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WATS UP FUCKERS *Laughter* So, welcome to the new casa de Mini. The one thing I realized in this place is the walls are… REALLY THIN. So, I hope I don’t get kicked out. It’s been a week. *Laughter* But if you follow me on social media, you know that my stuff got delayed for like… five days so. It’s been hot minute since I’ve recorded. So, I’m a bit rusty, don’t mind me. I’ll get back in the swing of it soon. You ever see any comment section ever? Well, we’re gonna find out the best of r/woooosh. Get yourself in, grab some popcorn, it’s gonna be dumb as shit. Feels weird… Shhhh, don’t tell them… When colorblind memes take off… Isn’t that just Logan Paul? Girl 1: Please delete this, to offensive. Guy 1: What was it say? Guy 2: Dude? Not cool. You shouldn’t be using that sort of language. Guy 1: (more aggressive) What does it say? Posh Gentleman: I dare not utter such language. Guy 1: (clearly upset) You’re not saying it. Just type it out. Your uncle, Bob: At least mark that filth nsfw. Guy 1: (yelling) What does it say?! *Laughter* *Intense whisper* Rumor has it, that till this day…he still has… no idea what that says. *Laughter* You can’t read it cause you’re not Logan Paul Or a Jake Pauler… Or Maverick or Pewdiepie or whatever he’s wearing. God damn it, Felix.(Dissapointed) Damn it! *Sad boi hours* It’s so sad, watching people eat alone. A non intellectual: Bruh, he’s not alone. They’re just wearing camo flauge *Giggling laughter* Look, we’ve all been a victim to r/woooosh or whatever but like *Cringing gibberish* *Cringing* Oh no. This video’s gonna be so cringy. I can already tell. Scaligar Castle *pronounced differently* Scaleeger Castle I have no idea. Try building on land next time you stupid Italians. *Sh*tty Italian accent* Try to fuck off you ignorant bitch. Non sai di merda neanche… *fades to gibberish* I cannot speak Italian. Abbity, bappity, boopity. Whoa mama mia cunt. *Laughter* Ah, the beautiful ways of different languages interacting with each other. Ah, mama mia. *Harder laughter* Legolize it! Valley girl: Learn how to spell legalize. I like the way the spelling is the issue. Never mind the lego, ugh it’s not even lego. It’s the *struggling*…ugh I played it as a kid. It’s not weed. It’s like the palm tree tops. Shit! Ah, no. Also, I love this page is from ‘The Hippies were Right.’ *Giggling laughter* It’s like a religion for hippies. Like Pastafarianism. You ever heard of Pastafarianism? Google it. Treat yourself because the Pastafarian god is a giant spaghetti monster that lives in the sky. It’s like atheism but a whole new level. I want to believe this is a joke… Valley girl: So like there’s an Amazon River now, what’s next? Lake Facebook, Mount PayPal? D*mn it! Why are you so stupid? *Hit marker* Arghhh! *fades into laughter* Lake Facebook. Isn’t that just an old person’s home? *girl giggle* Mount PayPal is just a streamer. I’m having 99.3 kids. Oh my god That’s a thermometer… Now we live in a world where everything we do is just very common practice. But imagine in a parallel dimension, a parallel universe where ninety-nine kids was a common thing to do. Bellies extend into the walls. Humans coming through and they’re firing out babies like porn stars and ping pong balls. Pew, pew, pew. Have that shit in the Olympic games. Like shot-put, but for kids. *announcer voice* Ready… *PEW* *Still announcer voice* 24 meters, that’s a new record! *Giggling laughter* I swear I’m sober this drink isn’t even half empty or half full, depending on who you are I’m just a very strange individual. Welcome to my channel. I get it… Android users, hating Apple… …Doctors Let’s have a look what the comments have to say; (Posh Russian impression): The majority of physicians I know *shouts* hundreds use Apple probably around 70%! FWIW *For what it’s worth* Edit: ha, Physical apple definitely worked on that one. Yep. Yep. Yep. An apple a day keeps the doctor away- in case you’re like this guy and does not understand what’s happening That’s still a thing that you grew up with If you’re like 12-under, let me know that’s still an actual thing an apple a day keeps the doctor away You know to eat your fruit and vegetables and all kind of stuff- if you’re in that scenario Just delete the comment. Just get rid of it- get rid of it How did the Titanic managed to sink if the entire route from London to New York is on land. And the comments of course just Wagghhh Moment of silence for this dumbass and his dead brain it`s a fucking boat it can`t go on land *weird ass mouth noise* Maybe because the Titanic was a ship and the ship sails on water. ARE YOU AN IDIOT? no, I think the reason woosh comes around to a certain degree is because sarcasm cannot be portrayed on the Internet. If anybody wants to To make you know, like a like a b-bold Italics, underline, you know all kind of stuff. If you can make something like that to prove when you’re being sarcastic And if this a thing in the next five years. I will hunt you down Microsoft. I will f*ckin ruin you. Actually. No, I won’t I need to trademark it. My million-dollar idea. I just let the fucking world know! Good job Mini, good job, you’re gonna get…~ *Quiet gasp* Did i scare you? I’m sorry, i was being angry at the internet. I’m sorry.