Quiz – Would You Rather (Cards Against Humanity Style)

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welcome on Press Start With Mark today I’m going to do a video a little bit
different from the ones you have seen until now I’m not going to do a vlog I
am NOT going to do a comedy video I wanted to try a new format today at
least for my channel I’m sure there’s other youtubers who did it in the past we
are going to answer a quiz together yeah this quiz is a little bit weird you’re
gonna see hopefully I won’t have any issue doing this quiz and you guys will
understand that this is only for entertainment this is just jokes let’s
dig in together the name is would you rather 21 moral dilemmas that will break
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let’s start with this quiz okay this is an interesting one first question is
would you rather slap a random toddler once in front of its parents or get
slapped in the face ten times by an NFL linebacker NFL players are pretty big
guys slap a random toddler okay they haven’t mentioned the intensity of the
slap maybe it could be like something like that okay I’ll try with a
small slap like that on the random toddler although don’t hit your
children or any other children that you know don’t do it make them happy that’s
it oh that sounds actually weird 47% of the people who chose slap a random
toddler once in front of its parents so I’m part of the horrible people next
question would you rather be left at the altar by
your fiancee or leave your fiance at the altar gosh that’s really tough one
both of them are actually horrible like who would do that okay I’m sorry
but you blond girl if you watch this I will not do that obviously but I have to
choose and I’m choosing leave your fiance at the altar
this is terrible I’m going to hell for that leave the fiance at the altar 57%
of the people who did this quiz which makes all of us guys pretty bad people
okay would you rather take a $10,000 bonus for yourself or split the $10,000
bonus with your colleagues if it’s Joe who is like always sitting at his desk not
speaking to anyone who’s like super unfriendly and he’s not like even bringing
you or paying you a coffee from time to time f**k you Joe
I will keep my $10,000 for me no do you know what I would do I would definitely
take those $10,000 for me so I can give it to not my colleagues but my close
ones or the people who actually need it 70% of the people agree what a surprise
right okay next one would rather be forever poor and honest
obtain great wealth through illegal means yeah yeah there’s probably like a middle
way you know doing like quite legal things and getting not necessarily poor or rich you know if I have to choose yeah am I honest be poor and honest yeah be poor and honest would you rather turning your pet to the
pound or press a button that would kill a random stranger yeah obviously I would
turn my pet to the pound I don’t want to kill anyone and the
answer here was 51% actually agree against 49% it’s pretty tight there’s quite a few
murderers amongst you guys would you rather let your child watch a movie with sex
and nudity or let your child watch a movie with gore and violence yeah I’ll
let him watch sex and nudity come on like we’re in 2019 they have to be
educated nothing bad about that right 42% agree with me but come on guys you
have to educate your children at some point right I don’t know you know
they have to learn would you rather get fired from your job
personally fire your closest colleagues huh I would get fired from my job
ok getting fired from your job is bad but it’s not the end of the world
you can like find other options and I’m sure there will be something for you out
there that is going to match even better your personality so if you are in this
situation you know chin up it’s not the end of the world
so get fired from my job 49% agree okay fair enough would you rather
sleep with your step-sibling sleep with your best friend spouse this is
bad I don’t have any step-siblings so I’m gonna say that because I don’t have
any step-sibling 54% agree okay would you rather save one person you know from certain death save 1000 strangers you’ll never meet from certain death yeah okay
now it gets serious gets real okay we are overpopulated so yeah I will I will
save the person I know from certain death yeah fuck it would you rather struggle financially
and have a family or live comfortably but never have a spouse or kids I think
I would go for a struggling financially and have a family because being lonely I
think is terrible LOVE people I think it’s better struggling financially and have a
family yeah 67% of you guys responded that and that’s it I actually responded like
67% of the community who took the quiz on Facebook guys this is the end of this
video if you like this type of format leave it in the comments don’t forget to
leave a like subscribe to the channel and I will see you next week
tchu and done


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