Powerful scheduling software helps Glassybaby empower their employees

>>I had one of those moments
and I listened to it. But I had three toddlers
and I had lung cancer. And I tell the story
and people say, “How did you possibly start
blossoming at the same time?” And I don’t think I did. I think I found something
that really led me to live and find a purpose. I had a little handheld
piece of glass and I dropped a tilt light
at it and it lit up. I knew that minute that was an experience that was going
to be impactful for me.>>Glassybaby’s mission
is to help people, animals in the planet heal.>>We give 10 percent
of revenue away. The 10 percent we give defines who we are and brings the talent
that we have here.>>The heart of this company is huge and it’s
absolutely incredible.>>We have grown from
one employee out of a garage to around 400 employees. Scheduling, it was
like herding cats. When I first started, we would post a schedule
in the stores. And then the employees would
have at it. It gets crazy. So, trouble was that there was no accountability,
no real tracking. Scheduling is so much easier. Office 365 offers
so many different ways for employees to collaborate. It allows us all to
work more efficiently. It saves our Senior
Vice President of Retail five hours every two weeks and our Managers anywhere
from three to six hours.>>I work with college students. They’ll give us
their set schedule and then they’ll swap shifts. And I’ll get a request
whether I’m in the office, or I’m out and about, or at home. I read it and I just accept it.>>I think in saving time
doing less tedious work, we have empowered our employees. They can have their chats online, have instant access to each
other and to other stores.>>Loves them for
more cultural building and community building. Having these tools makes
it so simple to focus more time in our customers or employees into the giving aspect
of this company. Everything that we need
is right in one place.>>Microsoft has
really helped with the flow and the rhythm
of Glassybaby. That’s somthing I
took for granted. I had no idea that it
could actually become a rhythm and it’s
alleviated a lot of stress. And strangely, I think
that brings joy.>>Giving our employees that extra time with
customers and hearing the stories and
having the customers feeling like they’ve really
been heard and catered to. That’s powerful stuff.

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