Ramalingam’s Compassion: Light Body Is For Everyone

This is another video I’m doing on Swami Ramalingam
to celebrate the light body that he was able to attain. And then he was very happy to give
it to everyone. As you know, there is going to be a webcast for an hour and a half or
two [hours] which I did. But this one is very special because it’s going to add more information
on the Full Moon and also on the Pushya Star. They are very important. And they seem to
be corresponding, India Time around 8:30pm IST Saturday and then you can calculate for
11 hours. For 11 hours on Saturday, starting from 8:30 PM is the most important day where
you can be aligned with the most important energy. One of the important things about
this timing within the Indian spiritual calendar, as well as the Jewish calendar too, time is
everything. This time is cyclical but it will come again next year but you will have to
use this time because it is during this time there is possibility for you to spiritually
evolve. If you historically look at what happened
over a period of time during this Pushya Star, during this special full moon corresponding
to Pushya Star in the month of roughly January or February, in Tamil [Indian Language] the
month is called Thai, the sun enters Capricorn. All these things are important because, as
I said, timing is everything. So what are you going to do at this time?
Let me give you some historical perspective. This is the day when Lord Muruga received
his Vel. Vel is the lance or the weapon that his mother, Parvati, gave to him. Why? In
order to fight the evil. And what is the evil? The evil is personified in both anthropomorphic
terms as demons and also within inside of us it [evil] is ignorance. It is our karma.
That’s what I am going to give you, on this Pushya Day when Murugan received this Lance,
the true meaning, particularly the spiritual meaning of this event of Muruga receiving
the Vel. [Sings in Tamil: VinaiyOda vidum kathirvEl maRavEn
] This
is Arunagari. Arunagari, who lived about 400 or 500 years ago from us, was able to talk
to Muruga one-on-one and and received all spiritual powers, Siddhi powers. And this
is his understanding of Vel. And he sees Vel not just as a weapon to drive away demonic
forces, (it’s true too), but then the real demon is within us — our Mind, our Karma.
Particularly, in Arunagari’s terms, it is our Karma.
So on this day, what you do all day long, starting Indian time I gave you 8:30 PM on
Saturday, and those people living in other regions will calculate the time appropriate
for you. And then use this chant, [Tamil song: VinaiyOda vidum kathirvEl maRavEn VinaiyOda vidum
] As soon as this Lance gets into
your Brain, into your body-Mind, your darkness, your evil, your Karma will be gone. That is
the real, real meaning and purpose of the Vel.
So I want you to do this and this is the one thing that a very practical and profound way will alter your consciousness. [Sings in Tamil: VinaiyOda vidum kathirvEl maRavEn [VinaiyOda vidum kathirvEl maRavEn . VinaiyOda vidum kathirvEl maRavEn VinaiyOda vidum kathirvEl maRavEn] The sounds are very important because these sounds came from Arunagari
himself. And I can talk for a few hours on what is [ VinaiyOda vidum kathirvEl maRavEn ] and I may have done
that elsewhere, and you can go and look at it, but at this point let’s be very practical
with our time. So, just chant this [ VinaiyOda vidum kathirvEl maRavEn ]. You can record this and then play
it many times on this day throughout the day. The next important thing on this is the day
that Shiva himself came to this earth plane and danced the dance of Shiva. The Dance of
Shiva again is a very complicated topic. It is literal as well as mystical. Literally,
you dance in front of Patanjali, the Father of Yoga. And this Dance represents the Dance
of Consciousness, the Dance of Songs. My Phonemic Intelligence came out of this concept off
the movement of sounds creating Consciousness, affecting different parts of the Brain. So
on this day I want you to do a prayer to the dancing Shiva for enlightenment. You can pray,
you know, you can put a picture of him in front of you and put some flowers and chant
“Om Namah Sivaya” a few times or throughout the time which is about 11 hours, about 8:30
PM on Saturday Indian time. Thirdly, this is the day that Ramalingam disappeared;
“disappeared” is a very safe word to use. He said, “Now I will disappear. Even if
you look in my room I won’t be there. But then I will enter into your body, the body
of everyone.” And just recall his compassion and chant, “Arut Perum Jyoti, Arut Perum
Jyoti, Thanip Perum Karunayai Arut Perum Jyoti.” I have extended videos on this, which I recently
recorded. All these are available on YouTube. I want you to
view them all. And that’s for now as far as this Thai Poosam is concerned. . So the time
is short. I think we’ll be able to upload it for you and then you’ll be able to use
it. And then of course there is this website. There is a webcast on Ramalingam on this day
also. God Bless.


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