getting to the end of the round. – [Anne Robinson] Carly. – [Carly] Bank. – [Anne Robinson] In pop music– (dramatic music) – Carly banks. So, that’s good points for Carly. So, this is the point where
we vote off the weakest link. And we all decide who
was the worst player. It was quite funny because they were like pretend to write on the board
as they film everyone writing. There’s a little piece of triv for ya. There we go. Do that flip. – Linda. – So serious. – Linda. – Linda. – Linda. – Oh my God, everyone’s throwing Linda under a train right now. – Linda. – Linda. – Linda. – Phil. (wacky horn sound) – I thought we were friends! I spent like two hours
talking to you, Linda! – [Narrator] Betrayal! – Is that why she has
a chat with everyone? This is what happened
when she talked to me. – [Anne Robinson] Phil, the student. – Yeah. – [Anne Robinson] Where are you studying? – York University. – [Anne Robinson] And
what are you studying? – English language and linguistics. – [Anne Robinson] I didn’t think you were studying hair dressing. – Oh! (air horn noise) – That was so quick! I will give her that. – Do you not like it, Anne? – Do you not like it, Anne? – I feel like I’m a bit flirty with Anne. Let me know what you think. – I want to be in the media somewhere. – Anywhere in particular? Bottom of the pile? – No. – [Anne Robinson] Hollywood? – Maybe a film director. – I don’t know, a film director. – [Anne Robinson] A film director. – Yeah. – What do you know about film directing? – Well, I make films and
post them on the internet. (laughing) – I love that I call these films. YouTube wasn’t well known back then. I couldn’t just be like,
I post videos on YouTube. – What are your films about? – They’re all different. – Well, roughly speaking,
what’s the main genre? – Why’d she say genre so weird? Genre. – Genre. Do you know what genre is? – Yeah. – [Anne Robinson] Yeah, go ahead. – Like, dramas, I’d say. (laughing) – AmazingPhil, the channel for drama. This was when I was in my
YouTube experimental phase. So, I did class videos
like this as a drama. – [Anne Robinson] Yeah, no horror movies? – Some horror movies as well. – Do you star in those? – Yeah. I’m the hero. – [Anne Robinson] With that hair cut? (air horn) – Yeah. – Who do you want to be? – Sassing my hair again. – Who do I want to be? – [Anne Robinson] Who is your hero? – My hero, Quentin Tarantino. He makes great films. – He doesn’t have a hair cut like yours. – Oh! My hair is almost the same as Anne’s I don’t think she can talk. – He doesn’t have much
hair at all, though. – [Anne Robinson] No. – To be fair. – That is a good point, Phil. – [Anne Robinson] Was it
Linda’s maternity dress? – [Phil] The maternity dress
and the easy question wrong. – Wow, just leading me
up to sass Linda’s dress. – Yeah, which really? – The dress. – [Anne Robinson] The dress. (laughing) (emotional music) – [Anne Robinson] You
are the weakest link. Goodbye. – I mean, she deserved it for trying to put me
in the bin, didn’t she? Then, you have to do the walk of shame, which is very traumatic. So, let’s see how Linda goes with it. Oh, Linda, I’m sorry for sending you out to sea without a paddle. – [Anne Robinson] Round
two, and you have £1,000. We’re now taking 10 seconds off your time. We’ll start with the strongest
link from the last round. That’s Richard. Let’s play The Weakest Link. (dramatic music) Start the clock. – All right, next question for me. – [Anne Robinson] In the late 1960s, major discoveries were
made below the North Sea of natural gas and which other commodity, copper or crude oil? – Crude oil. – Crude oil. – [Anne Robinson] Correct. – Yes! – [Anne Robinson] Correct. Clare. – So, if Richard gets this right, then the team gets another £1,000. – [Anne Robinson] In
film, the 1985 Brat Pack drama about college
friends coping with life after graduation is
entitled St. Elmo’s what? – Fire. – Fire. – [Anne Robinson] Correct. Mike– – [Mike] Bank. – Yes! (dramatic music) – That was a good round. No one got a question wrong. But also, that makes it hard to choose who you’re going to vote off. Okay, Phil, who are you
going to throw under the bus? – Colin. – He was sweet! I think he was quite
slow to answer questions. – Phil – [Narrator] Betrayal! – Excuse me. So, Andrew got binned off, and
now we go to the next round. Let’s see how I do. – [Anne Robinson] Phil,
of which tourist spot on the Penwith Peninsula in Cornwall does a signpost read
