Quick and Easy Voting for Normal People

Hello Internet! You know I love me some voting videos. These, however, are mostly about how organizations can improve their elections. But normal people need better voting too. Say a group of you are trying to decide what to have for dinner. There are three options: Steak Shack – All meat all the time Veggie Villa – Hope you like lettuce and Burger Barn – Every burger ever. (Including the ones made from not-meat?) Just asking people to pick their favorites as normal results in three starved carnivores. Now you could use one of these better methods I’ve talked about before. But seriously, who wants to break out the pens and paper and nerd to crank the algorithm for a question that should be answered in under 30 seconds? No one. So here the fastest way to vote in a group with none of that stuff required. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. Hands up if you’re good with Steak Shack, Hands up if you’re good with Burger Barn, Hands up if you’re good with Veggie Villa. Boom Election over. Burger Barn domination. This time, everybody gets to live. The difference? Letting people vote more than once. If you’re in a group and picking from several options quickly, then this is the way to go. It’s world-changingly great at stopping arguments like, for example, in a classroom. Hey kids! We’re gonna watch a movie today! Because, I just can’t, anymore… So let’s go: Hands up for Terminator 2 Hands up for Spirited Away. Hands up for WALL-E. Done. WALL-E it is. Lazy Bonus! If you’re in charge of the vote, no need to keep an eye out for those aspiring dictators who subvert democracy by voting more than once. Voting more than once is the whole point. So, next time you’re in a group trying to decide, don’t just ask for the favorite, ask for all the OKs. Best way to decide quickly, no pen or paper or nerd required.

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