Predicting the Future with Cards Against Humanity

Hi everybody, I’m Amanda the G and let’s predict the future Now I’ve made a video before with my tarot cards and I am very very into these especially right now I’ve been doing a lot of tarot readings. I really love these but I saw a post online That we should be using cards against humanity cards to predict our future So the one that I saw is cards against humanity What will make me happy? Now we just reach it into this middle thing Public ridicule (laughing) we’ve got the five of cups Inheritance or marriage with frustration Let’s give let’s give the cards against humanity another go cards against humanity what will I do this weekend? Smallpox blankets I don’t think this deck is gonna predict the future very well Let’s see what the Tarot says knight of Pentacles This one’s actually right it says utility and responsibility. I got stuff I gotta get done and I’m planning on doing it this weekend I got work I gotta do around the house. So that seems a little bit more what’s gonna happen as opposed to smallpox blankets We’re gonna try one more one cards against humanity, what will I do tonight? it’s a Thursday night if anyone’s wondering I’m filming this Binging and purging Okay, so little story about that Amanda is not this person anymore Let’s see what the Tarot thinks oooo we’ve got a reversed 3 of Wands the end of disappointment and toil I am really hoping that’s actually true So let’s just double-check real quick if my magic 8-ball agrees with some of this downside of magic 8-balls, you can only ask yes or no questions. So magic 8-ball Will I have the end of my frustrations tonight? Most likely magic 8-ball, will I be playing with smallpox blankets this weekend? My answer is no So it seems that the magic 8-ball agrees with the tarot deck and I’m gonna go with those two are probably better at predicting the future than cards against humanity Although the cards against humanity deck does have some amazing amazing things that come out of it because the first time I asked it what do I need to be happy just before I started this to see, I got cybernetic enhancements and that’s great That’s it for this video If you liked it, click the like button and subscribe to my channel I make a new video every Tuesday and Friday Thank you guys so much for watching. Mwah Let me know in the comments which of these you think is better at predicting the future or you know Public ridicule me in the comments because I believe in this stuff because apparently that’ll make me happy too

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