3,147 miles to New York? – Cornwall, oh, what is that? See, you’ve got to answer quickly, though. So, I’d already failed. Land’s End, Land’s End! – Land’s End. – [Anne Robinson] Correct. – Oh, I was faster in the past. – [Anne Robinson] Phil,
which 1993 film drama starred Holly Hunter as
a mute Scottish woman who communicates with others by playing a musical instrument? – What? I have no idea. And this Phil would have no
idea if I don’t have an idea. – Pass. – [Anne Robinson] The Piano. – Pass. Have a guess. Always guess, Phil. – [Anne Robinson] Phil,
which word, meaning deluge, proceeds lighting to give the name– (dramatic music) – Oh, saved by the bell! – Time’s up, I can’t
complete the question. – Good. – [Anne Robinson] And you only won £150. – Trash. So, you get the idea of the show. I’m not going to go through every question because that would take forever. But I am going to go
through all of my questions and see if I am better than myself. – [Anne Robinson] Phil,
in porcelain, the pattern of a Chinese landscape including a river and bridge in blue on a white background is named after which tree? – What? I do not know that. Did I know that? – Willow. – [Anne Robinson] Correct. – What the hell? How did I know that? That is so weird. Willow, willow pattern. I must have just said a random tree. – [Anne Robinson] Phil, in fashion, what “D” is the four syllable first name of the Versace sibling
who, in 1997, took over the running of the family design house? – Donatella. – Donatella. – [Anne Robinson] Correct. – For that question, I
actually said Donatello like the turtle. (laughing) Donatello Versace. So, after that round, they had to go back and film me saying Donatella. – [Anne Robinson] Phil,
in the English language a pangram sentence is
defined as one that includes how many different
letters of the alphabet? – Saved by the bell. But that’s embarrassing because I did English language at university. (dramatic music) – Did you want to answer that anyway, English language student? (heartbeat) – Three? – [Anne Robinson] 26. (wacky horn noise) (laughing) – You see it in my eyes, like
I do not know the answer. Colin gets in the bin. – I hope Phil gets voted
off because he’s a student. I don’t like students. – [Narrator] Betrayal! – Colin, I can’t believe this. (laughing) Because you don’t see
them after they leave, so they can say anything about you. – Round five, and you have £2,570. – I did quite well, round five. I did not expect to get passed round two so this was progress. Here we go, lads. – [Anne Robinson] In
architecture, what “V” is a word meaning a sheltered terrace attached to a house around the building? – Veranda. – Veranda. – [Anne Robinson] Correct. – Yes, lad! Phil, in classifications,
the word porcine means characteristic of which farm animals? – I would just say pig as a random animal. Say something! – Pigs. – [Anne Robinson] Correct. (laughing) – Pigs. – [Anne Robinson] Phil,
according to the famous quotation from the communications theorist Marshall McCluhan, the medium is the what? – Pass. – [Anne Robinson] Message. – The medium is the pass. That was a more poor round. – [Anne Robinson] Whose IQ
goes down after a haircut? (wacky horn noise) – I feel very attacked. I’m still being sassed about the haircut. (dramatic music) – [Anne Robinson] Phil,
in the Superman stories, Clark Kent works for a
newspaper called The Daily what? – Yes, a geeky question. Daily Planet. – Planet – [Anne Robinson] Correct. – Yeah. – [Anne Robinson] Phil, in
entertainment, the company Aardman Animations that created
Morph and Creature Comforts was founded in 1976 in which English city? – What? How would anyone know that? – Bristol. – [Anne Robinson] Correct. – How would I know that? I’m astounded. I am impressed, Philip. – [Anne Robinson] Phil,
in organic chemistry, a simple compound such
as methane or ethylene is known as a hydro what? – Gas. – Gas. – [Anne Robinson] Carbon. (laughing) – Hydro gas. Three chemistry students
in my house at university and they were all just ripping
me up so much over hydro gas. – [Anne Robinson] Phil,
what “W” is the name of– (dramatic music) – What? – Time’s up. I can’t complete the question. And you only banked £70. Whose fault was that? – Crap. – [Anne Robinson] Should
you shout “Cut it, Phil?” – Is that a haircut and
a director reference combined into one? Anne is on fire today. – [Anne Robinson] Phil, why Carly? – Because I thought she
was the worst player. And her dog looks a bit bored now. (laughing) – I said I thought she
