Preach Compassion (Spoken Word)

To decide if something is humane, first decide if it should happen to you. And if your response is that you
would rather it not happen at all, then consider what it is like for them. The Others. Those locked in cages. Locked in their own filth. Those who too, value
family. Value survival. Those beings who are just like those
you have welcomed into your own home. Those you feed and love and shelter. You would never dream for them to hold
the same fate as those you sentence. So why choose? Why choose
ignorance over compassion, for taste and tradition? Because that’s what it comes down to. YOUR desires. YOUR needs. There is no THEM. There is no thought spared
for the victims of your feast. The people hold the power and change is soon arriving. So vote with your wallet, and
watch as your world shifts with it. There is no Plan(et) B. When we have destroyed and plundered
this Earth from all of its beauty, we will be left with nothing
but concrete and obesity. Heart disease. Cancer. Given to us by those we were
designed not to consume. We fight the enlightenment. We detest being told what to do, how to act, what to say. But what about those who have no say? You quote “live and let live”,
but who are you letting live? With corpses in your freezer and society telling you to put them there. You don’t need to eat flesh to survive. We can thrive on what nature has provided and use less land then what
it takes to grow bodies. The death toll is rising and no one is stopping the fear. The spread of horror that escapes
those buildings with no glass walls. Hidden not because they
do not want you to see, but because you CHOOSE not to see. Fishless oceans. Disease and pain. Why attack a lifestyle so RIGHT, that you throw out EVERY INCH of your
defences, just to make it go away. We try to open your eyes but only you can lift those blinders
placed on you from so young. Blinders to block your compassion. Does your love for others not
extend past those who have paws? A dog is a pig is a cat is a chicken. Why love one, but turn
your back on another? To love animals doesn’t
mean you can exploit them. The next time you read “beef”,
replace it with the word “dog”. The next time you read “lamb”,
replace it with the word “kitten”. See how warped your world becomes When you show kindness
to all. To all beings. The day will come when it
all makes sense to you. When you leech out the
violence from your life and fill the spaces with love. It will happen rapidly. An exponential epiphany that
you came to by yourself. You will research and
make your own conclusions. Do you want to buy into an
industry of death and destruction, Or just let it go? Preach compassion.


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