Psychotropic Drugs & Children – Scientology Voice for Humanity

Children are our future. So, we are in a very dangerous place
in our society when psychiatrists are allowed to force
harmful, dangerous, lethal drugs upon children. My name is Allison Folmar,
I’m an attorney. I practice in the Greater Detroit
metropolitan area. I got a call in the middle of the night regarding
the illegal removal of Ms. Godboldo’s child. “Maryanne Godboldo’s child “was taken away by the state after “she refused to give her daughter psychiatric medication.” “The State Department of Human Services “ordered the removal of the girl “claiming Goldboldo had refused to give her daughter “controversial antipsychotic medication.” “And that led to this 12-hour standoff at her home.” It was the police, SWAT, helicopters, tanks, the whole nine [yards]. I got called in to represent her. Once I got into the case, I mean,
the fight that needed to be fought from the illegal removal of her child to what happened when they took her
to the psychiatric facility to all of the other human rights violations
that transpired. Her daughter had not had any problems
until she was given the drug. This was a drug that this mother
had a right to take her child off of. It was harming her child,
it was killing her child. When I said that,
I mean I got calls from all over. But then I got a call from real help – CCHR. I certainly did not know the hazards of,
and the side effects of, these drugs. And that’s where CCHR came in. We had facts, we had statistics. I was educated on the drugs to know
what the side effects are. They’re not gonna tell you that. And CCHR didn’t just drop the information,
you know, they were there. Because you don’t just go into court
and just start arguing. You need tools, you need information,
you need experts. And CCHR stepped up, truly. I mean it was like,
they had our back. You know, “You’re not gonna pick on us.” You know, “We’re gonna tell CCHR!” And it’s CCHR to the rescue! “The judge ruled the order removing “12-year old Ariana from her mother’s home “was unconstitutional.” “All criminal charges against Maryanne Godboldo “have just been dismissed.” “Tonight a mother and daughter are reunited.” CCHR certainly has
psychiatric abuse on the run. We’re changing laws right now, you know, so that families never have to experience
what my client experienced, so that a family never has to be broken. And that’s what the human rights is about.
That’s what the advocacy is about for CCHR. We need to continue to work with CCHR
to eradicate the abuse. And not just in this country,
but throughout the world.


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