was the worst player and her dog looks bored? Phil! She was the worst player. I just wanted to think
of some other reason so I wasn’t like, you were bad. But then, the dog thing probably sounded more insensitive than that. – [Anne Robinson] Could
you ask her to look a bit more interested in me? She’s looking at you now, not me. – [Carly] I know! – The dog should win. We should just give the dog the money. Cancel the show. Dog, go buy all the treats. – Let’s play The Weakest Link. Start the clock. Phil, in human biology, which word is both a job title in the medical profession and a term meaning to
feed a baby with milk? – Nurse. – Pass. – [Anne Robinson] Nurse! – I knew something that I didn’t! (cheering) I’m not getting gradually stupider. Anne actually screamed nurse at me. Nurse! – [Anne Robinson] Nurse! Phil, in science the temperature at which a flammable substance will ignite when a flame is applied
is called a flash what? – Point. – Bomb. – [Anne Robinson] Point. – Flash bomb? – [Anne Robinson] Which word
for a person who believes that it’s impossible to
know whether God exists was coined in 1869 by the
biologist Henry Huxley? – Atheist. – Atheist. – [Anne Robinson] Agnostic. – I’m doing terrible at this round. – [Anne Robinson] In pop
music, Elvis Presley’s cover version of Blue Suede Shoes was a UK hit single in
May 1956 at the same time as the original by Carl who? – Stephenson. – [Anne Robinson] Perkins. – Just say Stephenson in the hope that, out of the 20 million last names, it would magically be that one. Okay, here’s the thing. Marie and Clare got like
two questions right in that. And I got zero. So, look at what happened. – [Narrator] Phil is
statistically the weakest link. – Oh! – [Narrator] For the
second round in a row, the strongest link is Clare. But, who will survive the final vote? – Oh, my gosh. This was tense. – Voting over, it’s time to reveal who you think is the weakest link. – This is when I thought I was going home. – Marie. – Marie. – Phil. – So, did Clare get rid of Marie because she was better than me? So then, she would go
against me in the final and have more of a chance
at winning the money. Conspiracy theory activated. – [Anne Robinson] Clare, why Marie? – Before the start of the round, I was going to vote for Phil. – Before it started? – [Clare] But, Marie had
such an awful, awful round that I couldn’t just vote for Phil. It just would have been unfair. – [Anne Robinson] Well, Phil,
you can’t get much worse than not answering a single
question correctly, can you? (laughing) – No, that was terrible. – Did you think Marie
was the worst player? – No, I thought I was the worst player. – [Anne Robinson] Exactly! – Honesty is the best policy. – [Anne Robinson] Marie, you
are the weakest link, goodbye. – Marie, thrown into a
blender by both of us. – Round eight. And you have £2,830. – Chunky bit of cashola. So, we could get £3,000 extra if we get all of these questions right. – We’ll start with the strongest
link from the last round, which certainly wasn’t Phil. It’s Clare. – Sass. – Let’s play The Weakest Link. (dramatic music) – [Anne Robinson] Start the clock. Phil, in geography, the
cities of Toledo and Cleveland are in which US state? – Cleveland, Ohio! I’ve been there! Come on, Phil! – Alaska. (laughing) – Alaska. Sorry to everyone in Ohio. Now I’ve visited you. I know where you live. – [Anne Robinson] Clare, in
sport, the English footballer Sir Stanley Matthews was
nicknamed the wizard of what? – Wrigley Place. – Oz. – [Anne Robinson] Dribble. In DIY, which three letter word
follows fret, hack, and jig to give the names of three cutting tools? – Saw. – Saw. – [Anne Robinson] Correct. – Yes, lad. – [Anne Robinson] Clare. – I was good. – [Anne Robinson] In food,
a Cornish couple called Alan and Jenny Gray created a cheese in the 1970s giving it what name, that is their surname spelled backwards? – Her questions are well
harder than mine on this. – Pass. – [Anne Robinson] Yarg. Phil, in literature, the
poet and critic born in 1822, who is the eldest son of the headmaster of Rugby School was Matthew who? – McConaughey. – Samston. – [Anne Robinson] Arnold. You won nothing. (wacky horn noise) (laughing) Therefore, your prize money is– – Dreadful. – [Anne Robinson] £2,830. Only one of you can take it away. – Oh, God. – [Anne Robinson] Now, you’ll
play against each other. Up to five questions each. – So, look at me here knowing that my ass is sweating with fear. – If there’s a tie, we’ll go for sudden death until we have a winner. – We have to stab each other with swords. – Let’s play The Weakest Link. (dramatic music) Phil, as the strongest