*tiny baby voice* you’re so scared! I’m so sorry! Lol I hate the gym, h-8 ‘member that was the thing like 10 years ago *shudders* you accidentally put an H in there Lol I ATE the gym *mini laughter intensifies* Ooooooha its funny but you’re a piece of shit because The whole reason you go to the gym is trying to get skinny. Ah its funny but you’re still a dick but it’s still funny I think she said hate. Golf clap, please. Yes, sir Golf clap. This out-of-context is just the most posh wank you’ve ever seen in your life. Just turn the lights off. Ah, yes, you did it you did it *laughter* Ah, lights on okay, we’re back. I’m sorry for that Before you leave the house think of the acronym WOWEE Wallet… Phone… Wkeys, egg, and egg. Backup, just in case. WhY ThE F*Ck wOuLd yOu nEeD An eGg Well clearly to get Instagram followers depending on this 2019 meme! *Sarcastic laughter* Kylie Jenner we got you good haha rise up gamers! Epic victory Royale! Sex between a married couple is technically incest because they’re family members *Heavy Metal in background* YOU IDIOT, THEY HAVE DIFFERENT GENETICS AND DIFFERENT CELLS THEY AREN’T RELATED FROM THE SAME HOST *Bill Cosby Gibberish* BIOLOGY… IDIOTS EVERYWHERE I will invent sarcasm text, I will, I will Microsoft hit me up link in the description of my business email, or on my Twitter, or Instagram, or follow me everywhere I’m insecure. Let me know, so I can get PAID LAID GATORADE JacksFilms Alright, let’s go to the next one Hi, I’m from England And this is me guessing the United States, West Virginia… Texas… Florida question mark… I have no f*cking idea I’ll be honest with you. I understand most of my audience is American Accurate *Laughter* Okay, I’m muting this, but thanks to the fucking sh*t ton replies trying to explain U.S. Geography to me I know where West Virginia is now Shut you the hell up. Oh my goodness. Oh my god. It’s clearly top-left Come on, Florida’s not do down there Florida’s in the middle, North, Florida and South, Florida DUH *sings* and if you don’t get that then your part of the problem. *BIG BOY CLAP* Did you know the ‘r’ and woman’s stands for rights But there’s no ‘r’ *Laughter* Yes dear Exactly, There may be no ‘r’ But ‘r’ does stand for respect wahmen Respect all wahmen everywhere Even this little wahmen, Respect this little wahmen, okay? Small wahmen, Respect Whamen *Laughter* Low effort title, true Gay men are fucking assholes People who insult gay people just because they’re gay are fucking assholes *Laughter* Get it because Its-Its like F*cking And hes over here like nyahh And hes like F*ck You know what I mean? They’re literally penetrating butt holes Okay? I’m trying to spell out here, So we too can be better than these people Okay? How do I type? But you just typed *Laughter* Sensible chuckle.mp4 Its time to go commit not living *Sarcastic laugh* True story, In the last few months or so my channel has kinda blow up again So thank you everyone for that It’s kind of wild in itself. So with that I’ve got a bunch of new followers I remember a few years ago when YouTube started to implement You know the whole you can’t put death, or in your title or blood in your title, or whatever sex whatever in the title I remember I did a Death Run Video And the video is called G-mod not living run *Laughter* And did it get monetized? HELL YEAH We get’n money boys, Actually no, we have to say we’re getting this bread Up-to-date memes, Ha, thank you ladies and gentleman Someone who sucks at telling jokes, r/Woooosh, And an innocent Redditor And the reason why I said what I said in the intro as far as you’ve probably seen this in every comment section ever Is people don’t understand the term: Sarcasm or what it does or what it means So when they don’t pick up on the sarcasm, they’re like; You’re stupid r/Woooosh For example, if you didn’t get the whole North South Florida thing when I was pointing the North, South Dakota I don’t know what to tell you We’re gonna learn together, okay? I will be your light in the darkness But yes, most of the comments section you will ever see will include r/Woooosh somewhere along the lines But we will learn sarcasm together America ,a lot of you’re getting good at it Some of you, we will learn I will teach you. Thank you, subscribe Wait… uhhhhh suhhh S-S-Subscribe… its-its down there Suh-suh-SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Thank you so much, also Smash like in the video. Let’s get 5 likes. Thank you. I appreciate you Can we get 5 likes on this video? How to sneak a calculator into class Haha, get it? Its on the end of a sniper I’m sure there are better ways of doing this… No, you missed the school shooting joke *Sarcastic laughter* Because school shootings are funny *Sarcastic laughter* Even in my cards against humanity videos like whenever a school shooting cards comes up You’re like wow, that’s messed up and no one really laughes We laugh at the person who is playing the card because they’re a piece of shit and school shootings Are not funny, but this was like get it? School shootings Small children who have futures died It ruined their entire family’s lives *Sarcastic laughter* Murderer walks free after judge doesn’t show up for 15 minutes Who the f*ck makes up a rule like that? That dumbf*ckery in our society never ceases to amaze me Yes, the most credible newsd…~ Oho The most credible nude source, aye? *Awkward cough* Typo with my mouth But yes, the most credible news source Ate sh*t dot net That’s where I got all my relevant news, ate sh*t *Laugh* And there we go ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to Oregon and welcome to the new setup I realize this chairs in here for the entire video But we’re gonna move on together BEFORE YOU CLICK abubububububub Don’t forget to subscribe to my Twitter My Instagram over there, link in the description Please follow me because I’m insecure, and I want to prove to my parents that-that I’m okay Thanks so much Also if you are new you and you want see more videos like this then subscribe down below Let me know in the comments what you want to see this is one of the top comments of my last video So let me know what you think That being said I’m gonna go over to be failing over here staying together You haven’t seen yet Take it away Mini! These people are just *Falls* oh f*ck *Laughter* I thought the wall was closer AAAH, the end of the video bloopers hurt! Please click one of these videos, Ow, please subscribe to get me a new back. Ow Oooooow


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