link in the last round, you have the choice of who goes first. – I’ll go first. – I’ll go first. I should have let her go first. Then, I would have been less nervous. – [Anne Robinson] Phil, in
wildlife, which South American mammal, bred for it’s meat, milk, and wool is unusual in that the first
two letters are the same? – Gnu. – [Anne Robinson] Correct answer is llama. (laughing) – Can I just explain myself? Dan’ll never let me live this down. I can’t believe one of my answers was llama and I got it wrong. I’m usually so good at animal questions. But I got heard the question wrong. I thought she said no
two letters are the same. So, I was trying to think of animals that have no two letters the same. And, for some reason, my
stupid brain went to gnu. – Gnu. – I didn’t even know if
that’s how you say it, gnu. And no one even knows what that animal is, but it has no two letters the same. But the answer was llama. If I ever see a gnu in the wild, I’m just going to have a full on meltdown. So, that was a gigantic fail on my part. – [Anne Robinson] Clare,
Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul had cameo roles in which 2004 film that was adapted from the TV series in which they’d starred? – I would not know that. – Starsky and Hutch. – [Anne Robinson] That
is the correct answer. – Clare. – [Anne Robinson] Phil. – What are you doing? – [Anne Robinson] A violin
known as Solomon, ex-Lambert that sold at auction in 2007 for more than $2.5 million was made in
Cremona by which craftsman? – See, my grandma was like,
Phil, you should have known this because you played violin at one point. They didn’t teach me
about this frickin thing. – Pass. – [Anne Robinson] Stradivarius. – Stradivarius. – [Anne Robinson] Clare,
according to the authorized version of the bible,
the book of Genesis opens with which three word
phrase meaning at the start. – In the beginning. – In the beginning. – [Anne Robinson] That
is the correct answer. – That was such an easy question. That’s not fair. – [Anne Robinson] Phil,
in the late district, a farm called Hilltop that now belongs to the national trust, can still be seen as it was when which
children’s writer lived there? – Enid Plyton. – [Anne Robinson] Correct
answer is Beatrix Potter. – Damn it. There’s two animal writers and
I just chose the wrong one. – [Anne Robinson] Clare,
in the British nobility, which rank is above a
baron, but below an earl? – Duke. – [Anne Robinson] Correct
answer is Viscount. – Oh, one more try, one more try. Come on, Phil. – [Anne Robinson] Phil,
in language, which term for a small-roofed, and
sometimes movable, booth is derived from a Turkish
word meaning pavilion? – See, I remember the
answer to this question, and I think this is a stupid question. – Port. – The correct answer is kiosk. (dramatic music) – Failed! I was so close to winning. I wish I’d have gone second
because I think I knew at least one of her questions. – [Anne Robinson] That
means Clare, you’re today’s strongest link, and you
go away with £2,830. – Well done, Clare. – [Anne Robinson] Phil, you leave with nothing, nothing, nothing. Join us again for The Weakest Link. Goodbye. – Goodbye. – I’m sad that I haven’t won. But, I think it was quite an achievement getting to the final. And I’ve done all students proud. (laughing) – It’s quite a wholesome
little end for me, isn’t it? – Anne said that I look
too old for my age. So, I might spend some of
the money on cosmetic surgery so that I could look like her. – That’s such a good sass. Okay, I’ll give her that one. Enjoy the money. I feel like, being a
student, I would have bought something more fun than Clare. But, she did play a good game. So, I can’t be angry. But I was so overwhelmed
that I got to the final. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t tell any of my
friends and family as well. So, when we all watched the show together, they were like, what? They were all expecting
me to get voted off first. If you did enjoy that too,
please give it a thumbs up. And, hopefully, you
learned some random trivia that you could use. (voice cracks) Voice is breaking. That you could use if you have a go on a game show in the future. I hope you’re having a good day. And I’ll see you very soon. You are the weakest link, goodbye. (upbeat jazz music)

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